25 thoughts on “Updated Variant of the Year Poll”

      1. I expect everything by this site Tom e scientifically developed!

        Just tried it. My second vote appears to have even accepted. But my attempt at a third vote did not. I didn’t receive many notice that my third attempt was denied.

        I may have used different devices my first two votes, which may have something to do with allowing me to vote twice. I have three IPads, a laptop and iPhone I can test this theory out on.

        I’ll vote for that venom cover no one seems to like…

      2. It must be very scientific as I tried on 4 separate devices and can’t seem to get another vote to count…I even tried through my wife’s iPad and it still wouldn’t count it.

  1. I still think as time goes on Batgirl #23 cover B will be the next Detective #880. Instant classic! Wish I bought more than one!

        1. I know the publisher states Thanos 13 as January 2018 publication but it actually hit stands in November 2017, I think disqualifying CGR as a new character in 2018.

          I never understood why publishers will release a book, comic or magazine month or months of its stated publish date.

            1. It’s funny that comic publishers still do this when most if not all of them don’t even do newstands anymore, it’s all just direct sales to shops. I think Barnes and Nobles is one of the last big retailers who still carry a few comics but I could be wrong, don’t think I’ve set foot inside a B&N for over 2 years now.

  2. I just tried voting again and it counted my vote. I think I’ve voted three times now.

    I’m out roaming somewhere today so maybe because I’m not using my IP addy it didn’t recognize me as a previous vote?

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