Y: The Last Man – Teaser Photo

If you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t see the new teaser photo for the upcoming Y: The Last Man adaptation being developed and ordered by FX, here it is.

If you don’t own these books already, they’re a bit on the pricey side (particularly issue #1 has seen it’s value skyrocket in the past 2 years) as this has been a very popular series for quite sometime. I recall when I was first getting back into comics my local shop pointed to this series as a must read, so it was one of the first series I started to pick up in trade and read besides the Walking Dead at the time.

I loved this series and story so much, it made me pretty much pick up everything Brian K. Vaughn wrote. Call me a fan for life.

If you own these books already, hold onto them because I don’t think these have peaked yet.

All the news reports are saying this is scheduled for a 2020 release date.

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      1. Look forward to it. #1 is non existent in the wild, only ever found 1 copy a couple years ago and it was at a thrift store. Issues. 6 or so and up seem to be plentiful

        1. Yeah. I use to sort through issues beyond #10 at my local Half Price Books. Most were pretty beat up though. The key here is finding them in NM condition as I think this was the type of series people really jumped on to read, so they were passed around between people a bunch.

  1. I worry for future comic book shows, the tv market is becoming over saturated with comic related stuff. So much so that someone like me who watches ever comic book related show religiously doesn’t have the time nor the want for more. I’ve started dropping shows like Supergirl, Deadly Class, Black Lightning, barely made it through Titans, etc… Not because they are bad but lack of time and loss of interest. So when Disney streaming, DC streaming, and the independents like The Kitchen, the Boys, Y, get up to speed it’s going to get so much worse and most likely cause a mass exodus of comic book tv shows that I actually enjoy as well as the ones I don’t.

    1. I have a $1 reprint of #1…any spec in that?

      I had the entire series in hardcover volumes at one time, but they went OOP and so I sold them to buy more comics and collectibles.

  2. When is the best time to buy a copy of this? Between now and a teaser, after the pilot airs, etc? If it ends up like preacher, the price dropped dramatically since that was announced, but I don’t know if it’d go below current price ever.

    1. It’s hard to say. Preacher I think saw a drop in price as it targets a certain audience. Will we see another Walking Dead type scenario? Maybe if the show draws in fans that don’t necessarily read comics. That’s what the Walking Dead did.

      Shows can also become extremely popular but the comics they’re depicted from get no love. Y: The Last Man will likely see a jump but the market and fans will soon tell us if people who don’t necessarily collect start seeking these out to either collect, read, etc.

      There’s never really a best time to buy per se. Try to buy low, try to sell high is always the game. Right now raw copies dipped but since the teaser photo, I expect a slight bump possibly. Also once the show airs and if it’s decent we’ll see another bump. Despite the show finally making it to our screens (since it’s now more than likely than ever before), this was always a very popular comic that heated up before any options and media deals.

      I do think one thing that will kill long term spec if the show is a success is that this series already ended. Unlike Walking Dead that trails the comics by 30-50 issues at a time, that was also a driving force for comic sales to increase when a new character was introduced as people expected that character to eventually make it to the show. Now that the shows numbers have dropped significantly, no one cares about the comic anymore (except the remaining readers) and I think most of the comic readers abandoned the show since it’s gone down the poop chute… so no one is chasing first appearances as I think we now have readers vs watchers.

      So I know this doesn’t directly involve Y: The Last Man but we can use other books that became shows as a guide of what could happen with the comics overall value if and when the demand increases, levels off, then decreases.

      1. Thanks for the answer. Walking Dead is a weird one, like you said it plummeted and is now dead in the water, yet #1 still commands 1k. I think some comics just never go ‘down’ from a certain value if the market (or whoever controls the market) gets it to a certain level in the first place. I can’t recall a scenario where a non-variant book over $200 that stayed there past the first few months went down, ever.

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