Final Order Cut-Off Highlights for 4/1/19

Final Order Cut-Off is the last day that shops can guarantee their orders for comics. After Final Order Cut-Off, or FOC, these books will only be available to retailers on Advance Reorder. And that is not guaranteed. So here are the highlights for Monday, 4/1/19’s FOC list.

Huge week with great books. Check them out.


DOCTOR STRANGE #13 – Galactus was shuttled off to a different dimension in the last issue. The dimension was a buffet for him. Dr. Strange goes in to return him.

IMMORTAL HULK #16 2ND PRINT – Yes, going back for a second print before it even comes out. As does the second print variant (yes I ordered one as soon as it was announced.) Torn on the flip or to keep the 1st print and second print 1:25 variants.

THANOS #1 – Thanos gets a new miniseries by Tini Howard, Ariel Olivetti, and cover artist Jeff Dekal. The 1:25 ZAFFINO VARIANT and the 1:50 PAREL VARIANT could be good pick ups.

VENOM #13 – Now that Venom is separated from Eddie Brock it will be interesting to see him on his own. This is a War of the Realm tie in so we won’t get our normal Donny Cates goodness. Cullen Bunn says he has surprises in store though

STAR WARS VADER DARK VISIONS #3 1:25 PUTRI VARIANT– This series has been awesome. The covers have been great too. This issue features a great 1:25 cover by Yasmine Putri. Could be hard to find.

CONAN THE BARBARIAN #4 2ND PTG ZAFFINO VARIANT – Sweet 2nd print cover with a skeletal Conan.


BATGIRL #34 VAR ED – Joshua Middleton returns to Batgirl!

BATMAN BEYOND #31 VAR ED – Ben Oliver’s awesome cover shows off an awesome portrait.

WONDER WOMAN #69 VAR ED – David Finch provides cover art for this one. Another Wonder Woman killer B.


ASCENDER #1 – the second volume of the Descender saga begins. Jeff Lemire’s spiraling space drama was originally optioned before the first issue of the first series came out. Hopefully something will come of it.

GHOST TREE #1 – Seeking a refuge from an unhappy life, Brandt returns to his ancestral home in Japan to find a haunted tree and the departed souls that are drawn to it, including his Grandfather. Brandt attempts to heal some of history’s wounds but will he be able to find any measure of peace for himself when someone special from his past returns?

JUGHEAD HUNGER VS VAMPIRONICA #1 – I have become a sucker for Archie horror books. Campy, fun, and some great covers. The Werewolf Jughead is even rumored to be on Sabrina next season but we have to wait until April to find out. Check out the Hack Variant, mocked up like an old VHS movie box. Love it.

DARK RED #2 – Speaking of vampires, the new vampire series from Aftershock by Tim Seeley kicked butt. check it out.

ICE CREAM MAN #12 CVR B – Tula Lotay provides a great cover for the creepy horror series.

REPLACER GRAPHIC NOVELLA – The 1990’s. Tragedy strikes the Beharrell family in the form of a debilitating stroke. Now the youngest child in the family is convinced his paralyzed father didn’t truly fall ill but is pos-sessed by something sinister. He believes a demon- THE REPLACER- has come to take away his jolly- agreeable- tech-obsessed Dad. But no one seems to see the monster – and with every passing day- his father falls deeper into the clutches of evil. Based on Zac Thompson’s true story of coming to terms with a disabled parent- THE RE-PLACER is a complete 64-page graphic meditation on loss- tragedy and fear told through the eyes of a nine-year-old – a horror tale about learning to walk again- even if a demon has to teach you how to do it. A bizarre mashup of IT- The Exorcist and The Diving Bell and The Butterfly- with stunning visuals by Arjuna Susini (Made Men)- THE REPLACER is not for the faint of heart.

BLACK HAMMER AGE OF DOOM #10 CVR B – I love Black Hammer. I love Michel Fiffe’s work. Great combination.

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  1. Is the Jughead / Vampironica Hack cover may be a swipe of this old An American Werewolf in London poster.

    What do you think?

  2. TFAW had two different 2nd prints for Immortal Hulk #16 up last week, I ordered copies of both. Who knows what I’ll get.

    1. Different prints? It has sold out and gone to 2nd Print but if you ordered two different you should get the 1st Print this week and the 2nd Print on 4/24

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