Beta Ray Bill and Quasar to Debut in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

According to We Got This Covered (thanks to JayClue for the heads up), looks like Beta Ray Bill and Quasar are joining the cast in GOTG Vol. 3 in the MCU.

Get your Thor #337‘s ready. This book has already seen some heat due to the fact Beta Ray Bill was part of the new Guardians of the Galaxy volume from Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw.

Quasar made their first appearance in Hulk #234.

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  1. Covered and covered already have multiple Quasar 1st appearances. There’s some cheaper Hulk #234 on Amazon

  2. Marvel Man: Captain America #217 (January, 1978) That’s actually his first appearance. Incredible Hulk is where he changes his name similar to Carol Danvers changing from Ms Marvel, to Binary, to Warbird, to Captain Marvel, back to Ms Marvel and now back to Captain America again.

    You can go back even further and know that he’s basically just Marvel Boy reintroduced into the MU.

    If they haven’t announced which Quasar then that leaves another ton of options open since anyone who’s ever been Quasar can be cast or maybe even with someone totally new if desired.
    First appearance
    X-Men #107 (Oct. 1977)
    Neutron (as Quasar):
    X-Men: Spotlight on Starjammers #2 (June 1990)
    Wendell Vaughn (as Quasar):
    Incredible Hulk #234 (April 1979)
    Phyla-Vell (as Quasar):
    Annihilation #6 (March 2007)
    Richard Rider (as Quasar):
    Nova vol. 4 #23 (May 2009)
    Avril Kincaid:
    Captain America: Sam Wilson #7 (May 2016)

    1. Avril’s first app as Quasar is Avengers Standoff: Assault On Pleasant Hill Omega 1. Anything before that and she’s just a normal Shield agent.

  3. hmm with the ROCK meeting that was rumored i wonder if he is in the running to be beta ray bill? would be huge for thor 337 if he gets casted

    1. I thought he was rumored to be meeting about a Hercules role. The Rock would do well in the MCU but I was really hoping to see him as Black Adam. Who knows if that will ever happen.

      1. I was thinking Beta Ray as well. That’s the thing with guessing prior to the announcement you just never know. Maybe the meeting was just to secretly try and secure an advance copy of the Endgame Blueray?

        Rock’s going to demand upper Hollywood pay no matter which he takes which makes him an expensive addition to a movie that’s a multicast budget nightmare already with huge actor pay expected already. I would imagine he’d be more affordable for Marvel as a limited role like BRB than as a face of the franchise like a Hercules could end up being used as for a number of movies where they may want someone younger and cheaper to have around for 15 years in the roll with a 6 movie contract or such. His buddy Vin Diesel’s already with Guardians so it’d be another comfortable pairing on set.

        1. I would be on board either way! Have both firsts so I don’t have to stress about missing out…can just enjoy the ride regardless what happens. The Rock was meant to play a super hero, so I hope he winds up somewhere. Still want to see him play Black Adam though.

  4. Don’t overspend on keys given the source but my guess would be Phyla-Vell in keeping with the 2008 GOTG series characters

  5. I’d be wary of this considering the source is WeGotThisCovered. They’ve claimed “sources” have told them that there is a She Hulk show, War Machine show, Dr Fate movie, and now this while simultaneously missing every single Disney plus show that actually does exist and the seven Hulu shows that exist. I’d like to see something they have covered actually be correct before I believe their “sources.”

    That said, still a great time to sell since people seem to always believe them despite their nonexistent track record.

  6. You think they would use Phyla she was rumored last goth movie, only thing is they just used Mar Vell and it would get really confusing your average non comicbook reading movie goer. Beta Ray doesn’t make much sense since Cap returned Mjolnir at the end of endgame if there was two Thor weapons still around it would have a lot more credibility. Next would be the Grandmasters tower sure Beta is a past champion but do I really have to be forced to believe Beta escaped as well from a Celestial like Hulk and Thor did. He really wouldn’t be the Grandmaster then maybe sub par master. I heard Moondragon, Nova, and Warlock as the villain.

  7. Quasar 1st’s is even more confusing than Ms. Marvel / Captn Marvel 1st appearances!
    Sheesh – just look at that list above. 6 1st appearances? Crazy

    1. Make it simple, go with the 1st First which is Marvel Boy. That’s where it all started.

      Marvel Boy becomes Marvel Man becomes Quasar becomes dead.

      Wait, scratch that or I’ll start thinking Naomi #1 should have some long term attraction.

      Naomi becomes superhero, becomes different name superhero becomes dead or forgotten.

    2. I think the Cap #217 and Hulk #234 are the books to get unless it’s Phyla then you would want the Annihilation Books. I have 11 Cap #217 in various different grades and 3 Hulk #234 cleaned out Mile High many moons ago.

      1. I bought five #234 from Mycomicshop about three years ago. They just weren’t all that expensive at the time. Bought one in NM for under $15. I think it has a shot at a 9.8. Only bought three of Cap 217.

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