One Week Later Report for March 6th, 2019

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 2/27/2019.

DC Books

Action Comics #1008 was a pretty sweet cover that sold out quickly online.

Jeff Dekal is the cover artist.

Despite selling out pretty quickly online, there’s no real love on the secondary market as this is a cover price book with most sold sales at $3.99 average and that’s not even including shipping.

Your better off finding these at the local shop if you can to make it worth your while if you missed out. Or buy multiple books from the same seller if the combine to make it worth the cost.

Old Lady Harley #5 introduced Old Joker and Joker Jr. that got speculators and collectors scrambling for this issue.

This quickly became a solid $20 book but recent sales put it around the $15 range with a few sales still flirting towards the $20 range.

It’s definitely a book to grab out in the wild if you can find them as it’s a nice flip or possibly long term hold if the new characters stick around and remain popular amongst the DC fan masses.

Naomi #1 2nd Printing hit shelves last week and is sold out at most online retailers.

It’s still a cover price book on the secondary market place.

The first printing is doing quite well though being a solid $15 to $20 book for most sold listings.

I say grab any of them you find, could be a long term gamble since there are the Bendis fanboy and girls out there who still love his work.

Marvel Books

The only Marvel book worth mentioning is the Marvel Comics Presents #2 Gerald Parel variant.

This is a 1:50 ratio variant so some shops might start the retail price around the $50 range but this one is still selling on average of $70 or so, with one peaking at $79 and an auction that ended around $61.

Not a lot of sales and movement but it’s one to watch. But unless something special happens in this issue (which we probably would have already heard about), I think this will result in the normal Marvel Ratio Variant fizzle.. over time it’ll lose more value than gain.

Indie and Small Publisher Books

Honor and Curse #1 is seeing some success.

A lot of sold listings but still plenty available on the secondary market. These have sold anywhere from $10 to $20 on average and reaching as high as $25 a few times.

Sold out at most retailers that I’ve checked, might not be a bad pickup if you find them.

Tread carefully though. Indie books like this can fizzle quickly so if you do find it, check online to see if there’s any movement to make sure you’re not wasting your time. There was 34 listings at time of writing this.

That’s it. It was a small week for spec’s. Hopefully the books from today on March 6th are much better come next week.

10 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for March 6th, 2019”

  1. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have the depth of comics knowledge as other people on here, but….
    The “fanboy” comment about Naomi #1?
    I did a quick google search of Bendis character creations….I wish i had some of those first appearances, and I’m no Bendis fanboy.
    IMO – grab these as a spec, period. If this character blows up, more than just “fanboys” will be looking for this issue.

    1. I didn’t mean that as a knock to speculators and such. I’ve met Bendis fanboys and girls (particularly when I stood and wasted 3 hours of my life once in line to get his signature). Don’t get me wrong, I’ll pick it up to flip myself if I find them. I’m just not a fan. I think his writing is sub-par and even my wife read some of his stuff and she claims he should stop writing about women, he’s not very good at it.

      1. He always everyone like a neurotic Woody Allen character and didn’t even try to go for continuity back in 2004. He keeps creating the same character over and over (Naomi is his DC version of Riri who was his female version of Miles) and his writing never improves. I would never bet on Bendis personally, if they never put his characters in the films, all those Iron Man #10s will be in dollar bins twenty years from now.

  2. Agent P can come off strong (one of the shortcomings of txt) here, but I think we can all agree Bendis leaves a little to be desired. I have tried to like him and Cates since returning to comics after 25 years off, but just can’t. As a result its challenging to buy their titles when they catch heat ex. Naomi and Venom. However, you folks here have shown me that personal taste and spec can sometimes clash.

    1. I must admit, I like Cates independent stuff more than his Marvel stuff. He’s done good stuff for Marvel but some of it is just ridiculous as well. But if he brings the heat on for a book, by all means I’ll pick it up to flip.

    2. I like Cates, he seems to come from the same generational points I do. If that makes sense. Al Ewing I’ve had enough of on the other hand, and can’t stomach the Immortal Hulk enough to spec. Every issue he goes nuts on the virtue signaling crap, and I don’t find it to be well written or drawn anyway.

      1. Al Ewing is hit or miss for me. I certainly think for some writers, some do the characters justice while doing injustice for others. When I tried to read his run on New Avengers I quickly was put off.

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