Spoilers: Superman, Did DC Really Just Do That?

Action Comics #1009 is in stores tomorrow. It has my WTF moment of the week. The solicitation for the issue follows:

As clandestine organizations-both good and evil-continue to fall, the official countdown to one of the biggest stories in DC history begins here! Clark Kent and Lois Lane go undercover to find out who is behind the destruction of the Kobra cult, the DEO and some of the greatest organizations in the DC Universe. As the threat of Leviathan looms over everything, the Man of Steel must trust Amanda Waller with his biggest secret: his identity as Clark Kent! All bets are off and all rules will be broken as Leviathan has come to change the DC Universe forever.

So Lois lays out the clandestine nature of it….

And discusses who they think Amanda Waller may be.

And Lois’ plan is hatched.

And Superman does not seem to like the idea.

But it is Kryptonite technology, what is not to love…

Oh… Well… that is different.

29 thoughts on “Spoilers: Superman, Did DC Really Just Do That?”

    1. It was click bait up until the last spoiler panel and then you see why I wrote what I did. This spoiler is brought to you by the letters W, T, and F. I guess with the news of what is going on in the Virginia Governor’s scandal and the Lieutenant Governor, DC editorial would have thought twice.

    1. Nah man, that’s the best name ever! It would have been better if he was drawn with a dope ass afro! I secretly wish I could grow a fro or I would totally do it.

  1. Off topic but did u all see Stranger comics Asunda properties are going to be developed by hbo? Pretty cool, remember Sebastian Jones talking about possible tv options at a con a while ago, Nice to see movement on it

    1. Thanks to Nick at Key Collector for sharing this. Chaz, many may know, is Cher’s son. (Chaz Bono transitioned many years ago). Donen is the last name of Josh Donen, who Cher dates. Any chance Bendis is a big Cher fan?

  2. So what was the spoiler? I don’t get it.

    As an aside, I really don’t like Bendis’ artists he keeps using. Bendis, Gaydos and this guy are fine in small doses, but it always brings back nightmares of how they tried to make every ’00s Marvel comic into an indie title with boring artwork.

    1. African American Superman. Basically Bendis is doing “black face” with Superman. Kinda odd with this kind of behavior being in the news DC would run it.

  3. I’m not seeing it honestly. The coloring is consistent from the previous panels and with Lois. It does look exactly like Bradley Cooper in American Hustle however, like Bendis previously said.

    1. Could be. Remains to be seen what Bendis’ intention is. Now I am now saying there is a controversy, just noting that if he was going that route it may not be the best timing.

  4. DC big wigs flip out over the bat wang and then they go and put Supes in black face. Smh. I could care less, but seriously, what were they thinking?

  5. Superman was fine when Tomasi was writing it. Nobody is really talking about this Bendis run on Superman. Superman has always been hit or miss for me. The John Byrne era is my favorite. Dan Jurgens was cool. The Jeph Loeb stuff was pretty dope. A name alone should not granted keys to Superman. Bendis has not written anything solid in a long time. Sometimes I wish they would just take Superman off the map for a while until they can figure out a better way to deal with him. He should be in a different space as a character.

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