Mel V’s Variants of the Week for March 20, 2019

What Up CHU? Mel V back in the building with another round of Variants of the Week for 3/20/2019. Big week, let’s jump right in.

Avengers No Road Home #6 1:100 Incentive by Alex Ross – Alex Ross has always been  a legendary artist. People have mixed feeling about Conan on the Avengers .  I think short term would be fine… long term I don’t think he should be in the 616. Either way this cover is great and its cool to see him with the Avengers

Batman Vol 3 #67 Variant by Dave Johnson – So the solicits say “NEW FOE” When I opened the book I saw an old foe but with a new look (not new but older look) Could it be 1 of the 3 ? That’s my spoiler free hit… check it out let me know what ya think

Bitter Root #5 by Ben Oliver – If your not reading Bitter Root you should be. I’ll say that every time an issue drops. This is a beautiful Ben Olver cover to snag to my Bitter Root collection

Captain Marvel Vol 9 #3 by David Mack – David Mack does it again, I always dug his water color styles, he has a lot of covers I’m trying to hunt down. Including this one, I will be picking this one up no doubt

Conspiracy (Zenescope) #4 Social Media by Sheldon Goh – This Cover says a lot if you are into Conspiracy type things ..Its on my list because I find it very intriguing

Rise (Scout Comics) #1 Cover B BY Don Aguillo – Good Friend James Haick said this book was fantastic I can’t wait to read it.

Teen Titans Vol 6 #28 Cover By Mico Suayan – Sick Deathstroke cover, interesting to see how this storyline plays out as well

Venom Vol 4 #12 Cover By Ryan Stegman – This is a very well done rendition of Spider-Man vs Venom. I will add this to the collection tomorrow

4 thoughts on “Mel V’s Variants of the Week for March 20, 2019”

  1. Mack is on my HIT LIST if the LCS doesn’t put it in my PULL . I recently order a Captain Marvel print from him which only 250 were made. I got print #3. 🙂 He made another of just 100. I’ll buy it from him on Friday.

  2. Got that Bitter Root cover. Oliver has some SICK covers coming out in June. His Art has grown on me. That Mack and Venom will be nice to add to the collection.

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