Top Ten Selling Comics for Week of 2/7/19 launched recently and has quickly become a go to spot for watching eBaytrends on comics. They scour thousands of eBay sales to cultivate data to spotlight the hottest selling comics. Here is this week’s Top Ten Comics:


Spawn #293 Black and White C Cover
7 Day Trend: +744%
Weekly Units Sold: 194
 Sales Average Raw: $28.26
Sales Average Graded: NA
Reason: Error variant, scooped up quickly.


Immortal Hulk #1
7 Day Trend: +98%
Weekly Units Sold: 94
Sales Average Raw: $10.38
Sales Average Graded: $75.00  (CGC 9.8)
Reason: First appearance The One Below All


Rai #0
7 Day Trend: +155%
Weekly Units Sold: 95
 Sales Average Raw: $22.37
Sales Average Graded: $124.00
Reason: First full appearance of Bloodshot


Wonder Woman #63 Shirahama Variant
7 Day Trend: +89%
Weekly Units Sold: 70
 Sales Average Raw: $7.66
Sales Average Graded: NA
Reason: Awesome variant, change of cover artists.


Harley Quinn #57 Tedesco Variant
7 Day Trend: +105%
Weekly Units Sold: 41
 Sales Average Raw: $25.15
Sales Average Graded: $110.00  (CGC 9.8)
Reason: Great looking cover that sold out quickly. A new character to boot.


Batman Damned #1
7 Day Trend: +89%
Weekly Units Sold: 43
Sales Average Raw: $29.00
Sales Average Graded: $145.00 (CGC 9.8)
Reason: First appearance of Bruce Wayne’s wiener.


Fisheye #1
7 Day Trend: +211%
Weekly Units Sold: 18
 Sales Average Raw: $15.75
Sales Average Graded: $48.33 (CGC 9.8)
Reason: Official Media deal announced. (We told you about this a while ago.)


Ultimate Fallout #4
7 Day Trend: +104%
Weekly Units Sold: 33
Sales Average Raw: $137.00
Sales Average Graded: $298.00 (CGC 9.8)
Reason: First appearance Mile Morales, Spider-verse related


Superman Batman Annual #4
7 Day Trend: +170%
Weekly Units Sold: 21
 Sales Average Raw: $52.92
Sales Average Graded: $76.00 (CGC 9.8)
Reason: First Batman Beyond in the DCU


Silver Surfer Annual #6
7 Day Trend: +249%
Weekly Units Sold: 14
 Sales Average Raw: $12.30
Sales Average Graded: $38.99 (CGC 9.4)
Reason: First appearance Genis-Vell, will be in Captain Marvel movie.

The Runners-up:

11. Batman Adventures #12 – 31 sold copies, 7-day trend 109%

12. Avengers #684 – 27 sold copies, 7-day trend 116%

13. Reborn #1 (Main Cover) – 23 sold copies, 7-day trend 134%

14. Amazing Spider-man #129 – 19 sold copies, 7 day trend 141%

15. Wolverine #1 (1988) – 18 sold copies, 7-day trend 140%

16. White Widow #1 Red Foil – 25 copies sold, 7-day trend 86%

17. New Avengers #11 – 20 copies sold, 7-day trend 109%

18. Ms Marvel #1 – 29 copies sold, 7-day trend 66%

19. Omega Men #3 – 19 copies sold, 7-day trend 98%

20. Catwoman #7 Oliver Variant – 19 copies sold, 7- day trend 101%

48 thoughts on “ Top Ten Selling Comics for Week of 2/7/19”

  1. On a side note I did get the Subway version of Silver Surfer Annual #6. Not really a variant at all. It just has a Subway sticker that also says not for resale on the poly bag. Not the comic and nothing printed on the comic that I can see that would make it different from every other version.

    1. That one was always a tough one for me to find in the wild. Speculation of main villain in the Batwoman series, Alice, is what is driving this one I suspect.

    2. A bunch more have sold on Ebay today already. I picked up a 2nd print for my PC… I liked the cover for it more than the regular and variant. We’ll see where it goes.

