Top Ten Selling Comics for Week of 6/7/19

Since  came on the scene, they have become a go to spot for watching eBaytrends on comics. They scour thousands of eBay sales to cultivate data to spotlight the hottest selling comics. Here is this week’s Top Ten Comics: (Please note, potential spoilers do follow)


Pearl #1 Regular cover
7 Day Trend: +200%
Weekly Units Sold:
Sales Average Raw: $17.75
Sales Average Graded: $42.49
Reason: See below


Pearl #1 Variant cover
7 Day Trend: +257%
Weekly Units Sold: 33
Sales Average Raw: $17.98
Sales Average Graded: $200
Reason: Hot new DC Book.


The Kitchen #1
7 Day Trend: +293%
Weekly Units Sold: 37
Sales Average Raw: $10.66
Sales Average Graded: $89.63
Reason: Previously announced that this book had been optioned.


Eternals #1
7 Day Trend: +120%
Weekly Units Sold: 61
Sales Average Raw: $84.93
Sales Average Graded: $318.00 CGC 9.6
Reason: Movie is coming.


7 Day Trend: +111%
Weekly Units Sold: 58
Sales Average Raw: $9.25
Sales Average Graded: $ NA
Reason: First appearance of Starling, Vultures granddaughter.


Ultimates #1 (2015)
7 Day Trend: +276%
Weekly Units Sold: 21
Sales Average Raw: $16.49
Sales Average Graded: $NA
Reason: Rumored be the direction Marvel is moving in.


Mister Miracle #4
7 Day Trend: +411%
Weekly Units Sold: 11
Sales Average Raw: $162.00
Sales Average Graded: $237.00 8.5 CGC
Reason: First appearance of Big Barda.


Power Pack #1
7 Day Trend: +278%
Weekly Units Sold: 16
Sales Average Raw: $20.54
Sales Average Graded: $NA
Reason: First appearance of Power Pack. Movie coming.


Bone Parish #1
7 Day Trend: +163%
Weekly Units Sold: 27
Sales Average Raw: $19.52
Sales Average Graded: $62.50
Reason: Optioned Cullen Bunn book.


Venom #14 Maxx Lim Battle Lines Variant
7 Day Trend:
Weekly Units Sold: +123%
Sales Average Raw: 35
Sales Average Graded: $3.99
Reason: NA


Runners-up to follow

25 thoughts on “ Top Ten Selling Comics for Week of 6/7/19”

  1. I have 3 Ultimates #1 1:50s I paid $6 each now $150 I have 2 of the #2 1:25s as well. 6/10 this week been meaning to get that Barda.

    1. …alana always several steps ahead! bravo.

      didn’t know about the ultimates rumors until this article but managed to score a couple coverA’s online for cover price. thanks, chu!

      already had 2 copies because it’s the 1st app of ayo of the dora milaje. sure, she’s third in line behind shuri and okoye in terms of importance but she was prominent in the 2015 black panther series and has appeared in 3 mcu films so far.

      but now this book has a lot more going for it potentially.

  2. Loving that Eternals #1 is in constant demand! Been picking up Power Pack #1 hear and there for a couple of years now and have a nice stack. Is it headed to be a movie or a streaming series on Disney’s new service? Anyway, there is a ton of them out there but high grades are tough to come by (9.2 and higher). Should still be plenty of demand once things get going.

          1. I have been buying post hype first appearances as well. Picked up first Scott Lang as ant man cheap. I do say do not sleep on Spider Woman first appearance either. With rumors of female Spider-Man movie that one is primed to blow up.

  3. is peril the new nayoma??bendis is hot at dc.and spiderwoman’s second appearance is in amarvel two in one issue.and I think power pack is going to be be carefull between Netflix&swamp thing be carefull specing on streaming t.v. spec love you guys blind adam out

    1. Normally for TV/Streaming I would agree with you but it seems Disney wants their movies and upcoming streaming service to exist seamlessly together. Could mean more appearances of movie actors on the streaming service and actually have TV character appearances on the big screen. All guess work right now, but it would make sense and it would be awesome if they did that!

  4. I’m not the type to say “I told ya so” but it is kinda funny that I’ve been reading PEARL ever since day one and I was the ONLY one at my LCS pulling every issue let alone even just knowing about it,. I tried getting people hip by talking about it online but noooope,. Maybe 1 or 2 others (with great taste btw) took my advice on a good read at the time and got hip real quick.. .
    Now all of sudden EVERYBODY is all PEARL this and PEARL that lolol.
    I’m glad to finally see that others agree with me and my gut was right again.
    I’m telling all you guys & gals,. Especially whoever’s older,.
    *JINXWORLD is PURE TALENT 💯…and I’m betting just like this heat now on *PEARL,.*SCARLET and/or *COVER (also JINXWORLD) will also heat up and take off sooner or later following PEARL.
    Get those #1’s now while you still can for cover at the shop…
    *get every issue (short runs) because im sure you’ll really get into the story.
    P.S- I was lucky enough to buy that BONE PARISH VIRGIN VARIANT for cover on its NCBD! (double the value of reg.cover)
    And I got ULTIMATES #1 and #2 both NM and both found in the buck bins for just $1 🤯🤗 (yay!)

    1. I purchased and read Pearl #1 when it came out and it just didn’t bite for me. Glad you were in early though. I need to dig my copy out and flip while the flipping is good.

