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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 243rd edition of the open forum!

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

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  1. Was planning on buying a different book this month but then saw a very nice copy of My Greatest Adventures #80 1st Doom Patrol for $225 and bought that instead. The show was really good and I look forward to next season. Doom Patrol is the DC equivalent to Xmen just not as popular yet.

    1. Picked up a cgc 7.0 Hulk #141 1st Doc Samson and an Amazing Adventures vol2 #1 1st solo Black Widow, 1st Black Black Widow costume, and 1st solo Inhumans last night $100 for the pair.

  2. Diamond already sold out of both covers of Superman Year One.

    My one gripe about the book is that on almost half the pages the text runs nearly all the way into the gutter. You are forced to open the book far flatter than you might like just to be able to read the thing. It’s more aggravating than it should be.

      1. Is JRJR doing interiors on the Supes Year One book? I think thats why i passed on that series despite FM being the writer. My hate of JRJR outweighs the Millar factor, for me.

      2. I thought there was a free Advance PDF out there you could have read ahead of time to avoid damaging a copy. They seem to be making the same mistakes over and over again with the Black Label. The Prestige binding making them damn near impossible to read without damaging and now we’re back to the oversized magazine size again that was so tight in my Magazine Size bags and boards that I don’t think they’re going to lie perfectly flat without weight added. That forces any safe shipping of Superman Year one out of the Flat rate Envelopes also like with Batman Damned needing Regional Rate A boxes..

  3. Is there anything of importance in ironman 13? The variant looks fantastic but without being a ratio, the only way it could percolate is something occurring in the book that carries weight.

    1. Sadly it is a War of the Realms crossover and it is a fantasy story of Tony Stark in a suit of Armor fighting a dragon. Oh yeah, hulk in a suit of armor also. Very strange issue.

  4. After putting over 242,000 copies of #1 on the street for us to sell, a Second Printing coming with even more, now they’re going to give #1 away THIS year and offer a 250 Qty Ratio Variant of #1 to encourage more overordering.

      1. You bought so few to sell you expect to sell out before October? When something appears to be great I try to buy enough #1’s and #2’s to still have them in stock when the last issue comes out so I can make bundles/sets. At least enough to survive until the trades hit the street. In this case if DC can actually finish a series on time, which rarely happens lately it seems, the trade will not be out yet and the extra #1’s should still be getting homes and that’s assuming there’s no price increase at that point for #1 so far, not to mention the even lower likelihood of that happening when another million or so copies decrease the need for the unsold #1’s. It feels like a slap in the face to the people who just invested in your product in large numbers hoping it would have some legs to stand on for more than a 6 month window. Even later on when the eventual animated movie is made the #1’s will now have maybe a million extra copies out there to help hold down the price of the originals.

        1. I should start working on the new sales pitch.
          BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!! If you REFUSE I’m going to give it to you for FREE in 4 MONTHS!!!!!
          “It’s SOOOOO GOOOOOD, DC wants you to have it for FREE before you even get a chance to buy the Trade!!!!!!”
          I know,
          “Sure you could have it for FREE if you wait 130 days but it only costs you 3 cents a day to own it now!!!! You should be able to find that much a day just walking the puppy and checking those sofa cushions!!!”
          How about,
          “Don’t think of buying #1 as an investment, think of it as a chance to get excited about #2 while there’s still copies on the shelf!!!”
          “You really think the zombie apocalypse is more than 130 days away?”
          “It’s soo good you’re going to want to make a special trip that Saturday just to get an extra copy of something you just bought for FREE!!!”
          “Buy it now. Just imagine what’s going to happen to the price in a few months when million + people start wanting to upgrade to 1st Printings. There’s only a quarter million to go around!!!!!”
          “Someone will spoil it for you by then if you wait!!!”

          Spit them out, there has to be many other pitches I haven’t considered yet. 🙂

            1. I don’t consider it over ordering. It’s ordering enough to make sure we still have the #1’2 and 2’s by the time the last issues arrive to satisfy late comers. With new limited series we usually see a drop off in street traffic for each issue as it progresses. Less people coming back for #2 than walked out with #1. Less coming back for #3 than showed up for #2, etc.. We have to guess how many people are going to want copies at least two months ahead of time usually and #3 might be on FOC before we even see how many people showed back up for #2. The end result is we don’t want a bunch of #3, 4 , 5 and 6 left unsellable so we try to get enough 1,s and 2’s to still be able to start people off when 5 and 6 are coming in.

              Usually if it’s a really good story, some of the variants will be up in price on the back end of the run helping to keep them around longer and encouraging people who don’t care to move towards the A covers. An easy example of this was Doomsday Clock where the Variants are up but we still have at least one of each on hand right now and a few Lenticulars at cover so we didn’t need to chase later printings heavily to feel we could still start off a Johnny Come lately while they piddled out the last two issues eventually.

              Notice they’re not giving away DoomsDay Clock #1 with the series still going on. Any delay at all and this series will not be finished prior to Halloween Comicfest. They just delayed Naomi #6 again and Batman 74 and 75.

