MARVELous Monday

The next story titled “Private Smith” is a story about the hardships some soldiers encountered within their own units. From the very men and women they might serve alongside on the battlefield.

Despite their name, even it’s just another John Smith, they’re likely heroes. Private Smith was teased for his name yet became a hero to the very men who teased him after he sacrificed his life in order to save others.

The last story was a great reminder that war is not pretty, nor is it always a happy ending. A lot of soldiers die in war and sometimes it’s in vain for what they believe in.

Knowing some acts are suicide, the last story was titled “The Slaughter on Suicide Hill” and we’ll just leave it at that, as it’s just a reminder of the gore of war.

Today is Memorial Day here in the U.S. and it’s a day we remember all those who sacrificed their lives so our lives could be better.

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  1. The moral behind the ‘A Waste of Time’ story is a lesson that frightfully seems to be lost in todays world.

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