Spoilers: Batman #71 Batman Did What Now?

Batman #71 is in stores tomorrow. Tom King has stated he is changing the status quo in Batman for years. Well, if the new issue is any indication, it is well on its way.

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11 thoughts on “Spoilers: Batman #71 Batman Did What Now?”

  1. Batman should beat Tim!! Beat him Bat man!!! Beat that punk kid to smithereens. Thank you kindly old pal o’ mine.

  2. He should’ve hit Damien, that would be more satisfying. I hate that little f**ker, Morrison should have taken him with him when he left!

  3. No big deal. Bruce has hit Dick before and no one cared. Tim is around 22 years old. Batman hit a grown man, so what?

    The bigger issue is that this story isn’t very good and Tom King is dragging it along.

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