One to Watch: Hulk #181 Facsimile Edition

Coming out March 20th, Incredible Hulk #181 Facsimile Edition will hit the stands. This features the reprint of the first appearance of Wolverine, in case you weren’t aware. This reprints the book in its entirety. 

People who can’t approach the increasing prices on the first print, or some of the reprints even, will want to grab one of these, especially as it features the full book ads and all.

I am pretty sure this will have a hearty print run, but still worth grabbing a copy or two.

This book has had sales up to $25. Worth considering.

24 thoughts on “One to Watch: Hulk #181 Facsimile Edition”

  1. personally I dont like these reprints, I feel it diminishes the original, and it opens up the possibility of someone intentionally or unintentionally taking advantage of a person who doesn’t quite know how to distinguish between the two. I realize knowledgeable collectors will be able to differentiate but there are a lot of collectors out there who might not make that distinguishment. Look at the confusion that sometimes arises between Action #1 and several of the reprinted versions that issue has had over the years, why do the original ads have to appear in it? If you want the story there are so many different ways it can be read without reprinting it this way, i’m just afraid we might be opening up something that could get out of control with reprints and then why would people even want to purchase the originals at collectors prices?

    1. I think the cover price of $3.99 may be a big clue. That’s the Biggest difference. However the indices does say it is a facsimile edition printed in 2019. Action causes confusion because the cover price was never changed. I would love to get a copy of Hulk 181 but prices are above what I can pay right now. I have several reprints though.

      1. I think if marvel sticks to comics like FF1, AF15 and Hulk 181 Their impact to the collectibility of the original is negligible. The people buying theses are those who aren’t even in the game for an original. Or there are people who want a reader copy to compliment their original.

        As for those confused between original and replica…well a fool and their money are easily parted. Anyone looking into making such a high priced collectible need to do their due diligence. In the Internet age there’s lots of information available and most are very easily distinguishable.

    2. The cover stock alone is enough for even a brand new collector to differentiate between this facsimile and the original. Assuming that this cover stock will be similar to the recently issued FF1 facsimile.

  2. it sure makes missing pieces like the value stamp page easy to restore whether for restoration purposes or selling fraudulently restored raw copies as non restored.

      1. I agree. If people are checking for the stamp this should be easy to pick up on. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen, just not likely.

    1. I think final order cut off has passed but I’m not sure the stock status and diamond. I would imagine it is still open to order. Why people pay anything for anything I will never figure out

      1. Marvel previews for march releases has FOC as 2/25/19. Plenty of time to jack up the print run. There will be no shortage of copies.

      2. It only releases end of March. Also another reason not to put too much in the singles comic listed as sold for $25. It is against eBay policy to presale this much in advance so don’t think you will find many copies listed on eBay for the next month

  3. Im simply looking forward to reading this facsimile. I have never read the issue. I have seen panels of Wolvie from this book online, but I want to hold it in my hands and read it.

      1. Now its graded and encased and missing the value stamp. My be worth a crack to add the newly printed value stamp and make it a 3.0 restored instead of a 1.0 non restored.

  4. I started buying 5 copies of every True Believers I could get my hands on, I have made 5 short boxes for each of my nephews, so when I pass, I have something to leave them. Sure it is not the original, but they will be able to have something to remember their Uncle by. I asked my LCS to set 5 of these aside for me.

  5. Too bad it has the damn bar code on the front cover. Covering up the artwork. It pisses me off royally. Put the damn bar code on the back.

  6. I bought 91 copies this comic will hit 300-500 at a CGC 9.8 in 6-8 months .
    I also build a pretty incredible Hulk vs Wolverine frame
    Check me out new age sports and collectibles.

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