New Comic Spec Review Video for January 2, 2019

Anthony from talks about the hot new comic book releases of the week. Here is this week’s for delivery 1/2/19, the first comic book delivery for the new year.

This is another smaller week, yes there are way more titles out than the day after Christmas, but still an overall smaller week. Sorry that I took the past two weeks off, I have been battling a nasty cold that took away my voice, and well, last week stunk.

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    1. Im about halfway through that video and it is rather humerous how Nick starts off by saying that he doesn’t sell or buy comics, to avoid a conflict of interest. Yet he charges money to subscribe to get ‘inside info’. Selling info about ‘comic speculation’, in my eyes, is the exact same thing as selling comics. Does he not think that there is a conflict of interest in his selling of this information? The ironing is delicious.
      The Rags creator gets introduced and goes on to say that he never advertised his books to be valuable, but then Nick shows a post from the patreon group stating how the Lim Variant was advertised as ultra low print run. Lmao. Both of them, Nick snd Rags guy, are talking out of the sides of their mouths. Saying one thing to distract from the reality of another. Its either ‘head in the sand’, or deceitful. Neither of which is a good look, imo.

      1. It is interesting what Nick says at 59:50 of the youtube Video. Nick says that he can ‘get behind’ them (Rags creators) if they have something that is new, and hitting the market good…
        Why would a comic app want to ‘get behind’ a small indie book? For a comic app; What does ‘getting behind’ that indie book entail? I wonder if ‘getting behind’ a book means an alert would go out to the apps subscribers? That is a Very suspect comment. Nick does immediately walk back his former statement after realizing what he just admitted to (using his app to push books), but, to me, he just let the cat out of the bag. That statement that Nick made reaffirms what I had suspected about the app..

  1. To any Superman readers; in your opinions, what is the book to own for the Red Cloud/Mist character? Action 1001? DC Nation #0? Anyone? Buehler?

    1. Man, that’s a tough one since DC Nation 0 and AC 1001 are still both dirt cheap and not many are even listing this as Red Cloud first appearance.

      Poyo says if you want to gamble into thinking this new villain is going to stick around in Superman’s Universe and become a popular villain, buy a couple of each along with AC 1005 as well.

      I’m just gonna say, I’m not very optimistic about this character. I think if people and fans really cared they would have already impacted the price a little. You can still find all these issues at cover or less online.

      1. I agree with your assessment of the character. But, I was hoping that the reveal in AC1005, that Tony mentioned, might bring some heat. Something has to pop from this Bendis run eventually. I have a few 1001s, and know where a stack of them are just in case. Fingers crossed.

        1. Maybe later on but man, villains are so hit or miss, most of the time misses. They have to really click with readers and collectors.

  2. I think the Rags creator did affect the self published value on the secondary but I think in the natural order of comic books, the hype lasted longer than it should have and Rags is just seeing the natural trend of the value coming back down to real world prices, particularly now that people got their copies in their hands and they’re not fighting over 2nd and 3rd print releases…

    I had no idea about the creators releasing the self published as patreon books where they asked patreons to not leak the story (since the retail is behind) which selling them does such things. So I back his actions for mass producing self published books as if I was a patreon, I would have honored his wishes and not sold until after the run (which he specifically stated one could do after all the releases were made).

      1. But at the time of the retail being released, don’t think it was all out there. That was the point he was making, AP books started heating up so the guys who already had the self published started to dump them when they shouldn’t have had.

    1. I listened to that entire video, and the Rags creators are constantly walking back what they say. They made themselves look foolish and petty, imo.

      1. I’ll honor if they asked people to not leak or sell if true but I’m also in the boat of, if it’s mine and in my possession, then I’m entitled to sell as well. It’s really just a coin toss.

        1. I correct my last comment. They sounded foolish and petty for the first 3/4 of the video. They seemed to come clean at the end and seemed like they realized they were being petty about the whole debacle. They say they didnt want things leaked, but Tom couldnt get them to clearly point out what they meant by that. I heard the creators mention having covers leaked. The creators also changed their story about the leaks. After not being able to clarify what leaks they were talking about, the creators went on to talk about how they didnt want people getting ripped off on eBay. Their arguments had gaping holes in them, imo. But as I said, by the end they readily admitted that they made mistakes and that they learned from those mistakes, and are ready to move forward with a clearer understanding of the Comic/collecting industry.

          1. I haven’t watched the video itself but I can only say one thing, if you’re going to make a video that is clarifying something, one should write a script before such video to keep your story and facts straight.

            1. Yes. They were upset about that patreon list being posted. From what I understand, it was copied and pasted, and if that is the case, then they cant be upset about that. In that interview w/ comic Tom, they (the creators) said they were upset about content being leaked, but they couldnt provide any proof that that was going on. Tom also pointed out that the timeline doesnt add up on that excuse, as the 1st 2 issues from AP were already out when this shit hit the fan. My take away is; the creators got mad at the secondary market prices and threw a tantrum when they learned how heavily their property was being speculated on. The creators now realize how much influence speculators have on the success of any given book and are now walking back their initial tantrums, but doing so while trying to save face and with no real leg to stand on. But, that’s just my take.

              1. Considering they were also selling their book on eBay, from what I hear, they really shot themselves in the foot. Shady if it is true because they could just keep printing variants and cashing in.

      2. I pre-ordered Rags up to issue #4, after that I think I’m done with it. I made good on the ones I had and I still have one more set, but I made a good profit so I’m out.

        1. All good things must come to an end right?

          Like I said, I can stand behind creators if they ask one thing from patreons for something they’re creating but I watched some of the video and I think they might of done more damage than good for Rags. I think this is going to leave a distaste for some readers/collectors and what not. I think they might of just Wiebe’d themselves by “caring” too much about the secondary market by flooding it with more self published books. If they really cared about their story and creation, this would not a non-issue and none of us would be talking about it.

      3. This reminds me of The Humans when the creators got mad cuz people where selling the self published books on the secondary market and that was all they where talking about. I stopped ready the book after the 1st Arc.

        Also I saw them at SDCC this year and they still had copies of the self published even though they stated there weren’t that many printed.

        1. From a speculation perspective, any of the self published Rags books are susceptible to open order, with zero proof of disclosure on the print run. Its an absolute nightmare from a collectibility standpoint. The two creators really shot them selves in the foot on this one, imo.

    2. I read the first issue and hated it because even though the art was nice I found much of any plot to be lacking and all the characters were horrendously unlikeable. I sold my copy fast while it could make a tidy profit. I had already ordered the 2nd issue and despise people who ask shops to order stuff and, “Change their mind,” so I bought it, read it, hated it as well, and traded it for some old Moon Knight comics.

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