Mel V.’s Variants of the Week for March 27, 2019

What Up CHU? Mel V back in the building with another round of Variants of the Week for 3/27/2019. Here is what I am feeling this week.

Batman Beyond Vol 6 #30 Cover B Variant Ben Oliver – Yeah buddy! I’m really starting to enjoy Ben Oliver’s work as of late. This cover is a must for me.

Fantastic Four Vol 6 #8 Cover D Incentive Bill Sienkiewicz Variant Cover – The Sienkiewicz variants will make a nice set put together. This variant should help bring some attention to the other variants he has done for this series.

Martian Manhunter Vol 5 #4 Cover B Variant Joshua Middleton Cover – I’m really digging the Middleton run on these Manhunter covers, don’t sleep on these

Marvel Rising #1 Cover C Incentive Peach Momoko Variant Cover – Looks like this is the aftermarket winner of the week. This is gonna be hell to find, good luck in the battle field

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (BOOM Studios) #37 Cover by  Miguel Mercado Cover – Can’t tell ya whats going on in this book but I’m loving these helmet covers

Sabrina The Teenage Witch #1 Cover B Variant Stephanie Buscema Cover – everyone chasing the Hughes, this could be a sleeper. It should be easy to find for the collection

Star Bastard #1 Cover B by Jethro Morales – I has a chance to read a preview for issue 1… hilarious issue. Definitely check this out!

Transformers Vol 4 #2 by Ron Joseph – Megatron variants always look good.. I’m on it

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  1. I asked my LCS for the Momoko variant a while back. I am a big fan of hers and 2 years ago had her do me several commissions in my sketchbook. She gots more coming soon.

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