Spoilers: Silver Surfer Black #1, It All Comes Together

Silver Surfer Black #1 is in stores tomorrow. I have to say after reading it, Donny Cates is either a mad man or a genius. There is definitely an over-sweeping theme to all Cate’s books. Check out below and see what I mean.

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35 thoughts on “Spoilers: Silver Surfer Black #1, It All Comes Together”

  1. So this issue prompted me to head back to Guardians of the Galaxy #23 (1st Klyntar). Artistic rendering aside, there were some sililar characteristics with regards to look/feel/creatures/flora.
    So this place is “Klyntar” correct? Is that a given or we don’t even know & I’m reaching with the gog 23 comparisons.

  2. Genius or madman for the writing, I’ll leave that up to others. It’s the art that is hurting my eyes. My opinion alone, but that is beyond bad.

        1. Lol. And that’s why you are hiding behind a computer and they are living their dreams drawing for marvel comics. You would never shit on their art in person.

          1. I’m happy to sh*t on anything Donny Cates touches wether from a computer, on a plane, by train, at night, during the day, I’m happy to pop a squat right in front of Donny Cates or whatever artist draws his books and shit on every book they have ever been a part of. Donny Cates sh*ts all over the Marvel universe weekly and most of you gobble it up and look for more. What’s new with the Silver Surfer oh he has Black sh*t on him now from Donny Cates he’s the Sh*t Surfer.

            1. Are you speaking from a collector/investor point of view, or a reader if moderns?

              Are the stories good reads and relevant? Do they sell books? That’s what believe matters. If you’ve got to break some eggs to make an omelet, so be it.

              Marvel doesn’t make money on keeping things stagnant and selling silver age back issues…I have no issue with Cates shaking things up a bit as long as the stories entertain me.

              And I don’t think his stories change the value of keys either. They are keys because they hold the test of time being firmly established in MU lore. If they are effected, then they are not truly keys.

                1. You’ve met me.. if one looks up the word fancy in the dictionary, my picture shows up under the antonym section for that word.. 😉

  3. Love it. If he can stick the landing with all these series it will be iconic. The larger than life Marvel “events” always seem jumbled and out of sorts. I am relatively new, but what was the last time multiple books were all inter-connected and well-received? I know the Aaron run on Thor led to War of the Realms, but these are all independent books with different characters and their unique voices being written by the same person. I think this is absolutely amazing. That last panel will likely be the 2nd print cover don’t you think?

  4. So this “Knull” is going to be the secret spoiler cover shipping next week? I’m already glad I cancelled all the 1st Printings that weren’t subscriptions except for 1 shelf copy of Cover A.

  5. Ok the artwork just flat out sucks! Marvel anime doesn’t do it for me at all. Imagine this series drawn by Dell’Otto

    1. I’d imagine if Dell’Otto drew a full comic, it would take him 3 months. I can only imagine he’s sticking to covers cause he can spend countless hours mastering them.

  6. Art looks weird, but I’m all for the 3 series connecting together and also connecting to absolute carnage. Might make a good marvel movie trilogy someday.

  7. I think the over whelming consensus is people don’t like Tradd Moore’s art. He is also the artist who did the All New Ghost Rider. While I am not a fan of his art either, we get it that no one really does.

    1. Does everyone know Tradd (what kind of name is “Tradd” anyway) Moore’s art sucks? I haven’t heard anyone talking about that yet.

    2. That’s why I couldn’t stick around for that Ghost Rider series, that and the writer isn’t the best writer either. If it was a different writer, I probably could have tolerated the artwork when the story is great. Sadly I couldn’t get into the Robbie Reyes being Ghost Rider. Art and Story was just a total letdown.

    1. I’ve said it again and again– Nova 8- first mention of Abyss– which then leads into the Secret Avengers 2-4 and 30-32 and of course the Wraith mini. All will be connected.

  8. I’m OK with the art. I know it is not everyone cup of tea but it doesn’t bug me. Very stylized though. When I first came across artists such as Bill Sienkiewicz I was like what is going on with this? It was a little too out there for me, but his style grew on me and now I love it! Give it a chance. Ya never know!

  9. I couldn’t get past the art. So not what I like. I read it, I didn’t like it. Cates is over-rated IMO. I quit venom. Not reading this past #1.

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