Spawn’s New Villain Appearance – Spoilers

Seems some might be trying to capitalize on a new villain in tomorrows Spawn #293 that’s hitting stands.

Is it heating up due to the recall (that’s how some are listing on eBay and likely if due to the Mattina controversy) or because of the new villain being introduced in the book.

Edit: Cover C is being recalled due to misprint. Suppose to be Black And White interiors but these were sent out with colored pages. Retailers were not instructed to return or destroy, but replacements being sent out. Thanks to Pensacola Pop Comics and bcdawg97 for the info on the recall.

Here’s the reveal of the new guy named Godsend despite the reasons why this book could turn out to be a quick flip.

There’s a huge fight scene between Godsend and Spawn for several more pages. I won’t go into too many more details but it ends with Spawn claiming he’s there to save their souls.

The Cover C book is fetching around $15 currently on the secondary market. It’s definitely a book to watch.

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  1. It’s not much of a recall really. The B&W comics are supposed to have B&W interiors but they have done color pages. Retailers aren’t supposed to return nor destroy them. Replacements are coming in a few weeks.

      1. All copies of Spawn cover C have the ‘error’. Diamond is sending replacements on 2 weeks and are not requesting that the ‘error’ issues be recalled or returned.

        This screen shot is courtesy of Brian S. from the G+ groups.

        1. Now sold out at Midtown… maybe not with a high print rin? Unless a bunch of eBay flippers ordered 25 each. I ordered 3 of cover C after this post came out, so I’ll def be trying to flip em. Removing the word recalled from the listings though since that isn’t really the case.

            1. Hah I doubt that…replacements won’t arrive for at least a few weeks… Midtown should be shipping these out to customers this week from my experience, never ordered from tfaw though.

  2. This book has quite a few things going for it:

    – error. replacement copies should only drive up these
    – first appearance of Godsend. remember Spawn 174 ?
    – McFarlane cover that wasnt solicited. No crappy Mattina here.
    – Cover C. some retailers order less covers after cover A

  3. So its not recalled, replacements being sent, double the print for the sketch virgin, maybe the cover B is the one to get. Thoughts ???

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