Red Death Coming to the CW’s Flash? Spoilers, Sort Of

This post contains spoilers so reader beware.

The news is circulating tonight about the CW’s Flash and the possibility of the Red Death making an appearance in the near future.

Batman Red Death #1 was the first appearance of this villain and now’s the time to pick this one up if you don’t already have it for you first appearance junkies.

This book saw some organically grown heat after it was released and actually went to 4 prints total if I’m recalling it correctly.

Watch the trailer from and where I first read about this news for those interested.

24 thoughts on “Red Death Coming to the CW’s Flash? Spoilers, Sort Of”

    1. AH, you might be right. I think his first appearance is in Dark Days: The Casting #1 but the market swung towards this one shot as the favorite. Same could be said with Batman Who Laughs as the DC wikia’s all claim as first appearance but they’re more like cameos for a lot of these Metal characters. The Casting just doesn’t get any love..

      I’ll have to check my Casting copy to see how much of an appearance it was for Red Death.

      1. ohhh good call! I remember i slabbed my copy of RD because I love the cover. I was going to sell it but never did. Now I’m kinda happy I was lazy. I would love to see RD in the CW flash, but I kinda wish they would do the whole Metal as a show. That is dreaming Im sure.

      2. Shadows are not first appearances. Could be anyone.

        Will have to read the Metal series to see where his first full appearance is, but he definitely had cameos at a minimum before the one shot.


        1. Well… The Casting was more like silhouettes but they had their logos displayed. A bit more than shadows per se but most are ignoring the cameos in Metals #2 as well…

        2. Just ones definition of first appearance. Most will call shadows a cameo since we know about them, know they exist and in this case in Casting, they had the shape and logos on their chests. Metals 2 made them a little less shadow with more details. But the market has been swinging for the full appearances. That’s certainly why Red Death One Shot will be the clear winner and Teen Titans #12 is the clear winner for Batman Who Laughs.

    1. I wish they left it up to the creators as final authority for first appearances. CGC just grades books and even that’s an opinion most of the time. I dislike it when they’re used as a final authority in these cases. Not trying to say you’re wrong Poka, just made me think about it more.

      Just like Brubaker has once claimed that Winter Soldier’s 1st Appearance is in Captain America #1 and not #6, but the market jumped on issue #6 only because the character was out of the shadow, with a name, dialogue, etc.

      If you define appearance, shadows are considered an appearance by definition cause we now know about them cause the character “appeared”..

      appearance: an act of becoming visible or noticeable; an arrival.

    1. Yep Metal #2 was first revealed cameo came out two months after Casting, Casting would be first cameo in shadow and Red Death titled book would be first full appearance and came out the following week from Metal #2.

  1. Also keep in mind that the NYCC variant for this book is second print came out a few days before the actual in stores second print and came out a few weeks after the original 1st print.

    1. And to make it even more confusing the foil alternative SDCC Dark Days Casting Variant is a first print but was released one week after the original cover.

  2. Well I guess we know what will be on the CBSI top ten list this Friday. ComicTom is going to be giddy when he sees this.

    I loved Metal. My only regret is I bought one copy of that Red Death book. I am not selling my copy. If they introduce the Red Death I will start watching the Flash again. I tuned out around Season 4. The Red Death would be cool but will be be Bruce Wayne?

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