Weekend Spec: Another Cheap One to Look For

Here is another cheap spec to look for if you are going out this weekend. It is related to the upcoming Captain Marvel Movie. 

The spec comes to us thanks to Comicbook.com. They are reporting that Genis-Vell will be appearing in the Captain Marvel movie.  His first appearance is in Silver Surfer Annual #6.  Genis-Vell is the son of the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell,  and eventually takes the moniker Captain Marvel himself in Captain Marvel #1 (Vol. 3) (first book titled Captain Marvel in). He gets his own Captain Marvel ongoing which started with Captain Marvel #0 (Wizard Magazine supplement) which predates Captain Marvel #1 (Vol. 4) which also had a  White Variant Cover.

The lead on the spec is there is a Genis-Vell action figure coming up in the Captain Marvel toy line, no big deal right? Many figures come out in the line that won’t make it into the movie… Except the packaging states “you can re-enact his scenes from the movie.”

From Comicbook.com:

Captain Marvel toys have been a fantastic resource for more information about the anticipated film, and now the description of the Genis-Vell figure indicates he isn’t just a toy in the Marvel Legends series, but actually has scenes in the movie.

An eagle-eyed fan (@collectandchill) noticed that the Genis-Vell figure of Marvel and Hasbro’s Captain Marvel line features a description that reveals the character has actual scenes in the film. Before we this we just though the figure was included to fill out the line, which also includes Kree soldiers and Grey Gargoyle…who, you know, is not in the movie.

As the description on ShopDisney states though, that might not be the case. The description directly refers to his Genis-Vell’s scenes in the film, and you can check out the description below.

Originally posted by @collectandchill on Twitter.

Prices on Silver Surfer Annual #6 are all over the place, but there are cheap copies on eBay and Amazon. The issue was originally polybagged and there are copies still bagged out there.

Thanks to Nick at Key Collector for the additional appearances.

29 thoughts on “Weekend Spec: Another Cheap One to Look For”

  1. They are cheap, especially on Amazon! I did make a purchase on the Mile High website. They do have copies of this for sale, un-bagged and super cheap (with their sale included). They also had a Subway edition. I looked around, that was the only place I saw a Subway edition of this comic. Anyway, their “instant inventory” showed there was limited copies in stock so I added it and purchased it. I went back and it is no longer listed, so hopefully I got it. You never know with Mile High. Sometimes you think you have a comic from them and a week later its not included in your order when finally shipped out. Usually because it was at one of their brick and mortar and someone got to it before the online department did. Anyway, I hope I do get it. I like oddities like that.

    1. Yeah. Mike high I won’t deal with anymore because of that exact same reason. Bought some variants at a cheap price from them only to be told they sold out. Then they said they had more back in stock but raised the prices due to “low inventory….”

      1. Mile High could be so much better if they just gave a damn. There are a couple of long time employees that I think do but for the most part not really. Customer service is a distant second or third. I don’t order from them as much as I used to simply because of the crap shoot environment.

        1. They try and tax you now they are quick to change prices upon specness. Gone are the days where you could get 80 first appearances for $100 plus $4.95 shipping, which I probably did a couple dozen times.

          1. I’m OK with them trying to keep up with the market. Part of the fun of the chase is getting in on the action before others do. I just wish they would keep a better inventory and guarantee that what you click on to order is reserved for you after you finish the sale like every other online site I have been to the past decade at least. Seems Mile High is still stuck in the old snail mail order/catalog days where they could not guarantee stock on hand at any given time. They really need to get with modern times. They are literally still stuck in the early days of online sales. They need to follow a Mycomicshop inventory set up.

    2. I don’t buy from Mile High probably due the fact their website looks like it’s from 1992 and it likely still is.. If you can’t keep up with the times then I doubt they care about anything else.

      1. Yeah, have to agree with a lot of your comment which is too bad. The owner seems like a nice guy but always labels himself has a humanitarian saving the world or a constant victim on how the market and conventions treat him poorly. It would be nice if his main focus would switch to that of his customers needs and all the potential customers he has lost along the way (lots of them out there) and how to get them back. Sooo much potential with the massive inventory he has.

