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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 241st edition of the open forum!

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

56 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. Passed on new books for old books, This weeks pick ups

    Tales to Astonish #44 CGC 2.5 1st Wasp
    Xmen #15 1st Mastermold
    Django Zorro #1 1:25 and 1:15
    Miles Morales #6 at cover with a Vault of Spiders #1 to combine the shipping.
    All for @$350

  2. I read the ASM Hunted Arc this week. Man, that issue featuring ‘Gibbon’ was heart breaking. It was a dark, calous look at life. The story is well done.

  3. spiderman the hunted was #awesomesauce. best kraven in years.i am starting to flip dvds&vhs tapes.i do well with complete series .and box sets. same with toon tumblers. picking up batman metal and joker toon tumblers 5 each.walking dead #191-192,animal man #ifirst new mirror master. gi combat #274 first montor &new 52 issues of swamp thing .also looking forward to the last fox X-Men movie before my boy mickey mosue takes his new toys love you all blind adam out

  4. Next week Silver Surfer #1 by Donny Cates will be realesed. It looks pretty good, probably the book of the year. Will this affect Fantastic Four 48 first Silver Surfer and First Galactus? Im curious, I want to buy a copy and the prices are low right now. What do you think? Good time to buy?

      1. Thanos #15 First Fallen one aka first black surfer is the real key, they are gonna have tons of Silver Surfer black#1 like they did with first cosmic ghost rider #1

        1. His first appearance is Thanos #11 full appearance from the 2003 series a whole 13 years before.Thanos Donny Cates #15 which is one panel anyways.

          1. Not the same fallen one. At least the 2003 version doesn’t look like a black/silver surfer.

            And didn’t the surfer in Thanos 15 come from the future? So technically he’s Not dead yet.

            And Cosmic GR also died in Thanos too and got a series out out it.

            1. They wouldn’t name two Silver Surfers the Fallen One they would be the fallen two it’s the same character.

              1. So this is just another example of where Donny Cates steals someone else’s creation from the past recolors the character changes the origin and calls it his new character and can’t even change the damn name, meanwhile sh*tting all over Marvel canon. You would want #16 anyways from the new series as #15 is a cameo.

                1. How many Captain America’s are there? Just because someone has a title doesn’t mean someone else cant take over that title. Doesn’t matter if that title has a number in it or not.

                  And it’s not necessarily rewriting cannon. Is that fallen one from 2003 even cannon? I don’t know what is cannon anymore with so many reboots and universes and deaths and rebirths…

                2. By release date, yes. Market seems to like 1st overall app (even though a cameo) + cover more than 3rd app + 1st cover by release date.

                3. First appearance is a first appearance. Cameo, one pane, two panes, speaks, doesn’t speak, named, not named and so on. There’s no denying first appearance.

                  Now, let the market decide which one is the most valuable, still doesn’t make it a first appearance if it’s not. That’s my stance moving forward. The market doesn’t decide what book the first appeared in, it just decides the value.

                  Like when Brubaker claims Winter Soldier’s first appearance was in Captain America #1 Vol 5 in 2005, that’s his first appearance. Yeah, it’s just a shadow but we have the creator telling us the true first appearance. Now, the market went with issue #6 as the more valuable book. Is it his first appearance, no, #1 was cause we knew it was someone and they made a type of appearance, which is a “first”. 🙂

                4. Both 17A and the JG Jones came out 3/21 (and both of predate 15 4th). The Jones is a store variant pumped by a seller on another forum.

                5. Interesting enough the virgin variant of 15 4th print is he hottest of all…and it’s a shop variant…

                6. This is why I hate the multiverse in Marvel and comics in general, it get so damn confusing at times.

                  Fallen One (Herald) (Earth-616) was originally created by Keith Giffen in Thanos #11 back in 2004, identity never revealed to my knowledge.

                  Now we have the Donny Cates/Geoff Shaw Norrin Radd (Earth-TRN666) Fallen One that also made his first full appearance in Thanos #15.

            2. Well since time travel is possible in the Marvel Universe, no one ever really dies then if you can just visit them in the time frames they were alive. 😉

              But if he traveled from the future and then died in the past… ah never mind, time travel really complicates everything. 🙂

        2. I think that there is no evidence that he is back. It sounds like he came back from a black hole and there is something bad that he brought back, something like a virus that is consuming him. Not a symbiote though. He is the original silver surfer and there is continiutiy with the guardians of the galaxy story, so I dont know why people are interested in the thanos wins run… It does not sound like this is a black silver surfer from the future.. It would be cool though…

      2. Thanks man! I will grab a copy. I have been saving for a long time. I just love that book, haha. It is a dobble key issue, I feel that it still has a lot of room to grow.

      3. Thanks man. It is happening. One copy CGC 8.0 sold yesterday for 3700. That is crazy…. People are realizing how much potential that book has. I also feel that more and more, comics books are been used as a plataform for the MCU to advertise the characters that will play an important roll in the MCU’s plans. They did it with Thanos and Venom. They put Cates in charge to revitalize Venom, when the movie was going to be released. Same thing with Thanos Wins when he was gong to do his debut in Avengers End Game.

