Steven Spielberg to Produce The Rift

We mentioned that The Rift had been optioned by a pretty big named player and that the official announcement wouldne forthcoming. Don Handfield, the writer and creator has sent out the following announcement.

Steven Spielberg has picked up The Rift as part of his relaunch of Amazing Stories for Apple TV.

Our first comic book series The Rift has been optioned and produced by Steven Spielberg (E.T., Ready Player One, Close Encounters) and his production company Amblin Entertainment. The writer, Don Handfield, (co-creator of Knightfall, The Source, The Mall) also co-wrote the first episode that will premiere on Apple’s new streaming service as part of the reboot of Amazing Stories.

3 thoughts on “Steven Spielberg to Produce The Rift”

  1. I was going to sell my set when the announcement was first made. I’m glad I held on to my copies. Should I sent it out to get them graded?

  2. Red 5 comics web page still has #1 for sale at cover price although they are listed as “remaining damaged copies”. Some may want to chance it in hopes that maybe they aren’t dinged up too much.

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