Throwback Thursday for February 28th, 2019

There was some recent chatter in some comments about this next character that debuted way back in February 1980 by the late great Stan Lee and artist John Buscema.

Jennifer Walters needed a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner after getting shot by some thugs in a case she was working as a lawyer.

This transfusion by Bruce (that he performs himself) caused her to get a milder form of his Hulk persona, thus making her the She-Hulk.

Her first appearance was in her very own title, Savage She-Hulk #1.

She-Hulk has been a member of the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Defenders, Heroes for Hire and many others. As a lawyer, she’s even represented other heroes.

This comic is still surprisingly affordable for most collectors I think and it’s not so much of a not if but when she makes it into the MCU we can expect this first appearance to explode. It’s certainly one of those key books that should be in every collectors long box.

She-Hulk was created primarily due to the success of the Incredible Hulk television series (I was a big fan as a kid, this was my favorite show) and a counter to the Bionic Woman television series.

For those not aware, this first issue was written entirely by Stan Lee as the creator of She-Hulk but it was the only issue he wrote for the series. It was also the last Marvel character he created until 1992.

That’s your Throwback Thursday to wrap up February.

13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday for February 28th, 2019”

      1. You never know. I mean, how could an Eternals film work without she Hulk getting Starfox off from sexual harassment charges!

  1. Just called my LCS and they have a CBCS 9.8 for $375, a 9.6 for $120 and a non graded 9.6 for $95. Which one would you suggest I should get?

    1. I’m a raw book junkie. I like the smell of old comics. It’s really just a matter of preference. If you can see the book in hand, I say always save some money and go with the raw book if it’s in great shape. If you plan on flipping, you can still make more money by buying raw and getting it slabbed. Buying slabbed, you’re buying it already at it’s current premium price so if you want to eventually flip, it’ll take a bit more time and there’s always the chance the price drops as well.

    1. I have recently bought 3 copies of this book. I bought a direct 9.6 CGC for my PC. I like to have all my favourite characters 1st appearances in 9.6 or better. And then I got 2 raw newsstand copies. I believe that the newsstand, obviously, would be the book to seek out in higher grades.

  2. As a February 1980 creation myself, I am always intrigued at how our vintage appreciates over time. The women lead the way here as She-Hulk 1 and Uncanny X-Men 131 (First Dazzler) have the most prominent first appearances. ASM 201 with Spidey and Punisher fighting the underworld (awesome cover btw) is an overlooked gem and Marvel Premier 52 where T’Challa fights the Klan is iconic. The Moon Knight series is a 1980 baby too (first appearance ‘75) , with the GOAT Sienkiewicz starting to come into his own. Shortest month, but we make the best of it. 👑

    1. Yup. For now I’m doing throwbacks based on first appearances in the same month we’re currently in. Events are a little harder to narrow down in storylines but eventually I hope to cover those as well as I think cool older story arcs could be great throwbacks..

        1. I’m enjoying it myself + the Marvelous Mondays. Trying to read stuff I’ve never read, makes a great way to learn new stuff. Glad you all are enjoying them as well.

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