Book To Watch – Winter Soldier #2

Here’s a book to keep a watchful eye on and might not be a bad pickup if you haven’t already picked up a copy.

Winter Soldier #2 introduces a new teenage assassin named RJ.

As Bucky works to help others find the redemption that he found, Hydra takes issue with his new initiative…and sends a young killer to rectify the situation. Introducing R.J., teenage assassin extraordinaire, who’s been sent to kill the man he’s been modeled after: the Winter Soldier.

I believe there was a cameo appearance in Issue #1 (I need to confirm, I didn’t pick up issue #1 myself) but it seems as if #2 is starting to dry up fast, online and on the secondary market.

Don’t forget there’s also an error book with issue #1 that’s going for mad money. Issue #1 had an error where pages from Venom made their way into the book, sneaking past the likely sleeping QA person on duty that night when they were publishing them.

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    1. That’s why I said it’s a book to watch. The market will tell us which one most will go for.

      We got the same thing when Jesus made his debut in Waling Dead. He had a full art page in issue #91 but it’s #92 that everyone demanded.

      It should be #1 that commands the most but the market works in funny ways when it comes to first appearances.

      1. I haven’t seen a copy, but I think it was pages 5 or 6 to page 14 or 15 that were swapped, basically the middle third of the book approximately. There’s an advertisement insert or something in the book that I believe separates these pages from the rest. It’s like they stopped the press to put the insert in, then continued with he remaining pages and binding with the venom pages.

        I’ve looked through about 30 or more copies and have yet to find one. It’s super rare and probably a very limited area of the country, my guess.

      2. Since the division is right along that insert that’s in both comics, I believe, I was going to buy both books and see how easy it would be to “recreate” the error. Maybe even test cgc or cbcs skills to tell it was a fake. Definitely wouldn’t sell it or push it off as a fake.

        I’m shocked people are paying big bucks. I think it may be easily counterfeited and fool the untrained eye. I would not pay for a raw unless the pages were printed in error, not assembled in error.

        My two cents.

        1. If the Venom pages are truly separate from the Winter Soldier pages (none are connecting), then yes, a trained person or someone with a lot of time could easily create counterfeits of this error.

          Could these be legit errors? Yes, seems pretty random thing to create a day or two from release. Now that it’s discovered could there be counterfeits amongst the actual errors that were produced by publisher? Absolutely.

          Would I buy this error at premium? Only if it was certified by a legit source as not being tampered with, etc.

      3. BTW, immortal hulk #7 also has an error in that som pages have a “red” captain America. Unfortunately every 1st print copy has the error, but if you look on eBay some are advertising it as if the copies are rare or desirable. Future reprints will have the coloring corrected, but Marvel did not recall any copies.

    1. 3 copies in hand from one shop. Left 2 behind but may go back later this week if still hot Give others a chance. I know where more are anyway. Afraid the market is gonna flood too.

      1. they certainly have. i managed to sell a couple NM+ copies yesterday for $15 each but there’re a bunch of cheaper listings now.

  1. Back on the Winter Soldier 1 error…bought a copy of WS1 and Venom 9, and looked at the photos I could find online. Definitely appears as though it’s a “mis-binding” not a “mis-printing” error. The pages of venom come from the middle of the book, and are inserted into a part of the WS book where separates by an add insert than spans across the center. So easily pages can be swapped out and “fakes” created.

    Further concern of counterfeiting is that one seller as counts for 5 of the 11 copies that have showed up on eBay (search “winter soldier 1 error”). For such a rare error, strange one person has ~50% of the known copies offered for sale. I Suppose it’s possoble they found a bundle of errors shipped together…not sure of the process from press to diamond to retailer…

    IMO, not an error worth face value due to the high probability of counterfeiting…I don’t know if I’d trust a graded copy either.

    1. Well, it would make sense that if this was binding error (which I believe it is), most if not all the books would be next to one another so there’s a good chance when allocated, they stuck close to one another.

  2. I like unexpected winners from DC or Marvel because they tend to be easier to find at comic stores. Unlike an overhyped comic, unaware speculators may not rush out to buy all copies.

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