Wednesday Open Forum


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 235th edition of the open forum!

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

152 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. grabbed 3 copies each of the naomi final printings, and preordered a 9.8 of issue #5. i know people are getting naomi’ed out but with 30 days till issue 5 comes out theres nothing to stop the price rises and hype. with a 1st print cover A of issue 1 selling at auction today for 125 feels like this is gonna be a long ride

    1. Earlier 1 issue second printings selling for 15.00, did not get any. Did how ever snag 3 number 5’s. Hopefully that book does some damage. Hopefully the Character stays strong with story moving forward.

    1. Well I had a late start tonight because I’m off tomorrow for my birthday. I have a lot of work at my job to get complete it so I didn’t get to the spoiler spot until later in the evening. On my way home so give me a little bit a time and I will get it written up

    2. We spoiled that one a couple weeks ago. First full appearance of the new “Savage” Venom!!!! The cover art for issue #15 looks a lot like “Savage” Venom in the shadows turned to the side. I half expect to see new art swapped out for #14’s cover later this week or next and a Full Cover appearance for the Second Printing of 13. Then it’d be a race to see if 13 Second or 14 First arrives First for the title of first cover.

  2. Picked up a CGC 9.8 Swamp Thing 49 for the awesome cover for cheap now that the Justice League Dark spec has died.

  3. Walmart 100-pagers for April are out. Looks like I missed out on the Titans book since that one hasn’t yet appeared at the Walmart that I go to. I assume it was released, though, since the other five books have been released.

    1. Yes it is. I bought one for $11 plus shipping early today. Right after the post came out tonight, they canceled the order. Negative feedback coming for that seller.

    2. I snagged this one. I had an eye on since FOC. I waited when it was shown during a presale earlier tonight…..kept thinking about it. Almost lost it…then pulled the Triggge on it! 👍Got it for ratio cover. Hopefully it does well.

  4. Looking over the Marvel Previews today (easily double the size of DCs) & I just kept thinking to myself “What a bunch of junk & fluff!”. Don’t get me wrong, I love this hobby of ours..I’m not a “hater”…but I counted roughly 28ish new titles/one shots/annuals that all just seemed to be “Order fillers”. It’s not even a money gripe per se. If I want a book I’ll buy it/find a way. The majority of this stuff seemed so uninspired/boring though. I get that everyone has different tastes as well.
    Books that never seem to sell well have annuals? Characters that can barely sustain their ongoing title with one shots or giant sized issues?
    Is July a traditionally insanely heavy month & I just never noticed?
    At any rate, I know many of you on here own & work at shops. It’s likely just par for the course, but this previews really seemed crazy awful to me. Some people are likely “wow..look at all these comics this month!” Let me know if I’m wrong & it’s same ole same ole. I find our hobby & the logistics fascinating.

    1. I posted the numbers a few days ago but it comes down to Marvel has over 250 covers coming out and DC has about 104 covers for July for comics. Marvel does new covers for second printings and has lots of second printings so I expect Marvel may be over 300 covers by the time the invoices hit the file cabinets.

      “Is July a traditionally insanely heavy month & I just never noticed?”
      There was an article, maybe at CBR that was explaining that Marvel and DC are dealing with their multi million dollar loses by heading in different directions. DC’s cutting qty drastically while Marvel’s apparently going with the shotgun approach and increasing production trying to make up for lost volume in qty with increased qty in diversity. Only time will tell who survives the decade if either do and in what shape. Another of the top 5, IDW is losing millions also. Image is cutting back on new titles but claims it by store request and offering some additional store incentives to try and encourage additional purchasing.

      1. DD and BJ, I burned my toast engrossed by your posts! Oatmeal instead. Asked one of my LCS about his opinions on comics future…he was a tad bleak. Others dont think print is dying soon. Been kicking the idea of buying a box truck and advertising like other guys who buy out “firesale” comics from closing stores. Happy Birthday Anthony.

      2. Image cut back just in the nick of time, I was ready to dump getting #1s entirely because they simply had too much. It was impossible to discern any that looked good from the crap.

