Mel V.’s Variants of the Week for May 8, 2019

What Up CHU Mel V back with your weekly Variant list. Really slow week this week, but you know the rules, something always takes off on a slow week.

Jungle Comics Vol 3 #1 Cover C Variant Dave Dorman Virgin Cover – There is a market for these covers, just look at the Cavewoman variants. I will admit I know nothing about this book, but I am familiar with Dave Dorman from his GI Joe and Star Wars works. I saw this cover and I gravitated to it

Marvels Annotated #3 Cover C Variant Gabriele Dell Otto Cover – This would have been a killer incentive. $7.99 price tag might of scared some away ..Fantastic cover

WAR OF REALMS NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 1:25 Variant– Currently out preforming the 1:50 on the aftermarket. Its a way better cover all 1st appearances of new Asian Characters, could be a great long term hold ..grab em if ya find em

4 thoughts on “Mel V.’s Variants of the Week for May 8, 2019”

  1. It looks like the Dorman cover was previously released in an Indiegogo campaign. 190 claimed for $10. The new printing is available now for $35.

  2. Pre-sales of the 1:50 variant of War of Realms New Agents of Atlas #1 are in the range of $100-$125. The 1:25 is selling for under $50. While I agree it’s not an attractive cover, the higher ratio variant will have more value, especially for those who bought in at ratio. I am curious about the long-term profitability of the virgin Mico Suayan store variant. which is currently selling for $140.

      1. You could say that about a lot of covers. However, if I can get 3X ratio for that book, then I’m in.

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