5 thoughts on “Spoilers: Batman and the Outsiders #1”

  1. The story appears to be of some interest but if you don’t know who’s who and are a new reader I doubt it’s going to wow. There’s a number of lesser level heroes and such that could have benefitted from at least a one panel introduction/explanation of who they are and why they’re all together. Even concepts like why BL doesn’t trust Batman? I’m even guessing where since the 70’s that’s coming from.

    I’m along for the ride but hopefully it actually goes somewhere I want to be.

    Remember the days when editors/narrators would make sure you didn’t feel lost or confused the entire way through with helpful tips, hints and comments along the way? A Who’s Who/Why on Page 1 instead of two people I don’t know driving a car in Los Angeles setup for the rest of the book.

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