    2. I think it’s because it’s Summer.
      Marvel must think kids still read comics and will be bored on Summer vacation. Or just people in general on vacation needing extra stuff to read?
      I love Marvel but they’re definately pumping out too many books.
      Less is more Marvel.

  5. Only the 2 Thanos Zaffino variants for me, nothing for me tomorrow. I’m going to Awesome Con in DC this weekend so I’m saving up some extra cash.

  6. Lord I hate CBSI. The site is utterly worthless for spec, and even if you don’t mind them just posting covers they like all day, the people writing the articles act like douchelords in the comments. I always feel unpleasant visiting CBSI and frankly don’t care to ever go back.

    1. I agree. Not all of them, but some of their writers act like big a-holes if you disagree with them. I called out the one guy Topher cause he was claiming Young Justice #1 was really Naomi’s 1st appearance and he flipped on me calling me a troll and all sorts of other shit. Then they deleted most of the posts and said that it never happened. They told me that I was rude. What a joke. CHU is 100x better than CBSI anyway.

      1. I got called out yesterday by a CBSI member because I used Comichron to source print run numbers. 🤷‍♂️🤣 CBSI are now, and always have been, for the sheep. And yes, the writers can be an extremely sensitive lil group.

          1. Idk. Koi Pie took my reference to Comichron print numbers as literal. When I stated that Naomi #1s Comichron number was 25,252, he balked that that number was not exactly precise. No shit. It is the best and only source we have for print runs.

            1. The only people who know the precise numbers work for DC Comics and they don’t like to share for some reason. Comichron is really all we have.

              1. This is the type of thing that has me excited. I’m a big 50 year old kid in a small town that used to have 4 spin racks for comics when I was a kid back in the 70’s and 80’s. When I was in school the rich kids had their clubs for learning about and trading stock with their parents money and consent. I’m thinking how do you get todays kids to PUT DOWN THE GAMES & PHONES and pick up a comic. Years of direct communication, excitement, general happiness and such hasn’t really made a dent. The movies aren’t making a dent although they do encourage toy and figure sales some.

                Now I’m starting to think sites like this one could be worked into a school program to give kids the tools they need to research, buy, package, ship and sell comics as a spec hobby that as they grow they could maybe turn into something more. Actual hands on meetings with school club type setups where you go over everything once a week or even just once a month including hands on from grading and caring for books, to storing them, to how to package and ship safely using no/low cost methods, etc…

                How to take your allowance and turn it into a PS4.

                Like you’re talking about above, which sites are idiots with bad spec, who’s hollering BUY in a crowded theater without sales data to back it up, etc..

                Maybe one day you have a TEEN SPEC regular column mixed in added by teen investor clubs in your own communities.

                New blood coming in to take some $10 books off your hands today and maybe in a few years chasing the books-ina-box market deals. Maybe pair them up with some stores for Club Discounts, etc…

                Take something like Venom 13. So what if it only lasts a few issues before it’s out of regular use. There are action figures and statues right now in greater qty than some characters that have had less appearances than that. Sometimes it goes the other way like when those DC Bombshells statues inspired years of comic issues. If the book becomes a $10 book and stays there for a while or longer great!! That’s still potentially doubling your money or more if you bought early. Occasionally maybe the kids hit on a stack of Immortal Hulk #2’s or Naomi 1A’s and fund things a little more substantial.

                1. BJ: the younger generation doesn’t think much about comics. They have other interests.

                  I host either a MTG tournament every Saturday or a YU-Gi-Oh! One For the local kids. I charge 5 dollars entry fee and winner gets money as well as a second and third place prize. I have found that 90% of the time these kids turn around and buy either an action figure or a comic with that money. It’s also a nice way to bounce ideas off kids to see what they do or don’t like.

                  My point is find something the local kids are interested in and cater to it so it draws people into your shop.

                2. I have done basically this at one of the local Libraries for years .. not really to get youngsters into spec, which is always hit or miss, but to enrich their understanding of this Medium, it’s History and Legacy on American and Worldwide Culture .. I hand out free age appropriate Comics and sometimes have a costume contest, or a showing of an old TV series once a week like the ’60’s Batman / Linda Carter Wonder Woman / Hulk / etc .. if they become a Customer, it’s just a bonus ..

