Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 3/13/19

Each week, hundreds of new comics hit the shelves, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 3/13/19.

Killer B Covers
Batman Who Laughs The Grim Knight #1 Gabriele Dell Otto Cover – has a great cover for the killer B cover by Dell Otto. I am torn because I like the Jock cover as well. Grab the one you like.

Catwoman #9 Artgerm Cover – Great looking cover that is worth the grab this week.

Supergirl #28 Artgerm Cover – again, it is worth picking up for the cover alone.

Wonder Woman #66 Viktor Kalvachev – limited to one per customer on midtown. Cool looking cover that could have some bite.

Spider Gwen Ghost Spider #6 Spider-Man Villains Cover – Cover by Jorge Molina. Cool cover featuring Carnage. Could be worth the grab.

Cover of the Week
Age of Conan Belit Queen of the Black Coast #1 – Regular A cover by Sana Takeda that is just gorgeous.

New Image #1’s
Assassin Nation #1– finally a new book worth looking at from Image. A lighter book focusing on humor. The world’s foremost hitman hires 20 of the best hitmen to act as his body guard. This is for fans of The Fix.

Little Bird #1 – the other new series from Image this week. Written by screenwriter Darcy Van Poelgeest that is being compared to East of West and Saga with the dram of Akira.

Big Two Pick of the Week
Amazing Spiderman #17 – kicks off a new Kraven the Hunter storyline called “The Hunted” worth checking out. Interesting story with interesting happenings.

Reader Pick of the Week
Maxx 100 Page Giant – 100 pages of Sam Keith’s best work for cover price. It is a sample of different stories from the series. Totally a reader pick up. If you haven’t read Maxx, check it out.

Pick of the Week
Goon #1 – Eric Powell returns to his self-publishing roots. His most famous character returns as well. I am checking out the card stock cover since they have done well on previous Albatross books recently.

That is it for me this week. Let us know what you think. And in case you missed it here is this week’s New Comic Spec Review video.

9 thoughts on “Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 3/13/19”

    1. I mean, I like Artgerm but it’s just the same cover, slightly different pose now with Supergirl. It’s like beating the dead horse just a few more times. I wish he’d change it up a bit.

        1. I know he has changed it up before but this one brings nothing we really haven’t already seen before.

          The Wonder Woman B doesn’t feel right to me either, just something about her face, seems off or something.

      1. I feel the same way about Middleton. His covers aren’t all the same, it they don’t feel as fresh as they used to. Was hoping Putri was taking over batgirl and Middleton was moving onto something new.

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