Girl With No Name – Huge Surge for Support

Just received this news from Legion M about the surge in support for the new Girl With No Name that was reported yesterday.

From the press release update:
Good morning. It’s worth noting that within the first 24 hours of Fan-Owned Legion M’s “Girl With No Name” Kickstarter presale campaignnearly 500 backers have already pledged more than $34,800exceeding the campaign’s original goal by 580%. This is a case study in the making exhibiting the power of fandom and what is being accomplished by an entertainment company owned, supported and driven by fans.
“Girl With No Name” was developed by an all-star female creative team that is introducing the birth of a gunslinger and a brand-new hero–The Girl–to the world. 
As a reminder, early backers of the “Girl With No Name” comic book will have the opportunity to be brought into development conversations for the franchise’s feature film project through virtual creative meetings with Legion M and Co-Op Entertainment’s Laura Ivey (“Walking Out,” “Ithaca”) and Tanya Wexler (“Hysteria”). This unique opportunity supports Legion M’s mission to provide fans with intimate access to Hollywood and give them a seat at the creative table.

6 thoughts on “Girl With No Name – Huge Surge for Support”

  1. Cant help but think there is some heavy duty Clint Eastwood influence with this. The man with no name – Fistful of Dollars? For a Few Dollars More? I can’t remember which one he had no name.

    1. I believe the ‘man with no name’, as it pertains to Eastwood, was a trilogy of movies with one of them being ‘The Good, The Bad and the Ugly’. The movies were unrelated storywise, but featured Clints MWNN in all of them as the protagonist.

  2. “No Name” is not the in title, its a series of three films by Sergio Leone – Spaghetti Westerns – Fistful of Dollars, A Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

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