                  Any shop owner worth their salt that has been around any length of time, will tell you that the idea is to Grow the Market .. they will also tell you that the Market ebbs and flows over the years ..

                  Comics are, first and foremost, a Hobby and should be treated as such .. Buy What You Like and Enjoy It .. if you can make a few shekel’s doing it, that’s a bonus ..

                  Those that specialize in spec are those that will leave the Hobby the quickest when a buck can’t be made .. Shops are looking for a long term commitment and relationship ..

                3. When it comes to comics, this is the actual order I fall in on personal level:

                  1. Reader
                  2. Collector
                  3. Speculator

                  When I have time, I enjoy reading comics more than collecting and speculating. Now, most of my speculating shines on CHU, cause that’s one of the primary focuses of the website. My actual collection is getting smaller due to books I’ve read and don’t consider long term holds for cherishing years from now. I think my collecting is going to start focusing more on the silver, bronze and copper age more than anything else. But ultimately I just like talking comics so that’s why I’m here and that’s why I get involved with CHU. I wanna help people make money but also just share what I think is great reads as well. Everyone should know that my picks sometimes aren’t based on if they’re going to heat up but if they’re just gonna provide some entertainment value to our lives.

                4. There is nothing wrong with that at all .. it’s been done for hundreds, if not thousands of years with many objects of Man’s Desire .. 😉

                5. I was a reader when I started back in the 80’s. Which turned me into a collector in the 90s. Which lead to me speculating in 2000s and now I am all of that plus a retailer. I enjoy ur site, keep up the good work!

                  We all have our passions and reasons for doing what we do. Nothing wrong in that as long as we treat each other with respect

                6. I remember myself as a kid dreaming of potential speculation later. The primary source back then was the middle double page Mile High comics inserts telling us what older comics were selling for. I bought books I loved and some I read the covers off like Uncanny X-Men 136. I was never able to get 137 until 2010 though. I feel like a kid again now but imagine what I could have done in the early 80’s with a source of information like this and some other sites telling me which issues to stock pile extras of like say GI JOE #1, Wolverine #1, Secret Wars 8, all the early black suit Spider-mans. you might even have talked me into a DC book that wasn’t a team book other than Firestorm.

                  I think the biggest difference is back then it was a keep them long term general thinking to get that value. I see things today blowing up instantly and in some cases I can’t even imagine WHY? I bought FINAL PRINTINGS of Naomi 1 to 3 just to build cheap sets for the people who want to read without the expense and before I can even get the door open today I’ve already sold sets for more than double cover plus shipping.

                  Exciting, but insane!!!!!

                7. A crystal ball would always come in handy .. I’d be retired and living in Maui ..

                  The Web has been both a curse and a blessing .. gone are the days where many customers come in with a list of back issues .. more likely than not, now a days, a person I’ve never seen comes in simply looking for the Hot Book of the Week ..

                  Books get heat and then cool .. much like other things, such as single MTG cards .. sometimes, there are longer term winners, but I think that’s the exception, not the rule ..

                  The flipping market is for you younger folks .. at 74, I just don’t have the willpower, stamina, speed and agility that it takes .. that in and of itself, keeps at least one competitor away from the rest of you .. 🙂

                8. Lol. I get that a lot of flippers will come in looking for hot books. Honestly some of the books I don’t think people care about or would have looked for anyway. I would rather a new reader get a book thank a flipper, partially because it brings more buyers to the market place.

                9. Like I always like to say, Expanding the Market is good for all of us .. no matter what role each of us plays within the Hobby .. that’s the key to longevity ..

                10. Comics are too expensive for children, these days. I believe that you would be better off trying to get young adults or teenagers to read and/or collect comics. You need to reach a market
                  with a somewhat disposable income and the ability to comprehend some of the convoluted stories that take place in todays books. I dont think younger children have those two abilities. I definitely see some younger adults (20-25) at the comic shops and cons rifling through boxes, mind you, I do understand that it is mostly guys 30+ in this hobby at the moment.

