Spoilers: Amazing Spider-Man #24, Fear Has A Name

Amazing Spider-Man #24 is in stores tomorrow. It reveals the name of the mystery villain that has been appearing in Amazing Spider-man since issue #1. Check out the spoilers below for the reveal.

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19 thoughts on “Spoilers: Amazing Spider-Man #24, Fear Has A Name”

  1. So since he’s only identified in this issue, are all the other appearances considered cameos? ?? Also, there was as free sketch version to ASM #1 in which he also appears – any spec on that? Came out same day as ASM #1.

    1. All depends how the market swings. He’s not named in issue #1 but it’s still a pretty good first appearance. Full page pane of what he looks like and dialogue. I’d call this first appearance, not first full appearance. To me, it’s more than a cameo.

  2. New/recent Villains are rarely good spec.

    Always bet on first cover appearance with first cameo/full.

    I think this character has so many cameos or non-cover appearances leading up to this it has no strong spec value.

    Invest your money elsewhere.

    1. There’s one thing I think this has going for it, it’s a Spider-Man villain. Which titles/heroes villains seem to be well known in the comic book world? In DC it’s Batman and for Marvel it’s Spider-Man.

      Will it heat up with this latest appearance? Probably not but over time, if he keeps lingering around, he could turn into one of the many well known Spidey villains we all know and love.

      1. I hear what you’re saying…Trying to think of the last spidey villain that got hot and maintained it…..Carnage? Help me out.

        1. Hard to say maintain as it could take time… Like Carnage…. Its been too long to know if that book heated up initially but I recall a few years back, one could snag decent copies for what, $30 bucks? Havent been too many recent villains maintain heat as one would say, its more of the over time these can appreciate if the villain sticks around.

          1. I would consider Knull a stretch.

            Venom has become his own thing separate from Spider-Man long before Knull came along. And some of that mythology comes out of Thor as well.

            It’s too much of a hosh posh to attribute his rise in popularity to Spider-Man. Have Knull and Spider-Man even crosses paths?

            Give me a villain that came directly from the pages of a Spider-Man book!

            1. I wholly agree with everything you said but, I believe, at the heart of it, Venom is Spider-Family. So, if we are sticking to letters of your question, I say Knull is Spider-Man. But in the spirit if your question, he is probably not.
              Im pretty sure Peter Parker has not met Knull, but Miles has. In fact, Morales Spider-Man is on the cover of Knulls 1st appearance in Venom #3.

              1. I agree Knull is the most current villain in the marvel universe that has been consistently spec worthy.

                Now name the most recent villain directly out of the pages of a book with Spider-Man or Peter Parker in the title that meets that criteria.

                That’s what I’m looking for.

                1. Im going to have to go with Anti-Venom in ASM569, lmao. I know. It is funny. Everyone that came immediately to my mind were all off shoots of Venom. Anti-Venom, Toxin and Agent Venom (and the lattet two are anti-hero and hero, respectively).
                  Like I said before, I wholly agree that Knull isnt a Parker Spidey villian…yet. Though I still stand by Venom being a Spider-Family book. I would imagine Pete will meet Knull at some point during this upcoming Carnage event thingy.

                2. And when you think about it, with the Venom symbiote being part of the symbiote ‘hive’ mind, and the fact that Pete has bonded with that symbiote before, that Knull should very well be aware of the Venom symbiotes former host, as they (knull and black suit Spidey) would have been ‘connected’ to some degree, at some point, via the symbiote hive mind.

                  Excuse the super run on sentence. No time for proper grammar and editing. ?‍♂️

  3. Morlun back in ASM #30. Campbell cover to boot.

    That book has always been a 20$+ book.

    I am also speccing that Morlun will be the baddie in Intontje spiderverse 2 so…

    Also I like Morlun, he’s a cool villain.

    1. Yeah, I think he’s a cool villain as well. I picked up extras of ASM #30 long ago when they were like $3 a pop.. just holding for that day they jump in price and yes, a likely candidate for this Spider-Verse crap..

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