              In the past on major series they’ve given us a year and a half to two years to empty the shelf of 1st Printings and get some Trades in hand to sell when they’ve done this like with Harley Quinn #1, Batman: White Knight #1, Dark Night Metal #1 for example. Even then it appears to have some affect on holding down the price increases for the 1sts having so many Free one’s floating around or for sale for a buck. (I think Dark Night Metal #1 is scheduled for Batman Day this year) I’m surprised they didn’t go ahead and toss Naomi #1 out there for free already but I guess that one’s being held back for FCBD. It’d be a shame to actually give away a book that was already elevated in price with a low print run. In this case they’re taking something with a huge print run (Top 10 print runs for DC since Rebirth), and even offering a Ratio variant to encourage additional ordering just to satisfy demand from people wanting the 250 QTY Ratio. Think this might drive production closer to 2 million? That would be as many as 8,000 potential copies of the ratio hitting the street if it does almost guaranteeing even the ratio is underpriced due to over production.

              I told Anthony back when we were first reading the PDF’s I expected DCeased #1 to be a slow rising spec book. I figured it would get ordered lightly and take time and word of mouth to rise slowly through a slow increase in demand peaking about the time an animated movie hits the theaters/street.

              Now it looks like #1’s a solid no gainer with any hope coming from potential elevations in price to #2 since there will be nowhere close to enough #2’s to pair up with people wanting to keep reading.

              Hopefully at least a few people come back for the trade in December. I’m debating about ordering heavy and holding back the copies until FCBD next year skipping whatever they reprint for that event.

              Finally, is it too much to ask for Marvel and DC to put out NEW content for two big events? Marvel at least does it for FCBD. Halloween Comicfest is all reprint material it seems from the big two.

        2. TBH, i bought 2 copies of DCeased. I bought cover A to read, then after reading and really enjoying issue 1, I went and bought the Zombie Batman cover B.

  5. Coming in the mail:
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 35th Anniversary Box Set (pre-order discount)

    Picking up:
    Monstress 23
    Rat Queens 16

    My local movie theater has Kung Fu Theater once a month. The person who manages the theater has a large private collection of Kung Fu movies. A couple of months ago he had RZA from Wu Tang Clan perform a live soundtrack to 36 Chambers of Shaolin. This month he showed the only known existing 35mm copy of 8 Diagram Pole Fighter. Next month he is showing the only known copy of Bloody Monkey Master. Every month, the show sells out.

  6. Superman:Year One was printed with a lot of the pages upside down, according to, and shown to me, by the owner at my LCS. I haven’t heard anyone else reporting this. He said that it was all of his copies of the A variant.

    1. If he’s holding the book and you’re in front of him looking down at it then the pages are supposed to appear upside down to you. 🙂 All my copies look fine when I’m holding and viewing them myself.

    2. I read an A at the same time my store manager read a B. Both were fine. He has rare misprint variants worth millions of dollars.

  7. I can confirm the Superman: Year One error. According to the owner of my LCS, about 1/3 of the book is upside down. I snagged one, and the upside down pages begin with the full page of young Clark Kent in a black shirt. The page that starts, “Great Krypton is scattered cosmic dust.” The remainder of the book, right up until the back cover, is flipped. There are none, that I could find on eBay. I couldn’t find any reports, doing a Google search. The shop owner called Diamond, and he said that they seemed very aware of the problem.

        1. Flipping is flipping. My lcs did not even seem aware there was a 2nd print. Pointed me to copies of the first print.

          I said “get that ugly piece of dog poo away from me?! I can’t flip that!”

          Actually I very politely declined and explained they already released a 2nd print with a different cover and likely many shops didn’t order it.

  8. Light week again for pickups:

    Doctor Aphra #33
    Walk Through Hell #11
    Gideon’s Falls #14 (Cover B)

    Went to four stores today and only one had ordered Silver Surfer Black #1 (2nd print) about 7-8 copies, no one else had it. I picked up two copies to flip. Sold one within minutes for $15 and have had multiple offers on 2nd book. Hot book of the week.

    Was also able to get 5-6 Red Sonja (Dynamite) Lucio Parrillo variant covers for $4 each. Some of them can get pretty good money depending on image.

    Picked up a Batman Beyond #3 1st full appearance of Blight for $8. Wasn’t going to but this book is starting to heat up as people gravitate from #6 (1st Inque) to this. I’m seeing copies sell f0r $25+.

    Good hunting everyone.

    BTW, 2nd copy of SSB 2nd just sold….

    1. Sold my copy of Batman beyond number 3 for 25.00. I found It for a buck at heroes-con and it sold in less than 10 hours. People want that book.

      1. I don’t read over there anymore since it operates as a separate place to avoid duplication and save time for other stuff I neglect when I get over excited about a topic. I was under the impression people were finally getting actual sit throughs of the movie earlier this week according to GMA so maybe someone who had actually sat thru it had some spoilers or leaks. On a brighter note by spending less time posting I finally finished up Iron man volumes 1 and 2 now so I can move on to everything from vol 3 on to 2016 now. I’m seeing so many RiRi comments and stories I’m hoping they have her in one of the post credits or maybe in the new expanded ending for Avengers.

  9. New ending for Avengers Endgame. Any leaks on what changes compared to the theatrical version and if they added post credit teasers?

    1. Not a clue?
      Any idea how much extra viewing time the new ending is adding to the total run time for the movie? It was what, 3 hours and one minute before all the new content was added? The way Good Morning America was talking it up it felt like they thought it was a significant increase in how long it’d take to sit through.

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