Book To Watch Or Lookout For – GI Joe Sierra Muerte #1 Mychaels 1:25 Variant

Here’s a book to be on the look out for. GI Joe Sierra Muerte #1 Mychaels is selling upwards of the $100 range and most of the listings now are all over $100 range, with only 3 found listings from my searches on eBay.

Thanks to Cruzzer for pointing this out in the Weekly Report. Figured it’s worthy enough to warrant it’s own post to make you people aware and be on the lookout for.

Most shops would have put this in the $25 type range for it’s retail price which is still a nice flip if you can sell for double or more. Happy Hunting!

8 thoughts on “Book To Watch Or Lookout For – GI Joe Sierra Muerte #1 Mychaels 1:25 Variant”

    1. My guess is supply vs demand. I dont think too many shops ordered 25 copies of this book. Because if you ask me, the cover art isnt the greatest, especially for a 1:25 variant.

  1. For the last two times I’ve been in to my LCS (It’s a 5 minute walk from my home) this week, I have been eye balling this book. I pulled out my phone to check the prices on eBay.. Whoa..

    I look at the price my LCS is asking for it.. $17…Ok pulling trigger. Not much of a big GI JOE Fan.. going to sell it.
    Hopefully the window is still open to get at least $70

    Let me know if anyone is interested.

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