Final Order Cut Off Highlights for 2/11/19

Final Order Cut-Off is the last day that shops can guarantee their orders for comics. After Final Order Cut-Off, or FOC, these books will only be available to retailers on Advance Reorder. And that is not guaranteed. So here are the highlights for Monday, 2/11/19’s FOC list.

Very good week this week. Very big week. Check out the highlights below:


Harley Quinn #59 Derrick Chew Cover – Another great looking Chew Variant

Justice League #19 Rob Liefed Cover– Not sure who colored this cover because it doesn’t look like typical Liefeld art. What is wrong with Batman on this cover?

Second Coming #1 – Controversy already brewing over the story of Jesus coming back and living with a Superhero.


Immortal Hulk #14 – This series is crazy good, seriously, start reading it, pick up the trades.

Conan The Barbarian #4 Mark Brooks Variant – A Marvel Killer B. Seriously awesome Spiderman and Red Goblin cover.

Amazing Spiderman #16.HU – I hate these oddly numbered books but the Greg Land Black Cat is nice.

Vader Dark Visions #1 – Some places are so bad that even Vader is a knight in shining armor. Darth Vader, lightsaber drawn, on top of the horse with a shield is badass!

Avengers #16 Hildebrandt Spider-man Villains Cover – Greg Hildebrandt is a legend in the comics industry. His painted work is amazing.

Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys the Marvel Universe #1 – Super fun over the top violent series.

Dr. Strange #12 – Rumor of Strange becoming Galactus. Strange faces someone who can turn off his magic.

Domino Hotshots #1 – Female team books have a track record of doing ok. This one could do well. There is a J Scott Campbell 1:50 available.

Deadpool #10 – The Good Night from Deadpool #1 returns. Might be worth picking up that issue as well if they make a thing of him.

Meet the Skrulls #1 – What Marvel did for making Vision personable, is now being attempted with Skrulls, looks really cool.


Black Hammer ’45 #1 – the best superhero series on the market goes back to 1945.

Astro Hustle #1 – Throw back to 70’s movies. My Sunday mornings would have been nowhere without these.

10 thoughts on “Final Order Cut Off Highlights for 2/11/19”

  1. Awesome info, thanks! I want all three spidey covers. I wish we had some indication as to what wasn’t heavily ordered, but it seems with all this beautiful cover art being released before FOC, it’ll be tough to spec on cover art alone. A main reason I’m checking CHU every Tuesday night for spoilers đŸ™‚ What series is The Good NIght from? Is he a different character from this guy?

  2. Green Lantern’s legs look like they’re made out of vapor. Did he turn into a genie? Really fugly cover. Nominate this cover as Not Hot 2019 contender.

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