Things I Like and Don't Like for the Week of December 12th, 2018

It’s that time again, where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears for the week of November 28th, 2018.
Some weeks it’s mostly likes, other weeks it’s dislikes.
So what’s grinding my gears this week?

Middleton’s Manhunter Issue 2  Killer B Cover
I haven’t confirmed if this is the actual artwork but if it is, it’s just flat out awesome. Pre-sales on the secondary market for Martian Manhunter #2 Middleton Variant are still cheap and around cover price. Grab’em if you can. Final Order cutoff for shops is today I do believe.

Price Gouging Customers
Maybe I’m in the wrong here but I found it disheartening this past week to walk into a local shop (Austin Books, yeah, I’m calling you guys out) and they were attempting to sell the Iron Heart Stephanie Hans Variant for a whopping $229.99 price tag.
So there’s been like a single sold listing at that price (which it doesn’t even appear actually completed since the details show only $199 or less on accepted offers), all others have been at $139.99 or less with most now selling in the $50-$80 range.
I understand shops have to make money too but this one has clearly been marked at this price since release, which is why I consider this price gouging. Seems they just found the highest price listing on the secondary market and set it according to that instead of their usual 1:50 price point range. If shops are following the secondary market price trends, they should learn to update them accordingly as well.
I guess it’s not that surprising, this is the same shop that was trying to sell the Image 25th Anniversary Blind Box set for $400 on initial release and the Oblivion Song Statue Box set for like $500.
In all seriousness though, shops have the right to price point their products at any price they want. We the consumers have the right to not shop there when they practice shady pricing techniques that go outside of what the publisher sets as the market retail price.
Marvel Avengers: Endgame
I’m really looking forward to the new Avengers installment. This made me happy. Looking forward to more teaser trailers leading up until the movie premieres.

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