Venom #7 Secret Variant – Book To Look/Watch For

So we saw CovrPrice slip Venom #7 into it’s top 10 books this past week but remember, there was a secret variant for this book as well that’s seeing some love now on the secondary market.

This book is now approaching the $40 range with a recent CGC 9.8 slab going for $200.  No more than a few weeks ago these were selling for $12 on average.

Not a lot of these currently listed so the limited quantity could affect sales based on new demand.

There could still be secrets sandwiched between the other books out in the wild. I actually snagged my copy about 3 weeks after this was released. It was just sitting there in a stack of about 10 books left at my local shop.

Chances are getting slimmer though as I’d imagine most Venom #7 backstock have started selling out at most shops.

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  1. Actually got one the day it came out. Had some corner issues. Got a replacement which is better. Maybe not a 9.8 but at least a 9.6. Great Book to have now! Thanks for the info.

    1. I think they’re calling 7 his cameo and 9 as first full. I don’t recall how much of a cameo it is in 7 but do recall it’s a dream sequence.

      1. He is a boy in a flashback in 7, and a boy in #9. The secret tongue variant is nice, but, imo, the book to own for Dylan will be #9. The narket seems to think so too. The Noir Animation variant is the hot book for this character, Dylan Brock, at the moment. The question is, when will he make his costumed debut.

        This is the only panel that Dylan is in, in Venom #7.

        We do not see Dylan in issue #8. He then returns for 4 panels in issue #9.

        In issue #10, we get Dylan on the 1st page, sitting and talking w/ Eddie, in a diner.

        The book then continues with several pages of dialogue between Dylan and Eddie. Dylan thinks Eddie is his brother at this point.

        Dylan is continuously throught out the book, and is walking with Eddie in the streets, towards the end of the book.

        We even get to see Dylans 1st encounter with a symbiote in issue ten.

        So, if you were to ask me, Dylans 1st full appearance should be #10. Issue #7 and issue #9 are cameos at best.

        Im not sure what crap collector is spitting out, but Ill bet its not accurate. Dont follow that app, it’s wrong more often than not and the owner has hidden monetary agendas. A price guide should reflect the market, the market shouldn’t reflect the app. Its a hustle.

          1. Im not going there, AP. No f’n way. Lol. But he isnt a baby in issue #7. He is an 8-12 year old boy in the one panel. I started making my post based off of memory (Ive been smoking bongs since 9am, so, the memory was a bit hazy, at best). After the 1st paragraph I decided I had better actually open the books and look for myself. Thats when I came to the conclusion that I did, in my edit. Live fast, Poyo. ???‍♂️?

        1. Edit to 1st paragraph ‘He is a boy in #7 in one panel and still a boy in #9 in 4-5 panels. He barely speaks, and is named in both those issues. In issue #10, Dylan is throughout the book and even interacts w/ a symbiote. The secret tongue variant is nice, but, imo, the book to own for Dylan will be #10. However, The narket seems to think that #9 is the book, at this moment. The Noir Animation variant is the hot book for this character, Dylan Brock, at the moment. The question is, when will he make his costumed debut?’

          1. Agree, secret variant is just hype. I may list mine now before people wisen up.

            Although this feels a lot like a Jason Todd’s first full appearance…i think he made several cameos until he had a full appearance, and because of that the first cameo (which is one panel where he isn’t even mentioned my name, but introduced with family as “the Todd’s”) Batman 357 is what the market has decided is the book to own.

            Whenever there’s multiple cameos before a first full, that tends to happen. Ms. Marvel (Kamala) I think has the same into.

            1. Yes. Kamala Khan’s first full is actually the Marvel Point One that’s just a glorified paid solicitation before her Ms. Marvel #1 title was released.

              The key book is the one pane cameo in Captain Marvel #14 for Kamala Khan and I don’t think that’s gonna change now. Captain Marvel #17 which was her next cameo, it’s a one pane shot with dialogue but the last page shows her with back turned in her room, pinning up a Captain Marvel picture. She’s in several panes but no dialogue but it shows her thunderbolt symbol. Still unnamed but we know this means something so is another key book which I think is more prominent than the Point One appearance if you ask me.

              Sorry for using Ms. Marvel as examples but her firsts are perfect examples when it comes to cameos and how the market really decides what’s going to be the front winner in terms of value and collectability.

