MARVELous Monday

The next story detailed the “Chain of Command” that we all know about within the military. Orders are given, orders are followed. We can only give thanks to all those who followed commands and lost their lives in doing so, for the greater good.

As a man lay dying on the battlefield, two men providing him medical care recall how this same man boasted earlier that he had the best girl back home and didn’t need to look at the pinup girls in magazines the others were looking at. Not believing him, he shares the letters his wife back home sent him almost daily along with the pictures. They agreed, he was a lucky man to have such a great woman in his life.

The wounded man bleeds out as they run out of blood. Unbeknownst to his wife back home, she missed an appointment to donate blood that could help save lives. Claiming it was a waste of time and that she could better spend her time writing letters to her husband instead.

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  1. The moral behind the ‘A Waste of Time’ story is a lesson that frightfully seems to be lost in todays world.

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