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I’ve been hinting at an awesome contest and now I feel is the time to run it. Several times I’ve mentioned that I hope you all pay close attention to my posts as it will help you win what I think will be a fun contest here at CHU.

So this is not your normal contest. It’s not as simple as entering your name or sending me your best artwork. But I do hope it’s entertaining and worth the effort.

This contest will ask you 10 questions about me, AgentPoyo, that I’ve given the answers to over the past year (primarily in 2018) in my articles. Just the small subtle details of my life. So I hope you were paying attention with a great memory, it will make the contest that much easier for you.

If you don’t recall the answers, I assure you that the answers are found within CHU, so I hope you have some really decent search abilities as this is basically a CHU scavenger hunt.

What’s the prizes? Well, here they are as we’ll have 3  total winners for this contest.

First (Top) Prize: $50 Gift Certificate to Midtown Comics

Estimated Value: $50 (I feel silly but you know, gotta disclaim the value).

2nd Prize: Amazing Spider-Man Blank Variant w/ Original Poyo Sketch

This is not the sketch you’ll be winning, just a sample. But yes, that’s the blank variant you will get and I will do some type of Spider-Man sketch on it.

The sketch in the example above was an actual sketch I did at one time, with some magic of photo editing, I threw it on the cover to give you an idea of what the prize will be.

Estimated value: Priceless of course. It’ll will be a one of a kind Poyo Original! Unless of course you just want the blank comic without me doodling on it.

3rd Prize: Conan The Barbarian #1 Signed by Jason Aaron

So here are the dreaded rules.

  • Answer the 10 questions in the form below and submit it.
  • One entry per person.
  • Do not share the answers in the comments section or you’ll be disqualified (but please do comment if you like to just chat, tell a joke, what’s bugging you, make fun of AgentPoyo).
  • The first 3 submissions that get all 10 questions correct wins based on time submitted + number of correct answers. The first entrant with all the correct answers wins the first prize. The second entrant with all the correct answers wins the second prize and the 3rd entrant who gets all the correct answers gets the 3rd prize.
  • In the case entrants do not get all the correct answers, we’ll narrow down the winners by number of most correct answers and time submitted, so first to enter with highest number of correct answers moves to the top of the winners list.
  • Contest will run for minimum 1 week to give everyone a chance to enter who wants to enter. We’ll review the submitted answers after the contest ends.
  • All the fields are required, but if you don’t know the answer, either make up something funny or just put that you don’t know.
  • Items that require shipping, we kindly ask if you are International (outside of the U.S.) you chip in for shipping costs.

Now on with the questions you must answer to enter the contest:

That’s it and good luck! After submitting the form, I will try my best to send a response via email to confirm your entry. If you do not get a confirmation within 48 hours, please do let us know to make sure you’re entry answers get counted.

12 thoughts on “ComicsHeatingUp Contest Giveaway”

  1. I’m a little discouraged.

    We’ve only had 8 submissions so far and while some of you seemed to put some effort into it (it really doesn’t take that much effort I think), I’ve had some practical jokers trying to be funny with some nonsense answers.

    I guess some readers only want to go as far as throwing their name in a comment to win prizes, but when a contest requires some extra clicks and effort than just throwing your name in the hat, seems most just move on which is pretty sad I think.

    Thanks to those who have put in the effort so far which I thought would be a fun way to do a contest to win some stuff.

  2. I`m still waiting for mine from the 12 Days of Christmas contest you had. I guess I`m still kinda pissed that I did your contest everyday, won, and got nothing. Your last comment after the contest went something like; Give me some time to get the prizes out, i`m busy because of the holidays. So i waited. Never got an email like you said you sent. Tried to find your email on the old site, didn`t find it. Tell me the date you sent it, I don`t delete anything. Sure, I know it`s just a comic book, but I check out this site daily, and I enter just about every contest that`s on here. When i actually win something, which is never, I`d actually like my prize. Instead I get, Well, you never never answered my email so it went to the next winner. An email that I never received.

    1. My comments in the winner post also said everyone has 48 hours to contact me despite me sending out an email to speed up the process. You commented in that article on the same day it was posted and just said thanks. It wasn’t until January 15th you actually commented saying you never saw the original email. That’s also the day I get an email from you as well. Unfortunately the comic did go to the next winner but I was kind enough to offer up another comic but the emails went radio silent. The last message I got for you was, “Never got the email”. I asked again if I could send something else, zero response.

      I get notifications on every single comment on articles I publish so if you could not find my email, a simple comment in the 12 Days Contest Announcement would have notified me.

      So you can be pissed all you want but I fail to see how you put so much blame on me. The person you should be mad at is yourself or email provider.

      Now, on with the screenshots. I sent the same email out BCC to all the winners. Everyone got the email but you! I find that hard to believe.

      Is that your email with the red underline? I know it is because that’s the same one you actually replied with on the January 15th email.

      And here is where I kindly offer some type of retribution prize despite not getting contacted within 48 hours and radio silence again until you starting making snarky comments here.

      We simply can’t wait around for people to claim their prizes. We’ve had them go unclaimed many times in the past because no one follows up in email, comments, etc. This is why I started to attempt emailing whatever users have as their email in their comment profile to speed this process up.

      So I don’t know what to go from here. Stay mad if you want. I still fail to see how I’m at fault here. I’m sorry you missed the first email but it was sent out where 11 others got the same email without problems but it was also on you to notify me within 48 hours. Email, comment in winners announcement, etc. All types of ways to get my attention.

      1. I never got the email. Checked both inbox and spam. I was waiting because YOU asked for time because of the holidays. I guess I missed out. So what. And by the way, I wasn`t the only one that didn`t get a prize, you skipped over someone else too. But not until a couple weeks later. And why would you bother to send out something else if I was the one that screwed up? Unless you felt guilty. I`m done.

        1. Hold to ship out but I cant ship if I dont have a response with address to ship to. The whole claim within 48 hours never changed. The other person who missed out was international and they contacted me immediately. We waited to see how much it would actually cost to ship and it wasnt worth the shipping costs so that when they said pick a new person. I dont feel guilty, I’m just a nice person in offering something else which you still failed to followup on with a simple email reply.

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