MARVELous Monday

Happy Tax Day for you American readers and welcome back to another MARVELous Monday. The random pick or find of some awesome Silver, Bronze or Copper age Marvel book.

This week it’s going to be a brief MARVELous Monday.

The book I’m covering this week is Avengers #122 which I found in a back issue bin for about a buck or two.

I was surprised it was in as great condition as it was with just some a few spine creases but overall the rest of the book was in great condition.

Issue #122 is a continuation from the previous issue #121 and #120, where the Avengers and members of the Zodiac were shot into outer space by the Zodiac Cartel leader Taurus after the Cartel made plans to attack the Avengers to plot their world domination.

During the battle, Libra (part of the Zodiac Cartel) decides to help the Avengers get back to Earth later revealing he helped them due to the fact that Mantis (first appearance was in Avengers #112) is his daughter.

I wish I had more but I didn’t get a chance to read the entire story line, just getting most of the story from the synopsis solicitations.

Despite this being a more brief MARVELous Monday, it really is fun finding these old issues to bring forth each week at random.

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