MARVELous Monday

So for millennia, there was nothing, a vast emptiness right before the next big explosion we know of as the Big Bang. The starship that merged Galan and the Sentience of the Universe emerged from this explosion, hurling through the universe that is reborn with new planetary star systems until it finally settles orbit around a planet from it’s gravitational pull.

A Watcher observed this spaceship and studied it. His findings were that this being was harnessing power it had never seen before. The Watcher knew of the impeding doom this entity would become.

The Watcher felt like intervening but could not as the only being aboard the spaceship was growing in power, as his purpose was to watch and record only. To never intervene of what was to become, even if he knew galaxies would die.

The cosmic being we know of as Galactus now departed, once again in a cocoon of his space vessel back into the void of space. He labored to create a new body suit that would help him regulate his awesome energies, transforming his ship into a new chamber for him to continue to rest and grow until his maturity.

Centuries past once again, the ship settles upon another planet called Archeopia that is more advanced, detecting the vessel and knowing it is not of the natural  universe. The people detect the presence and determine it to not be disturbed. Orbiting Archeopia for years, it goes undisturbed until an interstellar war erupted. Mistaking the cosmic space cube as a possible weapon, it’s fired upon.

This awakens Galactus, his incubation has ended and he’s hungry.

He starts to devour the planet he was orbiting. Some of the Archeopia people manage to escape. Now that they’re without a planet. Being the first beings to witness Galactus and his hunger for worlds, they sail now through the galaxy for untold centuries as The Wanderers (first appearance in Thor #160).

Galactus spares parts of Archeopia from total destruction, longing for his home planet. As an agent of chaos, he also is an agent of creation. He takes what power he has to build Archeopia into a planet far more advanced than it previous was as Taa II.

Along with the planet, he builds a world ship so massive that the planets orbit it as if it were a star itself.

Taa II was a home created for a God.

Fun fact. The Wanderers were given sanctuary on Ego after their ship was ruined in a battle between Thor and Galactus. This was a cruel intention though as Ego’s true intention was not to provide a home to the Wanderers from Archeopia but rather to consume them, which he did soon after Thor departed.

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26 thoughts on “MARVELous Monday”

  1. If Marvel does decide to us Galactus in the MCU (They would be crazy not to) That origin issue will probably do very well.

    1. Doctor Strange is Galactus New Herald. There’s the doorway the MCU can use with Galactus in the next Doctor strange movie.

        1. I doubt I’d be for that as compared to walking him into the current MCU a little at a time. I know he’s got a small vocal following but they don’t really burn down the shelves hauling SS books out now. He was introduced in a team book aka FF so I would think one or both could be worked into the current stable of heroes stories. If an origin blurp takes up 5 or 10 minutes of one of those movies great but redoing origins was one of the complaints about the last FF movie. I don’t see the box office pull without some already established cast to provide the human interest. Boy loves girl, boy leaves girl to become herald to save girl and planet. Simple, classic, but 10 minutes of movie time tops. Galactus is big enough to be the next Avengers level threat getting everyone together for a 2 billion weekend. Just like with Thanos, we get an end credit snipet here, a stone there, a brief cameo without an origin and finally a two movie wrap up blowout extravaganza with human interest cast introduced in other movies along the way like Gamora and Nebula were in Guardians.

          1. It’s just wishful thinking. I’m in the small minority of huge Silver Surfer fans. I really see him as a supporting member in other movies, not in his own.

          2. FOX has made the same mistake with Dark Phoenix twice now. It’s the X-men’s biggest storyline. It should be developed over a series of movies taking time to develop the love interest tragedy and sense of loss the story encompasses. Remember how well Wolverine’s origin movie was received. Origins are inserts into larger movies. They even had to go back and throw out Deadpool’s 1st origin to try again.

  2. 11AM EST, UPS comes between 12:30 and 2 usually. Immortal Hulk 17 AND Naomi #5 in the boxes. I feel like a cat waiting to pounce!!!

        1. I haven’t read Immortal Hulk yet. Naomi didn’t give me everything I was looking forward to. it’s to explain more without spoliering all over it. Hopefully 6 brings the heat.

          1. Immortal Hulk’s at the bottom of the stack on the desk right now getting bagged and boarded. I may need to bump #6 of Naomi up just to have copies of her 1st everything other than getting dressed.

          2. So, marketing at it’s best from DC to get people to buy because that’s what they said, all secrets revealed yet from the sound of what you’re saying, that’s not the case. This is a reason I’m not the biggest Bendis fan.. his stuff is usually subpar. Maybe I’m just weird cause I don’t get why so many love his work.. It’s not that good most of the time.

            1. I can tell you what her super powers are not. Toss out the white Lantern stuff. She doesn’t get a superhero name or even use any powers we can identify. if this was Legion of Superhero’s I’d call her “Get Dressed Involuntarily Automatically Lass”!!!!

  3. Is DC’s new version of Hope from the X-Men getting a Spoiler post? DC’s on a roll now after introducing Cable last week!!!!

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