      1. Haven’t read it yet…grabbed 10 copies of issue 1 as well as one copy of 2-4 to read.

        Issue 8B (Lotay variant) is a ghost. Found the last one for cover online and got delivered today….at least I hope it did…haven’t opened the box yet!

    2. There’s only one person here reading Pearl also. I bought some extra #1’s just in case but so far the spike in sales is due to the tweet about a movie announcement in the commentary of the next issue which suggests he’s trying to get some heat off his backside for the Naomi train wreck. Until someone reads the commentary there’s no telling yet what the movie news is yet or if anything will ever be made. DC’s such a mess right now they tried producing Swamp Thing off what basically sounds like a possible tax return type thing and when the return wasn’t what they expected couldn’t even pay to finish it. they just closed the doors on Veritgo it seems and alienated a number of mature readers by censoring Black Label content while continually producing oddball release forms like oversized and easier to damage magazine sized or the Prestige bendem and fanem out as you read them Last Knights. The new streaming service sounds primed to close also in hopes of maybe returning as part of a larger warner Bros combo with probably a higher price to subscribe to which at least might mean they could use actual money in hand to produce stuff instead of trying to cover payroll with tax returns/incentives/perks that haven’t been delivered yet.

      Power Pack made the list twice this week but here’s a little something I clipped out of Power Pack 18 for perspective.

      It appears direct editions were more prevalent in the mid 80’s than I was led to believe from other sources.

      1. For number comparison, Pearl #1 had about 7,000 more #1’s on the street than Naomi #1. both had about 16,000 #2’s prior to any later printings. They both drop again for #3.

  5. Here’s a copy of the posts from last month and since then sales have dropped from highs of $588 to under $200 for CGC 9.8’s ($162.50 June 6th) and raws are selling well under $100 now. Hopefully he’ll deliver on some of the things he promised for #5 with #6 but she’s still just a knockoff of the Hope storyline with a few tweeks. Nothing at all to do with the House of El which was powering the early spec.
    May 15, 2019 at 10:44 am
    Last page of #4 she’s palming a little box thing that’s reflecting in her eye’s the way the Pjoenix Force used to reflect in Hopes eyes.
    1st page of #5 she’s still palming the little box in her hand. She refers to it as her “black box thing” on page 10.
    “When I put it in the palm of my hand It-it dissolved inside me.”
    “And then there was a voice”
    she basically got a little box thing that tells her her past and puts a space suit on her similar to her parents space suits, shoulder pads and all as seen on page 22.
    Page 23 ” If you do have special powers, like us, the world you have been sent to can handle it.”
    So we still don’t know if she has any super powers. All we know is she has a shiney space suit provided by her parents smart friend Auntie Akira.
    “That was a uniform. That your dad and mom wanted you to have for some reason.” Page 28
    So no super powers yet. Even her parents weren’t sure if she’d have any. All she’s done so far is get dressed by the “black box thing” and possibly transported a short distance somehow by the shimmery shiny suit.
    May 15, 2019 at 2:35 am
    It’s a rip off of the X-Men/Hope storyline.
    Instead of the 199 you get the 29 mutants. That can’t reproduce.
    They fight, 15 are left.
    7 head off to space to get away from it all. Expect them to pop up again somewhere down the line, maybe even saving the day in #6.
    A baby is born finally. To keep it safe it must be moved to another universe/dimension/Earth just like baby Hope.
    Baby grows to a teenager. Bad guy shows up. It’s not the Phoenix Force or Mister Sinister. It’s the guy who was killing everyone she was being hidden from.
    She doesn’t get a superhero name and like Hope might not. The only shot left is #6.
    Now she’s got to face off with the bad guy from the other Earth with a shiny suit and no super powers that have been shown.
    They just duped Cable last week in another DC title.
    Naomi’s 1st appearance happened in a dozen or so books the week or two before #1 hit the stands.
    Her suit gets a 1st Cover appearance in #5.
    Who know’s if she’ll get a Superhero name at all but if she does it’ll take another book to be 1st.
    #6 is going to be the 1st time she uses any identifiable super powers in a way that’s shown in the comics assuming she even has any making #6 the book to worry about chasing down. #5 has very little in it that is original, just retelling the Hope storyline again from the X-Men with some twists. The story itself might have been more palatable without the overselling and not delivering they promised for #5.
    “This is it! In this issue, all secrets are revealed! Who is Naomi? Where did she come from? What can she do? And what does it mean for the rest of the DC Universe? It’s the one you’ve been waiting for from Bendis, Walker and Campbell. ”
    They didn’t tell us what she could do.
    All secrets weren’t revealed.
    What does it mean for the rest of the DC Universe? They didn’t say or even say what it means for her.
    Overpromised, underdelivered.

    1. I for one am glad they are not just jumping into a new character and blowing their load revealing everything about said character in one or two issues. To me the right thing to do is build the character organically, but obviously they have plans and need to sell comics too…

      so I agree DC did somewhat over-promote issue 5, and I think much of that lead to ridiculous aftermarket sales, but I’ve found it to be a good read and has kept me hooked so far. That’s what is important to me, if they want to sell more comics to me in the future.

      Naomi is far from a train wreck. It’s one of the things DC is doing right these days, despite issue 5 being over promoted.

      Much of what you said about the other properties they own I agree with though.

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