            2. Ive had to correct myself, DRog. I was made aware of some more panels in issue #9, at the end, where Eddie meets Dylan. With these new panels added to the other 4 panels I mentioned earlier, I am fully on board with #9 being Dylan Brocks 1st full appearance. But yes, cameos and 1st fulls, as we all know, are fickle and who’s definitions and interpretations vary from person to person.

        2. Good analysis. Not that it will change anything, but you might also want to check the last page of 9, as that is when he meets and speaks to Eddie 1 on 1 for a few panels. But 10 is much more robust, I agree.

          1. Even if the market swings for #10, I’m gonna say #9 is first full appearance. If we know their name, they’re in more than one panel and they have dialogue bubbles with words attached to them, that’s a full appearance to me.

          2. You’re ? right, Wren. I missed that last page meeting between Dylan and Eddie in #9. That changes everything, for me. Having seen it now, Im willing to get on board w/ #9 being a 1st full and #7 being a cameo. My initial statement is now (k)null and void. Womp womp.

  2. for #7 there is also a sweet,sweet infinity gauntlet variant for #7 as well.i belive frankies put it out .Dillon brock is here to stay.loving this series love ya all blind adam out

        1. I gave my only copy of the tongue variant to a friend at Christmas. Hes a good friend and an avid collector, and I hate (really detest) Venoms tongue. Even after this news w/ #7, Im happy the book is, where it is.

          1. Yes, I took best offer of $60. I’m happy, I paid $3.99 for mine. That’s what, close to 1500% profit margin not including eBay fees and such? 🙂

      1. The weird thing is with some of these hot comics store variants, despite the lower print runs, don’t seem to be increasing in value like the direct from marvel releases. Even when they come out the same week.

        1. I don’t really do Store Variants anymore. Now if one catches my eye for the cover art, that’s when I buy just for the personal collection.

        2. Store variants have a negative stigma attached to them in the opinion of a lot of collectors. The demand for them just isn’t there, unless its a real real real beauty. Stores that do a Marvel Exclusive have a minimum print run of 3000 copies, as required contractually by Marvel. Those 3000 print runs rarely, rarely, rarely sell out. So, they wont increase on the secondary market because they will always be available at the original retailer, usually for a discount (after x amount of time, a few months after release, at worst), or included in store sales. Store variants are a small niche market. Also; Direct Cover A will always command more bang for your buck on any given modern key w/ a store exclusive.

      1. It sold out, lol. Wanted to put it up as it was the black virgin variant that’s commanding a nice Mr. Franklin on the aftermarket. Double signed. It was the UK store that randomly had them up on their eBay page.

  3. Lately I’ve felt like everything I touch turns to gold.

    Flipped through a box of FCBD freebies and found an umbrella academy in NM+ condition…flipped for $100.

    Same lcs the following week came across a All New Wolverine #2 in NM+ shape…paid cover price.

    Grabbed 4 copies of OLH5 this past Wednesday before it popped.

    Grabbed 7 copies of Naomi #1 first print (4As and 3Bs) in NM or better shape Wednesday before it popped.

    Found 4 copies of Die #1 on the shelf Wednesday.

    And today it’s my Venom #7 secret variant…I paid $15 the day it came out…i usually don’t like paying market value for comics the day of release, but I liked this one and it looked like it could pass for 9.8.

    Maybe I should have played powerball or mega millions this past week…doh!

    1. I paid $3.99 for my Venom #7 Secret variant. Just took best offer of $60 as well. It might blow up more, might not. But $4 for $60 is nice profit I say. I’m happy.

        1. My copy is definitely pushing 9.8. Listed it for 99.99 which includes shipped priority. Basically I’m throwing out a price that says “make me sell it to you.” I really don’t want to part with it, it I have another regular A cover that’s also 9.8 potential…somformthe right price I’ll let it go.

          See what happens. I just sold a fcbd umbrella academy NM+ copy using the same strategy, so I’m gonna try riding the hot streak!

  4. To me, 7 is cameo 9 is full and the best variant to go for is the 9 animation variant. 7 has the secret variant, the MK20 virgin, the PX, and possibly one more I am missing. 9 has a lower print run, first full Dylan, and less to compete with. So if you have 7, and can get $60 for a secret variant, that is awesome! My money is on 9 for the long term though.

    1. I say #10 is 1st full. #7 (1 panel appearance) and #9 ( 4 panel appearance) are both cameos, at best. He is named and speaks in both those brief caneos. Issue #10 has him throughout the entire book and is his 1st full, imo.

