One Week Later Report for March 13th, 2019

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 3/6/2019.

DC Winners

None. I don’t even think there were any reader books to grab, even for myself.

Deathstroke #41 Cover B sold out at most online retailers but it’s still just a cover price book or cheaper on the secondary market.

The Harley Quinn #59 Chew Killer B is a cool cover but I think most caught on early and Midtown limiting to 1 probably steered away those who clear the virtual shelf. For those attending ECCC, be on the lookout for the Silver Foil Variant which is already being listed for around $30 with pre-sales. I think at NYCC these usually go for $15 retail so a nice double your money type of book but some retailers I’ve noticed are listing these around the $30 retail price range as well, with one bad apple (the guys who have comic with an X and are posers) trying to dump theirs for $35.

Anyone notice how these B covers for DC at Midtown are not only starting to get limited to 1 per customer but they knock off the 15% price reduction they usually have?

Marvel Winners

Conan the Barbarian #4 Mark Brooks Villains was an awesome Killer B but the whole themed variants with characters on covers for titles they don’t even relate to kill any and all spec I think.

If this cover was on an actual Spider-Man book, I think I’d be reporting some different news.

One book reached $10 but for the most part, all other sales have been cover price. Sorry, should be talking about winners instead. I suppose I’m only mentioning this one due to the fact it was a winner up until they slapped Conan on the cover.

The other surprise winner for Marvel was or is Deadpool #10. Most are claiming this is Good Night’s first full appearance.

I haven’t been keeping up lately with Deadpool but someone correct me if I’m wrong, Goodnight made a cameo earlier in this volume correct? At least I think that’s what I’ve read.

I guess he’s so new google hasn’t indexed him as google is failing to bring up anything (probably isn’t helping that he has such a generic name).

Anyways, sales flirting close to the $20 on the secondary market but most sales are double cover with a huge majority it seems at the $8 price tag. Not a lot of profit there if you bought at cover but sadly, one of the few winners this week. I’d say this one is a long term gamble if you find them.

Domino Hotshots #1 Campbell 1:50 Variant for you Campbell fans willing to spend some dime on his covers is seeing some success, especially for you people that found it for cheap or cover.

Recent sales put this book flirting in the Benjamin range. Overall average sales have been around the $70 to $75 range though. Buy low, sell high. That’s the game right?

Immortal Hulk #14 hasn’t become a real winner yet as most sales are still cover price range. Sold out online at most retailers but this one caused some back issues to heat up with the story line within.

Hulk #14 Red She-Hulk 1:10 Variant started to heat up. She’s apparently not in the issue but is on the ratio variant cover.

Hulk #15 Red She-Hulk is the first appearance as Red She-Hulk. Hard to tell which will be the winner but I’m the type of collector who goes by interiors over cover art when it comes to first appearances.

Some have mentioned she could reappear as Harpy who first appeared in Incredible Hulk #168. I just can’t see how that would fit into this story line but ya never know right?

Just look at that, the weekly reports turned into a Back Issue report all because of one stink’in book. I love it.

Next up in the Marvel lineup is the Ziggy Pig-Silly Seal Secret Variant. Not sure about the rest of you all but one of my local shops didn’t even order any of these.

Reaching as high as $40 with some other solds in the mid $30 range, this book has settled down to around the $15 range. So if you’re a Ziggy Pig and Silly Seal fan, now’s the time to buy if you couldn’t snag one of these. Might even come down a bit more.

I think over time this one won’t hold weight as a secret variant since it doesn’t have the coolness factor like the Venom #7 which has a nice cameo appearance of a new character.

Indie and Small Publisher

Ronin Island from BOOM! Studios was a new book out with Greg Pak writing and art from Giannis Milonogiannis.

Hasn’t necessarily heated up but most retailers show sold out for the covers that are not the regular cover. There’s a pretty sweet Anka cover and the 1:15 LaFuente variant.

If you missed out on the 1:15 variant, you can find these for less than the normal retail starting price of the ratio variants.

Keenspot released their parody of the popular Fortnite game called Fartnite. I was actually hoping to nab a copy cause the kid loves Fortnite but unfortunately my shop didn’t order these.

Anyways, not a lot of love on the secondary market despite most retailers showing these as sold out (all copies).

A few sales in the $7.99 range, which isn’t much of a profit if you buy at the $4.99 retail price these had.

The winner of the week that isn’t part of the big two goes to Astro Hustle, the variant B cover with a nice 80s style twist that resembles and old TOPPS baseball card individual pack.