          1. I think it is hot for mostly the villain but I think this might be the issue where her run on Detective also starts. Not 100% sure on that one though.

  2. How does really rank these? As far as I can tell, it >isn’tor< total number sold. (I don't know what happened in my previous post.)

  3. I still love that cover to Superman Batman Annual #4. I think I bought two copies when it came out just for the cover. It is simply gorgeous.

  4. batman damned is not the first there is a new Yorker magazine that shows the batwing in 2010. maybe the wolverine and x men rumors are starting to effect x books and I still think the death of bruce banner is underrated #testify blind adam out

  5. I know it is not about the top 10 this week, but where is a good place to watch for values on certain comics? I’ve used comicbookrealm to look up some prices and I’ve always heard overstreet, but after looking at it, I don’t know what to trust. One example is that I picked up ASM 607 for $23 and I’ve seen it online for $65+, comicbookrealm say $75, but overstreet say $3. Just looking for a little guidance from a community that knows its stuff!

    1. Over street is out of date as soon as it is published. For example, the day after it is released a movie option takes a book from a $3 book to a $30 book. So it’s good for buyers when shops use overstreet but not good for sellers.

      I track my comics in Comic Book Realm as well. There are several apps that do this too. But for the most part I check eBay completed auctions before I sell a book. I am looking at what a book has sold for, and number of sales. I also look to see what the unsold copies are going for in order to price out my comics for sale.

      1. Thank you, Anthony. I appreciate the help. I’m still generally new to all of this and am learning on the fly. I didn’t know you could check completed auctions on ebay but I’ll have to check on that.

          1. Sold items on eBay are the only true indicator .. invariably, I’ll have a collection walk in the door where the owner thinks they are going to retire on selling it to me .. they always plead ignorance until we start talking money ..

            Then, it’s “Oh, Man, I looked that up on eBay and it said XXXX” .. people don’t do the research properly and never account for grading .. as well as just looking at items listed, not sold .. I had a guy walk in last week with an Amazing Fantasy 15 .. on a good day, it was a 1.0 or less, what I like to call Bird Cage Lining .. I offered him 6K cash .. you’d have thought he’d caught me canoodling with his wife since I guess he figured he’d brought me the Ark of the Covenant .. raw/ungraded, I’d made a fair offer ..

            1. The problem is people not into comics no nothing about grading or how grading affects price. I see it a lot too. I buy collections from time to time and I am in enough comic shops where they “ask me to come over and look at something” when a person is trying to sell. I have done it for several ASM 300’s that walked into a store recently that were roached. The guy said they were lowballing him and asked me to make an offer since they had called me over for my opinion. I ended up being fair in my offer for cash but was lower than what the store was offering. The guy said he thought I would be higher. I said no, while I don’t have the overhead, I also don’t have foot traffic a store has for someone to see them and purchase them. My only outlet is eBay or Facebook sales. He took the stores offer.

              1. Yeah .. I’ll buy books I know I can’t sell in the shop simply because I know my Customers and I know what they look for .. I’ve sold the hell out of ASM 300 over the years, and I know my market is pretty much tapped … so, when I buy a copy now, it pretty much has to be an On-Line sale at eBay or Amazon .. thus, on top of needing a profit margin, I have to factor in their Pint of Blood as well ..

                A couple examples lately :: I bought a full first print run of Terry Moore’s “Strangers in Paradise”, knowing full well I had no shop customers that would buy it, yet sold it handily on line ..

                “Scud the Disposable Assassin” / Rob Schrab, same story .. (I would also credit Schrab for the 1st Action Figure Cover in Scud 9) ..

                1. Scud is one of my all time favorite Indy books and yes the action figure cover if issue 9 was awesome. I still need 1-3 because I have the collected edition for those issues. Rob Schrab sadly moved on to movies and tv and left Scud alone. Interesting fact, I submitted a story for Scud: Tales From the Vending Machine to only find out later that the series was being canceled. So sad.

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