                11. I agree with you JayClue that comics are priced out of range for children. But How do you draw thier attention to the industry? I think thats where a comic shop owner comes into play in expanding the base. We are here to provide a service to our hobby by promoting comics. if i have to buy 200 fcbd spidermans / avengers / spawns and set aside some for my Saturday tournaments then thats what i do. They play thier games, read some books and later on down the road hopefully they still enjoy the comic book medium. And while i agree we need to reach the demography with disposable income, we also need to be forward thinking. Alot of these people with disposable income also have kids. How nice is it when a comic shop sees your child and says ” here is a free comic, i hope you enjoy”

                  Its sad to say, but i feel that most of the shops in my area are greedy S.O.B.’s who are either disenfranchised with the industry or just plain Dicks. These shops arent child friendly and i think that hurts the industry.

                  But this is a philosophic debate for another thread i suppose.

                12. I can not argue with your assessment, Mike.
                  I believe that the younger kids who cant afford regular comics on a weekly basis are not strangers to the characters, as they are exposed to these great characters through other mediums. But yes, how do you transition those younger children who love the character, into a young adult who buys, reads and collects comic books? We should all hand out FCBD comics et al, on Hallowe’en. I wonder if that would be effective to reach the masses. Put some sort of candy taped in the middle of the book. The kid reads the book and gets their candy. 🤔

      2. I love when people point out when I’m wrong cause that’s like a majority of the time anyways (you can ask the wife too, she says I’m wrong 100% of the time).. Why would anyone listen to a chicken anyways? 😛

      3. How do we know you’re not really a troll though? Can you post a picture of yourself so we can all judge whether you are or not based on your looks.. 😛

    2. They have a few gems every once in awhile. I never posted comments there because I do agree with you, they can be asshats at times when u don’t agree with them. But all in all they are good people. As some one who try’s to stay current I find this site and the Facebook page more relevant these days. (That and I also like posting here )

      1. Most of them there seem like they’re good people. It’s just a few of them, like Topher, who act like their shit don’t stink. The info here on CHU is way better.

  7. happy birthday some cake bro.i will eat cake in your honor.not picking up much this week.maybe going to awesome con.but next week I have akevin smith siging and then the week after tht is comicspalooza grant ghuston if anyone needs a signed kevin smith or gtrantghuston book hit me up
    love you guys blind adam out

  8. I nabbed the Amber Blake RI Nodet variant for cover. Unfortunately it has some spine creases (which they all seem to have due to the magazine size and being so thin) but there’s also a small tear on bottom cover. Regardless, it will still likely fetch a pretty dollar..

    Neither shop had Naomi final printings though. One shop just didn’t order them (which is beyond me, it’s like a guaranteed sale right now) and the other I think just yanked theirs.. you probably know who I’m talking about.. ABC loves to yank hot books (I bet they read CHU, come one, someone from ABC make a comment and deny you yank hot books to sell at premium before anyone has a chance at grabbing them). They supposedly yanked all the BG23 Middleton’s, played like they were shorted but a reader here spotted a nice stack of them in the warehouse section for employees only weeks after they were on sale.

  9. Btw, did anyone else notice what Marvel did with the Thanos #1 blank variants? I love that they added a thin film cover to them to keep them shiny and clean…. kudos to Marvel on that!

    1. I don’t generally order Blanks since they do tend to come in scuffy or worse. Is this plastic layer going to get damaged easily or be in the way of artists working? I always thought a polybag option that could be removed when the art was needed would work.

  10. Happy Birthday Anthony! Hope you have a great day and appreciate all you do on the site (you to Poyo)!

    Good week of pick ups:
    Vader Dark Visions #3 (Cover A)
    Doctor Aphra #31 (Cover A)
    Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #42
    Venom #13
    Thanos #1 (Zaffino variant in NM+ for cover)

    Spec pick ups this week
    Justice League #20 (2 Right side variants + 1 Left side variant all for cover)
    West Coast Avengers #9 + #10 (2 copies of each all for cover price)
    Exiles #1 (Valkyrie Design variant for $5)

    Good hunting everyone!

