One Week Later Report for June 26th, 2019

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 06/19/2019.

Hopefully this report helps anyone reading while picking out new books at the local shops for things to keep a look out for.

Last week was pretty much uneventful. Just about all the books you can find online still at cover price or your local shops.

The one book that is worthy of mentioning and the only winner is Silver Surfer Black #1 2nd Printing.

This is a solid $20 to $25 book. I think most shops ordered so heavy on the first print and this one came out almost immediately that these went under the radar.

It’s doubtful since Deodato’s artwork is superior to Tradd Moore’s and that’s another winning factor with this 2nd print cover, we should keep an eye out for the 3rd print hitting shelves on July 17th. It’s the regular Moore cover but instead of the black background is white.

Silver Surfer Black #1 (of 5) (3rd Printing)You can still pre-order this one. I think  I actually like this all white cover more than the 1st print regular cover. But it’s still Tradd Moore. Poor Silver Surfer’s right hand is either severely broken or his fingers are melting..

11 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for June 26th, 2019”

  1. SSB second made for a sweet week but Deadpool 14 Carnage-ized Trade Dress is still running double cover into the low $10 range. It’s also sold out at mycomicshop now so they aren’t going to be holding it down.

    I actually ordered a couple 3rd printing SSB since all Diamond had left was the #1 Blank which I grabbed a couple of also to hold me over.

      1. Superman Year One is an under cover price book on secondary market currently.

        Maybe the story is okay since Miller is writing cause I’ll pass on Romita Jr.’s artwork..

        But $7.99 retail price.. these price hikes are killing people’s budgets. It’s no wonder publishing numbers are down across the board.. nobody wants to pay $7.99 for the first issue..

        1. I haven’t been watching it either. Selling out at Diamond is usually the first step in getting the secondary market price up. Next is to get MCS and the other online big one’s to run out. I ordered light due to the oversized nonsense again but it has been selling off the shelf at cover better than I expected for the last week. I just got the DC Direct e-mail mentioning the Second Printing while I was typing so maybe there’s hope for it.

          The new catalog came in yesterday with Harleen and apparently they’re going for the same stupid over sized thing again so I’m torn between ordering lite in protest or taking a chance since it’s Harley. The store shelves aren’t sized for all these magazine sized books and I’ve got customers complaining about them since they don’t fit in the regular storage boxes.

          1. Selling out doesn’t always equate to secondary market gains. I’ve seen stuff sold out at Diamond with plenty available at the local shops.

            But yeah, the oversized style is a turn off for me as well. I didn’t initially pick up Batman The Last Knight cause I was expecting it to be oversized but was surprised it wasn’t, so I grabbed a copy.

    1. I didnt even check Deadpool #14 Carnegized since you can still order these off Midtown and its very likely you get sent a copy since i dont think they’re selling them separately.

      1. I don’t know about the Midtown place but MCS has been separating them since they’ve been coming out and E-Bay’s listing them to purchase separately. It’s never going to be a huge mover but double cover’s still better than buying one hoping to get one. This week’s two copies are only up a buck at MCS right now so we’ll have to see if they stay there, sell out or what happens. Deadpool CTD 14 came out at cover at MCS last week. this week they’re starting at $5 each. It’d be nice if all 10 end up parking at about double cover. The last 5 coming out, stores have had plenty of time to bump orders up on so maybe not but I also thought they’d have taken the chance to pick up more Silver Surfer Black Spoiler Variants than they did. I can’t believe everyone didn’t cancel all their SSB A Covers and reorder the spoilers like I did.

        I’m thinking people are going to be wanting sets of all 10 covers. I had someone put Amazing 24 back on the shelf today to take a Carnage-ized for $5 from behind the counter.

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