Spoilers: Life of Captain Marvel #5 Family

Life of Captain Marvel #5 is in stores tomorrow. Back in Life of Captain Marvel #4, Carol Danver’s origins were completely ret-conned and turns out she is Car-Ell and her mother, Mari-Ell was alive and on Earth. This brings the origins of Carol Danvers more in line with the movie.  Spoilers follow. The spoilers are redacted, the accompanying text is not, click the spoiler warnings to see the spoiled images. 

This issue starts off with the Ell Family fighting together.

And combining might

But not so fast….

Carol is in danger.

She will be alright… right?

Well, guess not.

4 thoughts on “Spoilers: Life of Captain Marvel #5 Family”

    1. I like that they aren’t doing the short Miley Cyrus haircut now. I hated that look. They also moved away from the horrible stories they have been doing previously with her. I am glad they are bringing her back to somewhat of her former glory.

    1. Seriously, Kara Zor-El is Supergirl a KRyptonian, Car-Ell is Captain Marvel a KRee nd I believe this mother Team Up death story already happened in Supergirl.

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