  11. Happy Birthday Anthony! get to celebrate with NCBD too..

    My pickups this week:

    Ascender #1
    Detective Comics #1002 x2
    Electric Black #1A&B
    Justice League Annual #1
    Justice League #22
    Neon Future #2A
    Queen of Bad Dreams #1B variant cover
    Venom #13 x 2

  12. Just finished Heroes in Crisis #8 which explains it all and my only thought is, why wasn’t this issue #3 of a 4 issue series?

      1. What’s worse is it represents my largest single advertising campaign with a $400 ad for issue #1 in a newspaper. At least DC COOP money reimbursed half. I’m sitting here thinking, if I was going to time travel 5 days in the future to get my own dead body and time travel back 5 days to drop it off, why not just time travel back 30 minutes and stop yourself from making the mess in the first place? At least that would have saved me $200 plus unsold stock of a story that wouldn’t have needed telling.

  13. Sheesh, I called one of the comic shops I go to regularly…Still isn’t open yet (west coast) to see if they could hold a Naomi final set for me since I won’t be able to get out until later and they are already sold out!…Before they even open! For a third print? I know this book is still hot but I would think the final prints may have a higher print run compared to the last set of reprints. I may re-visit these after the mini series is over and before they do more with the Character. Might (maybe) be a few month window where excitement and prices settle/cool for a bit.

  14. Billion dollar Opening weekend forecast. Over 100 million in China already. You’d think we could get some spoiler spec already even if we have to have it translated.

  15. Dear Mr Anthony and Mr Poyo / and all others Associated with CHU ..

    I want to say that I am very glad that I stumbled upon your Site .. although I don’t actively flip books, reading the various commentaries is always nice .. and it keeps an old Comic Retailer much more up to date with what’s happening ..

    This site has a solid, more down home feel to it, and the passion with which many demonstrate as it relates to our Shared Interest is top notch .. it is always quite gratifying ..

    If I had a wish, it would be for a more Traditional Forum style site, where quotes could be made, photos posted, Threads started, etc ..

    At any rate, thank you for what you do .. Willie

    1. There is a lot of good conversation on here for sure, but once that flip bug gets ya you won’t recover!… It gets addicting and fun if you don’t go overboard and let it take control.

      1. I started flipping during the “phantom variant” phase of comics like 10 years ago. Certain retailers turned me off to it. I’m back though so anything can happen.

      2. When I was a much younger man, back in the late ’80’s / early ’90’s, I was quite active in spec, flip, conventions, etc .. It was a different World back then, with no eBay and others .. I had my fair share, and now, I’m content to quietly run my Shop and vicariously read about you Young Turks and your acquisitions ..

          1. Jay, that could be a Clue .. 😉

            “Young hearts be free tonight. Time is on your side,
            Don’t let them put you down, don’t let ’em push you around,
            Don’t let ’em ever change your point of view.”

    2. The thing I love about this site is the lack of snark and down to earth feel. Other sites feel like you are visiting a place run and populated by a crowd of guys exactly like the comic shop guy from “The Simpsons”. Here, it’s just down to earth and relaxed, which I like.

      Also, since I am too lazy to respons to the other interesting thread on this post: I flip so I can afford to read more and invest in books that I never would have dreamed of owning before. First and foremost, though, it is all about the comics for me and if the market crashed tomorrow I would still be reading my x-men!

    3. Thanks Uncle Willie. The whole forum not being around yet is my fault for sure. Juggling day time job, other CHU stuff and then trying to really work out implementing stuff for site is time consuming. But once we get it up, I’m really hoping it’s a winner for you readers and commentors with more freedom to post stuff, not just in articles.

          1. That would be worth the cost of admission but I’m thinking maybe back with an old flame like Lylla. I could see a Phase 4 all critter flick with Howard, Rocket, Thorii, Throg, Lylla, Lockjaw, Cosmo and maybe that cat with the squidface Pop about to come out!!!! It may not do a billion dollars opening day but I’d bet it’s outdo some of the earlier DC efforts and make for a great set of Pop figures. Pet Avengers ASSEBLE!!!!!!!