        What do you guys think about it?

        1. Hi man. Answering your question. There is only one Silver Surfer and his first app is in the silver age comic book FF 48. If you want to grab a copy do it now. I recommend to grab one in 9.0 or higher condition although lower grades copies actually sell more often on ebay, the higher grades are more scarce and still cheap, compare to other silver age first apps. I have been following this book for the past 10 years and now it is the time for it give a nice jump. Dont wait until cates run comes out or it will be too late…. hehe

        2. Fantastic Four 48 also shows Galactus on the last page, so it is basically Silver Surfer first app plus Galactus first app or cameo. Silver Surfer black will give Galactus more protagonism and this will also afect Fantastic Four 48.

  5. My pickups this week included…

    Adv. of the Super Sons (1st Doomsdame?)
    Batman A
    Deceased B & C
    Deathstroke A
    Harley Quinn B
    Justice League A
    Shazam B
    Young Justice B
    Black Cat (Travel Foreman variant & 1:25 Kris Anka variant – best two of all the covers IMO)
    Deadpool (A and 2xB – really like Granov’s rendition of Scarlet Witch & Vision)
    GOTG Annual (Cory Smith variant)
    Old Man Quill
    Savage Avengers (Deodato Jr. variant – best cover IMO…I prefer the “team” covers…too many Wolvie vs. Conan covers thus far…and the 1:50 variant featured just Conan…yawn!)
    Tony Stark Iron Man B
    New Agents of Atlas
    Uncanny X-Men
    Walking Dead x3
    Star Wars Adventures C
    Once Our Land Book 2

    I totally forgot to pick up Incredible Hulk Last Call…will have to get it next week…love the 1:50 variant cover, but my LCS priced it at $40…so hard pass. Visited 2 shops today…not a huge volume of Walking Dead…I sense orders may not have been increased much. I also picked up Pearl #1-3…looking forward to reading these issues to decide if I like it enough to continue the story.

  6. This is more of a “last few Wednesdays” comment. But we have been surprised by a massive uptick in Spawn back issue sales. It was gradual the first couple months of 2019 but the last 6 weeks or so have been nuts. I used to only have to pull restock of 1-10 from the warehouse about once every 3 months. I am now having to make trips every other week. And the low print run stuff from say 90-240 has been getting hit hard over and over. When a collection comes in with 20 random issues in the 100s I used to figure it would take a year to sell them, now they are the first thing I process and put out.

    The only other thing that’s surprised me lately is demand for cameo Adam Warlock appearances. The FF 66-67 and Thor 165-166 have always moved well. But the cocoon cameos in Thor 163-164 and the later appearance in Hulk 158, I’ve probably been asked about more in the last 6 weeks than in the previous 5 years combined.

    1. Interesting & thanks for sharing. I’ve been collecting Spawn avidly for awhile & I’ve always found it to be one of the harder titles to collect. I just don’t see it often at shows/sales/forums & when I do it def isn’t cheap & doesn’t last long. There are definitely tiers as you indicated. If you wanted a run of 150-260 you better bring a bank roll at this point.
      I also think Spawn is interesting in that there is a base of fans who generally aren’t into comics as a whole that collect it/love it. I’ve seen some issues pop up at Horror convenrions & such. Friends who aren’t into comics but love horror/demon/scary art & the occult genre who want every issue.
      A decent number of issues only in the 12k-15k print run is just another factor.

  7. Pretty light week for pick ups:
    Deceased #2 (Nightmare on ElTm Street variant)
    Walking Dead #192 X 3

    Spec picks ups this week were:
    Pearl #1 (1st print X 2 for cover price)
    Walking Dead #191 (1st print for cover price)

    Also killed some time at a shop going through their Archie Comics. Picked up various Betty & Veronica comics from the 1990’s-2000’s with Dan DeCarlo covers. Total of about 15 books for $22. There has been some recent uptick on “classic good girl” and “risqe” covers and I listed over half of these between $9-$20 each. Sold through almost all of them right away. Was super surprised by the interest. Not a lot of shops stock Archies and this might be an area to look at.

    Good hunting everyone!

  8. i hopr someone sees this!!! did anyone notice the pages that were out of order and upside down, in radically rearranged rag dolls #1 CvrA. take a look, the pages from the back story in the end of the books are mixed up with 2 pages from the front of the book. was this only in my 2 copies?

    1. 4 copies and I don’t see anything that looks out of order or upside down in any of them. I think you’re supposed to run off to E-bay now and list them as defects for maybe $15 or something like that for the people who chase that type of niche.

  9. I called my main shop for a copy of TWD, and all they had left was the blank cover so that’s the one I got in my pullbox.

    1. Diamond had both covers back in stock last week so I got to order extras of both. Now if the internet will run out before Diamonds boxes next week arrive maybe the price will move past the $10 point. mycomicshop was out yesterday but is back in stock today with $7 copies. E-Bay tends to stay down until they run out. The fuss has new faces I’ve never seen walking in looking for copies so that’s a good thing and stacking up the presales of the second printing and 193 at the same time. If the pace doesn’t slow down we may end up ordering more second printings by Monday closing than we did 1sts.

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