        1. I think the market is deciding on #9. But Ill bet most haven’t read the books to make a decision for themselves. From a spec perspective, Ive got my eggs in #9s basket right now, but from a comic readers perspective, its #10 all the way, as far as 1st full appearance of Dylan. Imo.

          1. The market certainly is interesting when it comes to firsts. Just like when I mentioned Kamala Khan’s first appearance in Captain Marvel #14. This is the pane she’s in, no dialogue, no name, just looks like a random standby person being told to get cleared for safety.. but this is the one the market swung for in making it the clear winner for her first..

            1. Agreed, the comic market is a funny beast.
              Ive learned of some new info from Wren, since my initial post, and it has cleared this topic up for me. I see #9 as the 1st Full and the significant book to have for this character Dylan Brock.

          1. So, I am curious, Poyo. Do you consider #9 a 1st full appearance, based off of the images I provided in my long, initial post?

          2. i think I have the same ratios (3, 6, 1). But my three #7s are a regular, secret and battle lines variant.

            So hard to let a hot comic go when you have only one copy of it!

              1. It’s posted! But I ain’t letting it go. I might send it in for grading if I don’t get my price.

  5. As of writing this Mycomicshop still has a few Venom #7 secret variants in NM- for $19.50. They are usually very strict with grading on new comics so a good chance these would grade higher than what they are listed at. I picked up 2 of the 5 they had in that condition since I wasn’t able to get it the day it came out. I just hope by the time I get them I will be able to sell one for prices being realized today or close to it. Always nice to get two or three books and have one of them pay for the entire lot. Pretty much turns out to be a free key for the collection. I will never turn that down! .

    1. There are also some reasonably priced copies of #7 variant on Amazon.

      I do have to say if Dylan does become a big deal it is looking like the Venom #7 tongue variant and #9 animation variant are the ones to get so far. Who knows maybe he can start a new Power Pack with Franklin Richards and Moon Girl…or something like that. Wonder how Cates would handle a Power Pack title? IT would sell, that’s for sure!

  6. I gotta say outside of Venom and Immortal Hulk there aren’t many mainstream comics I am enjoying on a regular basis nearly as much! It will be a sad day when these two titles eventually move in other directions with different creative teams. Very much enjoying the ride right now!

    1. I very much agree with you about those 2 being the best from Marvel right now. Might I suggest checking out Uncanny X-Men, beginning with issue 11 (first issue with Rosenberg as sole writer), or Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man? Both have been very well written thus far, IMO. Just a few suggestions based upon what I have been reading from Marvel at the moment.

      1. I’ve heard some good things about Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man. I think I will pick some up next time I am at my lcs and give it a shot! Was never a huge X-men fan but lately I have been in a bit of a “new comic rut” as far as what I like, so I might just pick up that #11 as well and see how it goes.

        1. Yeah, I hear ya about new comic ruts and all. I have always been a Tom Taylor fan, so Friendly was definitely a pick-up for me from day 1. It is much better than Amazing, IMO. Uncanny, otoh, starts a new arc with Cyclops and Logan which looks interesting. I am sure others may have suggestions as well, but those are just mine. Hope you enjoy!

    2. I know everyone has different tastes, but I’ve actually been enjoying the new Punisher & Daredevil runs as well. Engaging/fresh storylines that have me looking forward the “what will happen next”. I recommend both!

    1. Wait a minute.. two pane appearance in #7 that includes dialogue and he’s named? For me, that’s first full appearance. A cameo would be a shadow, a part of his body, no face shot and unnamed with no dialogue.

      1. I agree but you never know with how the collector community will react with any given book. I’ve got Hulk 180 & 181 and as much as I like my 181 to me 180 is Wolverines true first! Sure only one panel, but one panel where he is completely shown and he sates his own name. But, I digress, that argument was settled looong ago by the market.

      2. Shadows and body parts are not cameos. They are just that… shadows and body parts.

        Flashbacks and dream sequences are usually not considered as well by the 3rd party graders.

        Cameos are one maybe two panels that could have short dialogue but you can clearly tell who the character is.

        Either way, in the market will decide if the book is significant…don’t matter what we argue or call it.

        If speculation as easy, everyone would do it!

  7. Since I think I’m going to drop this after #12 I’ll just bundle up #1 – #12 and move them all at once.

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