            1. I’ll tell that professor Hulk might as well be the Totally annoyingly awesome Hulk. I also don’t really get how Dr. Strange couldn’t of fixed everything himself before giving the time stone to Thanos last movie

              1. Spec wise 1st Captain Marvel, 1st Nebula, 1st Rescue should see bumps as well as 1st Panther and 1st Scarlet Witch. Ronin spec is a dud what they show in the trailer is pretty much it. The other thing that someone mentioned here a couple days ago also happened and it was pretty awesome.

                1. Awesome spoiler free (practically) spec review, Alana. Thanks for the early insight, as always.

              2. Maybe the writer was getting input from whoever came up with Heroes in Crisis where a 30 minute trip to the past prevents 9 issues of a 5 days ahead trip into the future and back’s after affects based story.

  16. Pick ups today:

    New issues:

    Batman Beyon 31B (Oliver can draw BMB,man)
    Detective 1002B
    Ghost Tree #1 x2
    Naomi #1 Final Prt x2
    Thanos #1A (big fan of Dekal from Iron Fist)
    TB Darth Vader #1
    TB Star Wars #107
    Venom 13 A&B

    Spec/Flip Finds (@ cover unless noted)

    Silencer #15
    Incredible Hulk 315 ($4)
    Thor 390 Direct $12 (potential 9.8 shape!) $12!!
    Blue Beetle (2007) #12 x 2 (1sr Reach)
    Green Lantern (2010) #52 (first white lantern cover)

    1. I’m jealous on that Thor! Well done. I’ve been able grab every spec book related to the movie (that I’m aware of) for cheap, but no luck on that one.
      I am curious if there are a few surprises/spec books to come?
      I’ve enjoyed putting together a collection of books related to it (even if some don’t even come to fruition).

  17. Got off early today and went to the comic shop. Picked up the following books

    Venom #13 3 copies of both covers
    Naomi #3 2nd print since I missed the 1st print book.
    The ultimates #25 3 copies all in VF at $4.25 each
    The ultimates #26 2 copies all in VF at $4.25 each

    Should I sell now or wait till Avengers End Game comes out?

  18. Seeing a lot of Captain America #25 sell on Ebay. IF Sam Wilson does indeed become the next Captain America in the cinematic u people should be picking up CAPTAIN AMERICA SENTINEL OF LIBERTY #8 & 9. cameo and first time he becomes wears the uniform. Not sure how people are missing that.

      1. Well, the collector market will usually decide what is considered the “best” appearance when it comes to establishing key issues, but I don’t think most out there even know about Sentinel of Liberty 8 & 9.

    1. CAPTAIN AMERICA SENTINEL OF LIBERTY #8 is definitely the 1st appearance of Sam Wilson as Captain America. He even calls himself that.

  19. Is there any spec potential in voting a comic the WORST of ALL TIME?
    In a week where Marvel is possibly going to have claims for biggest and best of all time in a number of categories for a movie plowing towards a BILLION dollar opening weekend, DC gives us Heroes In Stupidity #8. It’s so bad the writers getting DEATH THREATS!!
    It’s been almost 24 hours since my one red thru of this but here’s what stands out in the keep it simple breakdown of the book.

    The Clinic is a PTSD Clinic for superheroes set up to provide complete anonymity and secrecy to the patients.

    Allegedly all the data collected is being destroyed into billions of particles and dispersed somehow.

    Why then would it need to have been collected in the first place?? You can’t just talk and treat without digital recordings?
    Apparently Wally West needs to know and can use super speed to gather up all those little bits.

    I’m not really buying that since my non computer literate self can’t imagine how that would actually work since it couldn’t come back digitally any faster than it left unless we believe the bits are actual physical pieces that could be gathered like lightning bugs on a summer evening.
    Apparently getting all this information back together and knowing all these secrets causes Wally to lose control and have a meltdown. Now one of the fastest men on earth only makes it about 100 feet or so out the front door while alarms are being triggered.

    I think I could have pulled off that without super speed.
    All the heroes in the building came running apparently no longer concerned about their secrecy in being there.
    BOOOM, SPEED FORCE EXPLOSION kills everyone.