  2. I noticed that when I saw the figures at Target last week and was going to pick up some SS Annuals but that cover is so god awful, not Ron Lim’s best work and I don’t see it gaining any heat.
    I’ve been going the other cheap spec route and grabbing Ms Marvel #5 (Cho covers) for the 1st full appearance of the cat

    1. It is not the best cover I’ve seen, but “if” this character is used down the line in the Marvel Cinematic U collectors won’t really care about the cover art all that much. It’ll be another first appearance on their “to get” radar. If you can still get one or two cheap you may want to pick them up…just in case.

  3. I’ve known Chuck Rozanski for around 40 years .. he’s a good man, came from nothing .. while, yes, Mile High’s website may not be state of the art, Chuck was one of the early pioneers of this hobby and without folks like him, there would have been no hobby ..

    The man helped save the San Diego Con from Bankruptcy, only to later be screwed over by them, Chuck devotes much time and money to help the poor, he loves the Comic Business and always has, his passion for this hobby is unparalleled .. IMO, Chuck and folks like Bud Plant / Terry Stroud should be as well known as Lee, Kirby and Eisner .. because without the Pioneers, where would we be .. ??

    1. And I totally respect that. My dislike for Mile High is several things. Years ago there were no local comic shops to me. I ordered exclusively through them. A local shop opened up and I started to order from the LCS (same website as 11 plus years ago). I canceled all my subscriptions with Mile High to support local business. It took weeks/months for my orders to be canceled. I was still getting subscriptions mailed to me after I canceled. Second, I placed a recent order from them for a hot Variant they had in stock. I ordered two copies NM for under going eBay price. Normally there system is designed to raise prices on books as stock gets low. I knew there was going to be an issue when both books were allowed to be ordered. I added a couple of other books to qualify for there free shipping. Got an email that my order was received. About a week later I get an email saying the variants were no longer in stock and they were going to just ship the filler issues. I contacted them via email saying I didn’t want the fillers without the variants (which they had in stock according to their website when I ordered). They then come back to me saying they had a copy of I wanted it. I stated if they had it at the price I ordered, would honor the free shipping and it was Nm then sure. They got back to me and said they couldn’t guarantee it was Nm but I could still have it at the Nm price. I declined and discontinued doing business with them.

      I have all emails to back this up.

      I think Chuck is a stand up guy with what he does for the community (of Denver and the comic community) but think the outdated website and customer service is not worth dealing with.

      1. I’m not defending Mile High by any means .. they tend to operate their Website as well as their eBay store on what I would call a “A Hope and a Promise” or “A Wing and a Prayer” ..

        Back in the day, when Chuck and an employee or two were one of the first in the World to start running ads in Alan Light’s old “The Buyer’s Guide to Comics Fandom” and in various actual comics, you could count on Mile High .. in fact, you could almost say Chuck started the back issue by mail business ..

        These days, things have gotten fractured .. I will fully admit that .. and, they have lost Customers over it .. dealing with the sheer size of his inventory, alone, is quite a task ..

        If anyone such as yourself, Poyo or other article contributor want to consider doing a phone interview with Chuck, let me know .. all he’ll ask is that you post want he actually says, editing for content is fine, just no editing of quotes ..

        Your readers might find it interesting .. Chuck’s a trip .. 😉

        1. I have had the chance to meet him several times when he has come out to Baltimore. He is a nice guy and easily approachable. Let me think on it. Need to come up with questions for him. And trust me, I would never mis-quote someone. I have no agenda.

          I also know Lonestar has been selling comics mail order since 1962, you can see their first ad from Rocket Blast #21 here. https://www.mycomicshop.com/aboutus/ourfirstad

    2. I really don’t want to take anything away from Chuck. Their are many jerk dealers in this industry and he is not one of them. I would really like for him to make his online store and service more of a priority though. Not every MH employee is difficult to deal with although I’ve come across a few who are. Lynne is great though. I wish more were like her. If he had a more updated process to order as well as a more up to date inventory his online store would be amazing.

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