Spoilers: Naomi #5 Heroes and Villains Revealed

Naomi’s origin is revealed. Her people had destroyed their ozone and a crisis occurs. Twenty Nine people gain powers. Some villains, some heroes. As the daughter of two supers, she is “pure.” Naomi’s “final form” revealed. She is a superhero.

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24 thoughts on “Spoilers: Naomi #5 Heroes and Villains Revealed”

  1. So does she get a “name,” or is this issue a bust? Do we have to go all in on #6, a la the Young Avengers Kate Bishop fiasco?

  2. 1st use of powers and 1st app of her main villain, estimated print run 40-45k. i’ll probably grab 5 more 9.8 candidates tomorrow

        1. I agree, villains only last long term if they become prominent over the years. For every main character hero there’s what, probably 10 to 20 villains.. so they’re always gonna be hit or miss.

      1. Last page of #4 she’s palming a little box thing that’s reflecting in her eye’s the way the Pjoenix Force used to reflect in Hopes eyes.
        1st page of #5 she’s still palming the little box in her hand. She refers to it as her “black box thing” on page 10.
        “When I put it in the palm of my hand It-it dissolved inside me.”
        “And then there was a voice”
        she basically got a little box thing that tells her her past and puts a space suit on her similar to her parents space suits, shoulder pads and all as seen on page 22.
        Page 23 ” If you do have special powers, like us, the world you have been sent to can handle it.”
        So we still don’t know if she has any super powers. All we know is she has a shiney space suit provided by her parents smart friend Auntie Akira.
        “That was a uniform. That your dad and mom wanted you to have for some reason.” Page 28

        So no super powers yet. Even her parents weren’t sure if she’d have any. All she’s done so far is get dressed by the “black box thing” and possibly transported a short distance somehow by the shimmery shiny suit.

    1. Kevin, you have no idea what the print run is. There is NO estimate. If you go by the comichron numbers for #3 & #4, then #5 looks to be under 30k

      1. I’ve been operating on the promises made in the description that #5 was going to be THE issue and ordered heavy. Now it appears we were lied to and it’s #6 or bust. I can’t imagine #5’s print run being smaller than 3 or 4. In my case it was more ordered than 3 and 4 combined and that counts Final Printings as well as 1st. I can’t be the only store dumb enough to purchase extra copies of a book based on what the description said would be included that wasn’t.

  3. I dropped this book and sold the first four issues. In a year Naomi will fall back to Earth. The spec crowd is trying to manipulate this book into becoming the next Khamala Khan. Who by the way may be the most overrated comic character ever. Stores will over order and it will sit after the hype dies. Bendis….smh

      1. This is not Spider-Gwen. Gwen Stacy was a comic icon dead or alive. Spider-Man is a best seller that is a no brainer dude. This is not Spider-Gwen. If she was the new Supergirl maybe.

    1. I agree about Naomi, it just isn’t that good, but the market has spoken on Ms. Marvel, she is a hit. Her books have certainly maintained their value.

      1. The only Ms. Marvel books that matter are the first appearances and that 2nd print. Her books don’t sell.

    2. I agree with you. Even if we buy into the Marvel hype trainer Gwen and Kahn, this is DC. The character will go absolutely nowhere, maybe one of those dud DC animated DTV’s if they’re lucky. And Kamala is just Sana Arnanat’s pet project, barely even a character. She lost me when she started defending Cebulski posing as Akira Yoshida, total hypocrite.

      1. If she was connected to the Batman or Superman brand, I might feel differently. Gwen is attached to a brand not to mention she is at the core of Spider-Man mythos. Its apples and oranges.

  4. It’s a rip off of the X-Men/Hope storyline.

    Instead of the 199 you get the 29 mutants. That can’t reproduce.

    They fight, 15 are left.

    7 head off to space to get away from it all. Expect them to pop up again somewhere down the line, maybe even saving the day in #6.

    A baby is born finally. To keep it safe it must be moved to another universe/dimension/Earth just like baby Hope.

    Baby grows to a teenager. Bad guy shows up. It’s not the Phoenix Force or Mister Sinister. It’s the guy who was killing everyone she was being hidden from.

    She doesn’t get a superhero name and like Hope might not. The only shot left is #6.

    Now she’s got to face off with the bad guy from the other Earth with a shiny suit and no super powers that have been shown.

    They just duped Cable last week in another DC title.

    Naomi’s 1st appearance happened in a dozen or so books the week or two before #1 hit the stands.

    Her suit gets a 1st Cover appearance in #5.

    Who know’s if she’ll get a Superhero name at all but if she does it’ll take another book to be 1st.

    #6 is going to be the 1st time she uses any identifiable super powers in a way that’s shown in the comics assuming she even has any making #6 the book to worry about chasing down. #5 has very little in it that is original, just retelling the Hope storyline again from the X-Men with some twists. The story itself might have been more palatable without the overselling and not delivering they promised for #5.

    “This is it! In this issue, all secrets are revealed! Who is Naomi? Where did she come from? What can she do? And what does it mean for the rest of the DC Universe? It’s the one you’ve been waiting for from Bendis, Walker and Campbell. ”

    They didn’t tell us what she could do.
    All secrets weren’t revealed.
    What does it mean for the rest of the DC Universe? They didn’t say or even say what it means for her.

    Overpromised, underdelivered.

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