Luck of the Draw: Comic Book Characters With the Power of Luck

Comic book characters have long been entertaining us and showing off their badass superpowers with everything from super strength to mind control. Each one has a unique ability which makes them more powerful than the average human and they use them to fight off the bad guys. But not all of them have outwardly obvious powers like turning into a giant green monster.

As the late Stan Lee himself stated, “the greatest superpower is luck” – and that’s exactly the power that some of these superheroes have. Here are three of the most exceptionally lucky superheroes that you need to know about.


If you’ve seen Deadpool 2, you’ll be aware of Domino. Domino, otherwise known as Neena Thurman, is bestowed with the gift of incredible good luck and has the ability to manipulate probability to ensure she has a lucky outcome every time.

Although she was the ultimate badass in the movie, her character wasn’t fully explored. In the comics, Domino survived a traumatic childhood who survived and became a mutant weapons expert and mercenary. Things just always go well for her and we’re excited to see more of her in movies in the future!


Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff is better known as the Scarlet Witch and she’s one of the first to have the power of exceptional luck. Her ability to manipulate and alter probability make her a woman with superhuman levels of luck. While your every day better is finding out how to read the odds on sites like Mr Green, decimal, fractional or US odds aren’t a problem for the Scarlet Witch: she’s able to ensure they’re always in her favor for whatever she does.

Since her inception, she has fought both against and alongside the Avengers team and does whatever she feels is the best thing to do. She has a long and very interesting history and one thing is for sure: she’s definitely one of the strongest and most badass female characters in comic book history!

Lucky Man

You may be aware of Lucky Man if you’ve been watching the TV series of the same name starring James Nesbitt. Before this, he was featured in manga and anime as an adorable and overly-happy character, but his human self is a very different case. In the TV show, Lucky Man also goes by the name Harry Clayton and is a detective in Central London’s Murder Squad. Unlike the other two on this list, Harry is just a normal guy getting through life.

But one night he spends a night with the mysterious Eve and wakes up wearing a bracelet which gives him the superpower of incredible luck. From then on, he uses his new power to his advantage… but you’ll have to watch the show to find out how!


Superheroes let us escape from the mundanity of reality and imagine a life where we could have incredible superpowers and do so many impossible things. The power of luck may seem underwhelming in the face of some of the most obvious superpowers, but it could very well be the most powerful one to have. Think about how much you could achieve and all the good you could do if you were always lucky. These strong characters are definitely ones to look out for so make sure to keep them on your radar when you think about some of the best superheroes.

Shamrock, Black Cat, Longshot, what other luck based Superheroes can you think of?


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