4 thoughts on “Spoilers: Batman #73, A Strange Resurrection?”

  1. zombie Martha. Nice.

    Still holding onto a bunch of flashpoint #1s and Flashpoint Batman’s…the Thomas Wayne character doesn’t seem to be taking off as I thought it might…

    Maybe because he’s a villain….not a hero.

  2. Tom King’s Batman run has taken a serious dive since the wedding debacle. It seems like every couple of years when a writer gets a shot at the Bat, he either nails it or completely misses it. Tom King has missed it I think. His run is so far off the rails. DC did the right thing by shutting him down. This latter part of his run has been an incoherent mess. Haven’t we been down this ‘break’ the Batman road before? Grant did it. Scott did it. Denny did it. Its been done a lot. A lot of these plots are not new. They are just being retold in a different way to make you think its new.

    Kings Grayson run was cool and I enjoyed the parts of it I read. He is suited for that type of story. Batman, not so much. His Vision and Mr. Miracle books are two of the best comics I have read in the last 15 years. I will always buy those books in every format available like New Frontier and Kingdom Come. Everyone who has written Batman in the last 35 years wants to do something that pisses off fans or alters Batman forever. I thought the ‘Button’ story was a nice send off for Flashpoint Batman. King said he wants to alter Batman for a generation. Is DC still going to allow him to do that?

    1. I agree. The Waynes are dead. Let them rest in peace. The Flashpoint Batman isn’t Bruce’s father, nor is the Flashpoint Martha.

      On a larger scale, DC writers need to stop going back to the death of the Waynes and the destruction of Krypton.

      It’s too bad editors today don’t have the balls to reject a story.

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