Evil Shazam! – Potential Spec Book

If you haven’t seen or heard, Shazam turns evil in the upcoming Batman Superman series hitting store shelves this August.

Screenrant is where I first read the latest news spinning out of Batman Who Laughs #7 leading into Batman Superman #1.

Check out the image provided that concludes the story in BWL #7: (Edit: This image apparently is a preview in Batman Superman #1, not BWL #7 – Snyder claims “But there is a hook at the very end that leads you into Batman/Superman.”, when asked about BWL #7).

That’s right, an evil looking Billy Batson. Billy Batson is Shazam’s younger alter ego before he says his magic word that turns him into Shazam!

Now look at the solicitation cover for Batman Superman #2:

So if you hadn’t planned on picking up a copy of BWL #7, might not be a bad idea to put this on your pick up list. Could be a key book to this new evil Shazam!

I really like this idea of turning Shazam evil. I almost like it more than Batman Who Laughs himself.

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  1. I’m not sure how key BWL #7 will be if the “key-making” factor in question is the reveal that one of the Batman Who Laugh’s minions is actually Billy Batson. After all, wouldn’t an earlier issue with his minions fit the bill? Although no name is revealed, can’t you infer that one of the minions being shown in a previous issue is Billy?
    (*Note – Teen Titans #12 has a great splash from Mirka Andolfo of the BWL and his Robins. I’m not sure if this is their earliest full appearance, but it’s a sweet one.)

    For what it’s worth, I’d imagine that Superman/Batman #1 will at least have a cameo of Billy turning into Dark Shazam and Superman/Batman #2 will have the first full app. Regardless, with that sweet cover appearance on Superman/Batman #2, I’m for sure going to pre-order a copy for the PC.

    Like Agentpoyo, I’m excited about the prospect of an evil Shazam. And personally, I feel a dark multiverse version of Shazam makes more sense than any previous incarnation of the dark multiverse Batmen. The cruelty and malice I expect to see out of dark Shazam seems more in fitting with how the dark multiverse twists and bastardizes our ideas of who our heroes are. I would expect to see wanton malevolence from a child who lacks empathy and a moral compass, and possesses the powers of a god. That’s the antithesis of who Billy/Shazam is. At least that’s what I’m hoping for out of dark Shazam, and what’s got me amped about the character.

  2. I had some preorders for just 1 and 2 only since others have been talking those two issues up for a while. I started to order heavy but talked myself back from the ledge since I’m feeling that it’ll be over ordered by everyone else vibe. 4 covers for #1 plus the DF copies plus they were pushing it hard for store variant custom covers on the Diamond Daily also.

    1. They’re not giving a clear A Cover either, it’s Batman Cover, Superman Cover or Variant Cover + a Blank. Forcing me to get 3 covers where I would normally only order 2.

    2. Batman Superman #1 will have huge print runs, that’s why BWL #7 might be a little sweeter but then again, BWL issues have all been around the 100k mark for each issue.

  3. I am not sure if you’re pertaining to that preview is contained in BWL #7 because I think it’s in Batman Superman #1

    1. I think it’s this line when they were quoting Snyder about BWL #7 that leads right into Batman Superman #1…

      “But there is a hook at the very end that leads you into Batman/Superman.” – Snyder on regards to BWL #7 ending.

    1. That’s not his name, that’s what people are calling him since he’s a minion of BWL. I hope his evil alter ego is called something else.

    2. I agree. I’m also sick of BWL in general. He was good enough for Metal, but not interesting enough for as much exposure he’s getting

  4. I don’t believe Shazam will stay evil. Its more a ‘one and done’ type character to me. There is no future with an ‘evil Shazam’. They already have Black Adam.

    1. True but ya never know.. they could always spin off a clone or some other stupid story if the character catches on. But probably won’t stay evil for long if they’re actually using the Billy Batson and Shazam! actual character.

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