Ronin Island – Don’t Get Confused on the Variants

So it seems the solicitations for Ronin Island were wrong and I think it’s causing some people to seek out the wrong variant.

The incentive variant by David LaFuente which is also the 1:15 ratio variant was classified as a virgin variant (even Midtown still lists it as such), which it is not, see below:

There is a Chris Anka variant that is a virgin variant that’s classified as the unlocked retailer variant, see below:

Seems some sellers on eBay are jacking up the price of the Anka variant (I found one sold listing for $25, hooray for that seller for sucking in a nice profit) and getting some nibbles. Do not pay more than cover for this book for now! You can still find these for $3.99 on BOOM!’s shop if you do want it. Not sure why it’s a “unlocked retailer variant” when BOOM! has them for sale on their own website.

You can still find the 1:15 variant on BOOM! shop as well but for $12.00, which is still a bit cheaper than what they’re going for on eBay. Buy and Flip? Not a lot of room for profit though when they’re selling for $15 to $20 currently.

Most of the online retailers show the variants as out of stock but you can still find the Ronin Island #1 Main at TFAW for cover price if you missed out.

5 thoughts on “Ronin Island – Don’t Get Confused on the Variants”

    1. It is about books heating up but it’s also a site to inform others, not mislead. We don’t artificially inflate books, we just spread the good word.

    1. Yeah, sorry, that’s what I pointed out that some are listing this as a “retailer unlocked” variant which I knew wasn’t right. I was typing fast, should have made that more clear in the post.

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