    Tragic and an accident, worst case involuntary manslaughter.
    Here’s where stupidity really kicks into high gear.
    Instead of using his time travel abilities to go back in time 5 minutes to stop himself from doing what leads to the explosion, he time travels 5 DAYS into the future where he has now committed suicide, takes his own dead body back in time and places it at the scene of the accident.
    Now he goes thru all kinds of trouble to make all the deaths look like MURDER??????
    Then he goes even further and tries to FRAME Harley Quin and Booster Gold into looking like the other one did it so TWO MORE people would become victims of what was originally an accident.
    Last step in the plan was apparently to hide for 5 days before killing himself!!!!!!!
    Do we have another contender out there for this level of BAD???? It’s hard to believe with great DC books coming out like DCeased #1 next week which is really great story telling in my opinion and one of the best comics DC’s put out in years that the same people who oversee that allowed this story to ever come to print and if it had to, why they couldn’t have at least made him turn it into a 4 issue mini series so it didn’t sting so much. #8 has all the makings of a #3 (of 4) with nothing memorable happening in the prior 6 issues that couldn’t be condensed into 2.

    I hate bad mouthing a book I paid $400 on a single newspaper add to promote and have stacks of every issue still to sell but this was just bad. So BAD maybe it’s collectible for the BADNESS alone.

    1. Yeah, HIC might be one of the worst stories I’ve ever read in my life. Why did DC do this to Wally? Dan Didio and/or Tom King must really hate Geoff Johns.

      I want to sell this story on ebay, but who’s going to want to buy it?

      1. I loved the covers for the series. I almost want to cut the covers off and sell them without the rest of the book. Really hoping DC decides to make this series returnable like they did with Batman 50 after all the complaints.


    So I’m thinking of putting together a little package of Avengers Endgame type books as a bundle.

    I have Incredible Hulk #377 (1st app Professor Hulk)
    New Avengers #27 (1st app Hawkeye as Ronin)
    Silver Surfer #44 (1st Infinity Gauntlet)

    Hulk #377 has been getting some solid buzz with copes going for $25-40, new avengers #27 has cooled off staying under $20. But Silver surfer #44 is looking to explode. A month ago, you could probably find a NM for $30. Right now, its hitting $45-70 raw. 9.8 hitting $300+ Definitely the hotter of the Avengers Endgame spec. Anyone know of any other good Endgame books?

  21. Any chance of getting a separate page for Avengers movie spec and spoil comments? Just sold my Avengers 12 for over $32 counting shipping. I’ve seen a toy that appears to duplicate what that covers showing also. If 12’s going to keep climbing I might yank my copy out of my personnel collection to feed the madness.

      1. That’s why I was thinking a separate page/message thing so people who don’t want to be spoiled can avoid it and those who want to move some books can know where to click for one stop updates.

      1. 2010 where he’s flying on the cover wearing the Gauntlet. Must happen in the movie someone thinks to pay that kind of money for a dollar bin rescue candidate.

  22. Hit my honey hole today…here are my pickups (all for $4 or less & NM)

    Incredible Hulk 312 x2
    Incredible Hulk 393
    Incredible Hulk 604 x2
    Incredible Hulk 620 (been searching everywhere…finally!)
    Thor 617
    Justice League 20 left & right covers

    Not too shabby.

  23. 7:35 PM EST and there’s no perfect solution.

    NFL DRAFT at 8 on ABC

    Last Gotham with Batman on FOX at 8PM


    How do you decide?

    1. That’s easy.. I don’t watch NFL or Gotham. I got my Avengers tickets for May 5th (sorry, I had to see mine in style and luxury so I’m going to the iPic where they have big comfy lazy boy chairs, I can order food and beer and there’s walls around the two chairs I selected so no one around us really disturbs us, so it’s like having a theater all to yourself).

      1. No DVR, but Haskins stayed available until the Redskins got him at 10PM with the 15th pick so I got 2 out of 3 covered and a franchise level QB with a chip on his shoulder now at the Giants for passing him over. I guess your Wikipedia link to the movie plot counts for all bases covered now. Now back to comics!!!!

