Spoilers: Batman #61 Things Get Crazy

Back before Batman #38 came out, we spoiled the issue by letting leak the “Boy Who Would Be Bruce Wayne.” We dubbed him the “Anti-Batman.” We are introduced to Matthew Warner, the boy who wanted to be Bruce Wayne. He is back in Batman #61.

The story takes place in two places, the real world, and in Matthew Warner’d skewed interpretation of reality.

We go back to a bit of an origin story for Matthew, still thinking he is Bruce Wayne.

He displaces reality, from what really happened, to a twisted one.

The “bad guy” is caught but…

Matthew meets the bad guy….

Don’t they search kids before they let them in to visit prisoners?


Turns out, it was all in his mind and he wasn’t let into the prison, he was there all along.

And once again, the face of evil…. with his constant reminder

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  1. Doesn’t seem like enough to make Batman 38 pop…also doesn’t explain the surprise at the end of last issue. But Tom Kong likes to,take his time weaving the story.

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