Spoilers: Venom #12 Dylan’s History, Are We Getting Kid Venom?

Venom #12 is in stores tomorrow. We get a glimpse at Dylan’s history. And it is weird. Plus, a new dynamic for Venom. 

First up, we get Anne Weiling on Eddie’s doorstep.

Seems that his conception was a little…. immaculate.

Seems like when this happened, Dylan happened.

It happened in Venom Sinner Takes All #3.

She gives him a name.

After last issue, Dylan was on the road with Eddie’s dad. And he is classy as ever.

Until Venom steps in.

He rescues Dylan and takes him back to the hospital.

Venom mostly ignores Dylan until he gives a reason for his leaving.

But wait…..

Eddie is not in the symbiote and it can talk again….

And off it goes.

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