Poyo’s Trade and/or Hardcover Picks of the Week

We shouldn’t just collect or flip books, we should also read them. A good story can make your purchase well worth the money spent if you ask me. After all, we buy books to read for entertainment right? Even if you can’t flip them, reading is just as rewarding.

We tend to focus on mostly the floppy copies each week and kind of ignore the trades and hardcovers that come out week after week.

These can be one off books, collected editions or special editions. What ever it is, I’ve been wanting to do some sort of highlight of these new books hitting the store shelves each week for a while now.

This upcoming weeks first highlight pick is Six Days Incredible True Story of D Days Lost Chapter HC from DC/Vertigo which is a hardcover.

I love a good war story. Always fascinated with WWI and WWII stories if done right.

June 1944. World War II. D-Day. One hundred eighty two members of the U.S. 82nd Airborne Division parachute into the French countryside-a full 18 miles southeast of their intended target.

This original graphic novel from DC Vertigo is the true story of an obscure World War II battle that took place in the small village of Graignes, France, for six days and the men who survived to tell the tale.

In the worst misdrop of the D-Day campaign, a group of soldiers are rattled to the core to find themselves even deeper behind enemy lines than anyone had intended. Miraculously, the citizens of Graignes vote to feed and shelter the soldiers, knowing that the decision will bring them terrible punishment if their efforts are discovered by the Germans. That day of reckoning comes faster than anyone could expect. As a small German militia passes through, the world’s war comes to their remote town in the countryside, and for the next six days, the small band of American paratroopers and French citizens must fight for……

My next pick and or checkout I want to read is After Man Zoology of Future HC. I’m a huge evolution junkie. You should see the amount of evolution related books I have on my non comic book shelf, it’s like high school science lab of books.

Probably not for everyone since it’s not your general comic book type of book, regardless, its grabbed my attention on branching out on new illustrated books.

After Man Zoology of Future HCFirst published in 1981, After Man is paleontologist Dougal Dixon’s vision of an “alternative evolution”: one without mankind.

In the foreword for this edition, he notes, “the book was about the natural forces of evolution, and man … had too much of an influence …. With the removal of this interference I was able to let nature get back to work”.

While some of the creatures seem fantastical, others don’t seem so very far-fetched. Dixon: “There are now the walking bats of New Zealand … (and) then there are the snakes in Mexico that live in caves and snatch flying bats out of the air, just like “The Anchorwhip”.

If man were not around, it would be interesting to see the continued evolution of the wildlife that inhabits our small planet.

This one is already sold out at Midtown but still available at TFAW for much cheaper anyways.

Today any orders over $25 includes free shipping as well, part of their FCBD sale.

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