        1. I can not wait to see my RAIDERS’ new RB, Jacobs and S, Abrams. Two hard hitting football players. Our 1st pick was not on my radar, but Im liking everything ive read on Ferrell so far. Big, long, smart and disciplined. One report has him as having the highest floor for a DE in this draft. Its not a glamorous pick, but its a safe pick. ☠️

      1. I actually like it, looks more modern. The only thing I’d change is the size of the new comic listings. The bigger pictures and big box for each issue listing will result in more scrolling up and down.

      2. Hate it. But I hate most things the first time I see them or something changes I’m comfortable with.

        I haven’t tried it out enough really to know how I truly feel…but first glance it looks to be similar to their app setup which I don’t care for either.

  24. Agent Poyo, your beat-up Naomi #1A is doing alright for itself! Just over an hour to go and looking to go north of $50!

    Thank goodness for Naomiania!

        1. That’s not a shot at your sale, btw. Kudos for getting a great price! I’m joking about it being crappy. Obviously it’s beautiful to people out there….more beautiful than cover A in NM condition.

          Who knows, maybe the buyer is taking a chance on pressing it to a $100 book.

          1. You should have seen the Edge Of Spider-Verse #2 first Spider-Gwen a couple years back I sold as well, that was beat up. I got it damaged in a Midtown order so I gave to the 7 year old to read. It got beat up more, thrown around her room. So come cleaning day months later, I see it and ask her if she wants it still? Nope, sweet, let daddy try and sell it on eBay. Got like $60 for it listed as “beat up, 7 year old owned book that was thrown around”. 🙂

  25. I had to scroll down with mouse wheel 130 times to see all of next weeks comics.Midtown needs to fix something.

    1. Yeah, that’s the one thing that’s going to bother me. Sometimes I just need the text of the book name and not all the bigger pictures of the comics since I likely already know what the cover looks like.

    2. You need to give up the mouse and go to touch screen! Welcome to the 2010s!

      That’s what my response would be if I were Midtown.

  26. Picked up the pull today. Didn’t spend a lot of time looking at the tables, but they looked pretty full. Not even sure what the hot books are this week, if any. The list:

    Action Comics #1010 (Cover B Francis Manapul)
    Batgirl #34 (Cover B Joshua Middleton)
    Batman Beyond #31 (Cover B Ben Oliver)
    Detective Comics #1002 (Cover A Brad Walker & Andrew Hennessy)
    Detective Comics #1002 (Cover B Mark Brooks)
    Dial H For Hero #2 (Of 6)
    Flash #69 (Cover B Mitch Gerads)
    Freedom Fighters #5 (Of 12)
    Heroes In Crisis #8 (Of 9)(Cover A Mitch Gerads)
    Heroes In Crisis #8 (Of 9)(Cover B Ryan Sook)
    Justice League Dark #10 (Cover B Kelley Jones)
    Silencer #16
    Terrifics #15
    Wild Storm #22
    Wonder Woman #69 (Cover B David Finch)
    Avengers #18 (Cover A Ed McGuinness)
    Doctor Strange #13 (Cover A Jesus Saiz)
    Hulkverines #3 (Of 3)(Cover A Greg Land/Jay Leisten/Frank D’Armata)
    Marvel Comics Presents #4 (Cover A Arthur Adams)
    Spider-Man Far From Home Prelude #2 (Of 2)
    Star Wars Doctor Aphra #31 (Cover A Ashley Witter)
    Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Rod Reis)
    Star Wars Vader Dark Visions #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Greg Smallwood)
    Superior Spider-Man #5 (Cover A Travis Charest)
    Thanos #1 (Of 6)(Cover A Jeff Dekal)
    True Believers Avengers Avengers Forever #1
    True Believers Avengers Rocket Raccoon #1
    True Believers Star Wars Darth Vader #1
    True Believers Star Wars Skywalker Strikes #1
    True Believers Star Wars The Original Marvel Years #107
    Venom #13 (Cover A Ryan Stegman)
    War Of The Realms Uncanny X-Men #1 (Of 3)(Cover A David Yardin)
    Wolverine The Long Night Adaptation #4 (Of 5)

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