Final Order Cut-Off Highlights for 5/13/19

Final Order Cut-Off is the last day that shops can guarantee their orders for comics. After Final Order Cut-Off, or FOC, these books will only be available to retailers on Advance Reorder. And that is not guaranteed. So here are the highlights for Monday, 5/13/19’s FOC list.


BLACK CAT #1 – This will not go under anyone’s radar, and will have a ton of store exclusives, but I do like many of the covers including the J Scott Campbell cover.

BLACK CAT #1 ARTGERM VAR – Artgerm does a killer job on this one.

BLACK CAT #1 GAME 1:10 VAR – Not going to list them all but the Game variant is pretty cool.

CAPTAIN MARVEL #6 GRANOV 1:50 VARIANT – Granov kicks out a 1:50 and a 1:100 virgin variant for this cover. Great looking covers could be greatly in demand.

DEADPOOL #13 GRANOV MARVELS 25TH TRIBUTE – Holy cow this Granov is a knock out.

INCREDIBLE HULK LAST CALL #1 – Dale Keown and Peter David team back up for one more tale. Looks awesome. Bruce Banner is tired of being the Hulk. Heck- he’s tired of being. But just when he’s about to lose all hope- a miracle occurs: a fight worthy of the Incredible Hulk.

TRUE BELIEVERS AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 – Still love my True Believer’s reprints. ASM 1… the Amazing Fantasy #15 does well. Pair this up.


DCEASED #2 PUTRI HORROR VAR ED – Love Nightmare on Elm Street and this homage rocks.

DEATHSTROKE #44 VAR ED – Riccardo Federici provides the cover, but the story picks up after the death of Deathstroke. A new Deathstroke is coming.


BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #5 PUTRI 1:50 VARIANT – Yasmine Putri doing a high ratio variant for Buffy. Buffy sells comics but not sure how many stores will order 50 copies.

GHOST TREE #3 – Loved the first issue, can’t wait to read the second.

WALKING DEAD #192 – Following up on issue #191, we get a Carl cover, will get more info on if Rick dies.

THUMBS #1 – New Image series. Imagine someone like- say- Mark Zuckerberg created his own army of tech-obsessed teens and directed them to take on the government. What would the fallout be? Charley ‘Thumbs’ Fellows is a member of just such an army. Poor and raised by the influential MOM™ app- he finds himself in the center of a war. The Social Network meets Blade Runner in this big event book from the team that brought you the hit series THE FEW!

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    1. It sounded like it’s just going to be his son Jericho switching costumes again and names. Jericho’s lover was the one who designed the Ikon suit and should have given it to Jericho originally anyway.

  1. First of the Year of the Villain tie-ins directly promoted on over a million copies of DC’s Year of the Villains is on FOC also with two covers.
    Marvel’s Black Cat is massively discounted to stores at an extra 15% OFF to encourage massive over ordering to get a ton of variants onto the street. 6 digit print run likely and underperforming variant cover prices do to excessive supply.
    DCeased #2 has 3 nice covers and #2’s in general are frequently under ordered compared to #1’s. The Horror Variant is getting tons of requests so it should be the heaviest ordered cover helping to keep it’s price down. The reg variant with zombie Superman might be the sleeper from those 3. The Advance PDF is out in stores now so you can even sample the book before ordering and get a peak at the new “Green Canary” before deciding. it’s hard to not like the standard cover either with Batman getting attacked by the Bat Family.
    Savage Avengers #2. Another #2 likely to be under ordered compared to #1 with a number of good covers.
    Tony Stark iron Man #12
    “A war needs weapons – but Tony Stark once vowed that he’d never build weapons again!
    So why’s he hunkered down with Screwbeard the Dwarf in Avengers Mountain? And what is he making?”

    Want to spec on what he’s building?

    1. I put the caveat in the post about Black Widow. DCeased #2 horror homage is just a personal favorite. I am a big horror fan and love the unholy trinity (Freddy Jason Mike Myers).

      1. It’s a weird draw for that Horror Variant. I’ve got a guy who ordered that one but doesn’t even want a #1 at all????? Just wants that particular cover for whatever movie it’s imitating. That’s the number #1 ordered cover so far but I’m thinking long term they appear to be doing the Justice League for the regular Variant Covers so they may be in demand in sets afterwards and I see some preselling them in sets already.

        I’d love to jump on Black Cat but looking back over the last year of the titles Marvels kicked in the extra 15% OFF for the standard cover while offering a ton of Qty Variants, how many are now unsellable even at 30% of the Ratio = $ price. I’m getting burnt out on them now. The title in general hasn’t even had a subscriber sign up yet including the guy who wanted all those Black Cat Variants last year offered as Part of ASM 8, 9 & 10. It might be time now to back off and try E-Bay snipping a set Presale or shortly after release when someone’s getting desperate and dumping to avoid having the standard cover high qtys on hand to get them.

    1. I do well with blanks. I saw this one last night and upped my order on the reg cover as well as ordering these. I have a feeling this is gonna be in huge demand.

      Rumor mill has people buying up 192 like crazy.

  2. That Deadpool would be even better if it was a virgin cover or just had a little less writing on the cover

    1. I much prefer trade dress over virgins. The Deadpool cover looks amazing to me, writing and all. Comic book covers are supposed to have trade dress, corner boxes et al. Thats what makes them what they are, imo. A great artist will incorporate those unique comic book cover features into the ‘artwork’, thus the trade dress, corner boxes et al, are all a part of the unique art that makes up a great comic book cover, imo.

  3. I’m no action lab fan but Aberrant #2 cover B maybe my fav cover ever. It’s a homage of the f you billy Ripken baseball card. Wow. Pretty cool

    1. Links? I can’t seem to find any that look like a homage of the Billy Ripken infamous baseball card. I loved chasing that card in packs back in the day.

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