Throwback Thursday

Today we go way back to 1964 where we are introduced to Black Widow who made her First Appearance in Tales of Suspense #52.

Out of reach for most collectors, this is a key issue. Also interesting is that Black Widow (Madame Natasha) starts off as a villain or an antagonist primarily towards Tony Stark as Iron Man.

Black Widow later on recruits Hawkeye to help her cause against Tony Stark and as a spy for Russia but it’s later determined she was brainwashed, eventually becoming a member of the Avengers (that happened in The Avengers #111) after several recurring roles in helping them after the KGB tried to have her killed, which also got Hawkeye involved with the Avengers himself.

In The Amazing Spider-Man #86 we saw Black Widow get a new black costume which also has her with shoulder length red hair. This is more of the norm we’re all accustomed to seeing her in nowadays.

Black Widow has been around for quite some time with such a rich history in our Marvel timeline and being now that she’s such a huge part of the MCU, I don’t see her going away anytime soon either.

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  1. Been contemplating getting a low grade of this book for the PC, but I think my next big purchase will be a Giant Size X-Men #1….. unless a non falling apart low grade of this shows up kinda cheap. Still, classic book all the way!

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