These saw sales approaching the $20 range initially. The hype has died a bit and you can now find these in the $5 to $10 range.

Still not a bad pickup if you can find them. You can still find the regular cover Astro Hustle #1 at TFAW and other retailers for cover price.

And that ladies and gentlemen is your Week in Review! If I missed anything, I’m sorry in advance.

25 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for March 13th, 2019”

  1. What a sucky week. I did see Deadpool 10 caught a little heat, but mine sits on eBay at $15.

    “Anyone notice how these B covers for DC at Midtown are not only starting to get limited to 1 per customer but they knock off the 15% price reduction they usually have?”

    Yes, that’s been going on at least a month. I think they haven’t been offering their 15% discount to killer B covers or any other hot cover from marvel or DC.

    I found two Hulk 14 variants yesterday for $5 each…unfortunately they were VF/NM, but I still sold them both within minutes of posting on eBay for $15 and $20. So a little profit.

  2. Good Night did make a cameo at the end of the first issue. He’s seen in an alleyway, but covered in darkness. He used some dude’s blood that he killed to write Good Night on the alley wall.

  3. yall hear about the “what if…?” animated anthology series in development for disney+? sounds like it would be a really cool show and apparently one of the stories they plan to adapt is what if loki found thor’s hammer (#47, 1st series).

    doesn’t sound like much of anything has actually been confirmed but mycomicshop’s price on FN copies of what if…? #47 went from $3 to $15 literally overnight. i’d say it’s a good book to keep an eye out for when going through back issues bins at your lcs. probably a ton of them out there for dirt cheap. and prices haven’t jumped yet on the ‘bay.

  4. Thanks for the weekly update Poyo. I always look forward to it. Also, Thanks for the dig at the Posers. 🙂 I have no idea how that company stays in business. Stopped ordering from them long ago.

  5. Hulk 16 is the book for me, as it is her first full. Market may not be there yet, but if she does appear in Immortal, that should be the book the market will turn to.

    1. Market works in mysterious ways. I didn’t mention issue 16 cause issue 15 is where it seems more are leaning towards in terms of value. Hulk issue #16 is certainly gaining traction with some sales flirting towards the $30 range but issue 15 is certainly seeing sales over the $50 mark.

      For those interested, here is the appearance in issue 15.. it’s a back page splash appearance.. there’s dialogue, in full costume and we know her name..

      Let the debates begin.. 🙂

      1. Very true in the market. I can rarely read it correctly, and have 14 variant and 16, but have yet to find 15. Oh well, $30 is fine for me 😀

        I think another reason why people are gravitating towards 15 is the CGC label. From what I have seen, it shows it as her first. So unless that changes a la Jessica Cruz, it will probably be the go to for now.

        1. Well, theoretically it is her “1st Appearance” since we have a name, full costume and dialogue. Issue 16 is her “1st Full Appearance”. This is why I wish someone, somewhere would create the standards. Seems everyone has their own standards to how appearances are classified.

          I’ve used this example in the past but if you ask Brubaker when Winter Soldier made his first appearance, he’ll tell you it was in issue #1 (which was just shadows and I think an arm or hand in a pane for Winter Soldier). First time we see face, know his name, etc was in issue #6.

            1. I think there’s 3 main types of appearances in comic books. Here’s how I classify them myself (or perhaps a good standard).

              First Appearance requirements:

              1. You can see their face
              2. You can see part of or the entire costume (or clothes)
              3. They’re named or we know their name
              4. There is dialogue (unless they can’t speak, you know, animals, etc)

              A Cameo Appearance is:

              1. Shadow or small glimpse of character (body part only, etc), not fully detailed, partial or no face shown.
              2. Don’t know their name yet.
              3. Very brief appearance within the book, like one art pane, in the background out of focus.
              4. No dialogue or very brief or small amount of dialogue.

              First Full Appearance is:

              1. Everything in 1st Appearance
              2. In more than just a few art panes in the book, not a background type character
              3. Engaged more with other characters.

              1. that’s a good solid breakdown. i don’t think there’s as much actual disagreement over terms and definitions as there is overall inconsistency in which one fans deem to be more important for any particular character.

                i’ll refrain from ranting about cap marv #14 vs cap marv #17 vs ANMNPO #1 anymore but it’s a good example of the inconsistency. usually not too hard for us all to settle on which issue is the cameo, the 1st app, or the 1st full, but it seems to be getting more impossible to predict which of those the market will choose as the One.

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